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Rehash: SmackDown 12th May ’16

Welcome to Thursday night SmackDown! We are informed that tonight there will be a 2-on-2 tag match between the Usos and Gallows and Anderson, and are conspicuously told that Roman Reigns and AJ Styles have both been banned from ringside for the event. Given how that’s gone in recent times, what do you supposed the odds are that they’ll both actually stay away for the duration?

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Rehash: Raw 9th May ’16

Well, we open Raw with a recap of the AJ/Roman feud, with lots of slow-motion footage, and Roman looking bored next to the title, and I still think Roman should have eaten the pin from AJ to end that match, but ah well. Apparently creative think Roman’s at his most attractive to us when he’s just smacking the hell out of people for barely discussed reasons. I’m not entirely sure they’re wrong, honestly.

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Rehash: SmackDown 5th May ’16

The first thing that we address is that the main event is going to be a tag-team match, pitting the Usos against Gallows and Anderson. The second thing is that Jericho’s music hits and we’re opening with an episode of the Highlight Reel and a recap of what happened with the Ambrose Asylum on Monday Night RAW.

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Rehash: Raw 2nd May ’16

We open on a video package recapping Payback, particularly the results of the Shane/Stephanie debacle and how the main event ended. I appreciate that there is at least for the time being an answer, but this whole thing has gone on much longer than I would have liked. AJ Styles and Roman Reigns’ match for Extreme Rules is also discussed, and there’s more talk about this being a new “era” of WWE, which… well, I’m skeptical about, given the complete lack of any title changes at the pay-per-view, but of course eras are about more than just titles. I’m going to keep an open mind.

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PPV Rehash: Payback 2016

Well, we start off our kick-off show with the knowledge that the scintillating Mauro Ranallo is here, a commentator we all adore, because he actually does his job for us. Renee Young welcomes us to the terrifying table of twats. Corey Graves is sad he wasn’t at some sports thing for his kid because he had to be at work, and his face twitches like he’s not happy about it. Booker T talks to his mother-in-law, and Jerry Lawler wishes he’d disowned his children when they were born. Don’t worry, Lawler, they wish the same thing.

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PPV Predictions: Payback 2016

Well, another month means another pay-per-view is here and this time we have the poorly named Payback. (Editor: If it’s anything like WrestleMania, it should be called Ask-For-Your-Money-Back)  One match on the whole card –  count it, one – has any sort of real grudge going into this pay-per-view.