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PPV Predictions: NXT TakeOver Orlando

Hello all! It is Survive, your NXT recapper, returning from the grave – I will be recapping TakeOver: Orlando, because the universe has aligned just right to give me enough of a breather from college for this weekend. Sorry for being gone so long – I graduated one college and transferred into another and I’m super busy right now as a result. But the planets aligned and I don’t have anything due until the Wednesday after WrestleMania, which is a lifesaver.

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PPV Rehash: Royal Rumble 2017

It’s a tag team tonight! Jess and Steph, back as a team for another dual-brand PPV! This means the six+ hours of wrestling we’re about to endure – sorry, I mean enjoy – won’t be done alone by one of us who wishes desperately that they were asleep or drunk. Jess will take the SmackDown specific matches, Steph the Raw specific ones, and as Jess did the hour long Survivor Series match, it’s Steph’s turn to suffer, so she’s got the Rumble. Let’s do this.

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PPV Predictions: Royal Rumble 2017

Ah, the annual ‘throw everyone into the ring and see what happens’ PPV. I’m not feeling too respectful at this point, what with temporary paralysis and it being nearly 5am, so you can enjoy a fairly irreverent attempt at some predictions, if you’d like. Bit more sweary than usual, too, but sod it, it’s early. Without any more ado: the Rumble.

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Rehash: NXT 14th September ’16

Greetings, assorted rasslin’ people.  I am Survive’s sister, Casriath.  Because Survive is a)sick and b)facing a pile of homework and tests the approximate size of Samoa Joe’s capacity for violence, I am filling in for her today.  She will be back for next week’s recap.  This is a good thing, because my understanding of wrestling is limited to what I pick up from watching NXT once a week with my sister, and it’s tough to learn a ton when you’re busy critiquing the WWE costuming department and coming up with snarky nicknames for various people.

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Rehash: NXT 31st August ’16

Another week, another NXT episode! And we have returned to Full Sail and Shinsuke is going to talk to us tonight. Won’t that be nice? That’ll be nice. We will also presumably have wrestling and more fallout from Brooklyn. Proper fallout from Brooklyn, even, not just ‘This is what happened at TakeOver, oh, and we taped a few more matches, too, have an episode’ fallout.

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Rehash: NXT 24th August ’16

This is the first NXT episode after TakeOver: Brooklyn II and – like the first NXT episode after TakeOver: Brooklyn I – the matches tonight were taped at Brooklyn. We’re still at Barclays, not back at Full Sail yet. This is also probably a good 70% recap, just a head’s up. We will be getting matches, but between a whole lot of recapping.

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Rehash: NXT 13th July ’16

Tonight, we finally get the dream match of Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Finn Balor, as well as the return of our NXT champion, Samoa Joe. I am probably going to be wrong, but I have a feeling that Joe didn’t pick tonight to return by accident. Considering Triple H’s ‘No sleep ‘til Brooklyn’ tweet, from the tapings where the match was set up, I’m going to be incredibly surprised if this ends tonight.

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Rehash: NXT 22nd June ’16

This week’s episode of NXT starts with a recap of last week’s episode of NXT. We get an abbreviated version of Finn’s final speech last week, complete with a shot of his adorable grin during the “Thank you, Finn!” chant. The recap ends on the shot of Finn and Shinsuke clutching hands in the ring.