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PPV Rehash: Money in the Bank 2017 – St Louis, Missouri

It’s that time of year again, and while our recaps may have been conspicuously absent, as I sleep like a normal person and Jess has an actual social life, I considered that I couldn’t, in all good conscience, miss out on the first women’s Money in the Bank contract match in WWE history. So, I’ve… Continue reading PPV Rehash: Money in the Bank 2017 – St Louis, Missouri

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Rehash: Raw 16th January ’17 – Little Rock, Arkansas

Hey guys!  Sora here!  Steph came down with a bad case of concussion, so I’ll be recapping RAW for you this Monday evening.  It’s actually my first RAW in awhile so it’ll be good to catch up (I literally had to google who the tag team champs were…).  This will be a bit of an abridged recap, as I don’t know the names of all the moves like Steph (honestly, she’s fucking incredible, I don’t know how she learned them all so quickly), but I will be as thorough as I can possibly be and, hey, I’ll even throw in some art to make it worth your while.  

Strap in folks, cause if I remember RAW, it’s gonna be a long ride.  

The Salt Mine

The Salt Mine: A Scream Of Rage About The Women

I’m going to publicly shame all the men I’ve spoken to recently who didn’t want the women to be split when the brands came apart: Dan, who I work with at the gym; Jordan, who writes for us here, and generally has a better track record than this with feminism; Sean, who’s married to Jess who writes for us here; the boys at WhatCulture. There’s a word for all of you, and it starts with a C and isn’t allowed in polite company. 

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Rehash: Smackdown 21st April ’16

Heeeeey everybody, and welcome to Thursday Night SmackDown! We’re still at the O2 Arena in London, as if we couldn’t tell from all the union jack flags draped over every available surface, and once again Vince is nowhere to be found, so Shane gets to keep his position, I guess? Someone should really go look for his old man, though. At some point. Eventually. Orrrr we can pretend he’s on vacation with Steph and Hunter! Y’know what, let’s go with that. Bye, guys! Come back soon, and by soon I mean never! (Quick, lock the doors.)

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Rehash: Raw 18th April ’16

Hey y’all, this is Jax filling in for our usual Raw wizard Steph, and welcome to Monday Night Raw! Where Shane has once again taken over for mysterious ‘social’ reasons. Personally I think Vince just got lost in a bathroom somewhere about three cities back. We’re in the UK tonight — London, specifically — and there are, of course, a bunch of union jack flags everywhere, in case we didn’t know where we were and get confused easily. Y’know, like Vince.

Oh look, Dean Ambrose has arrived! Let’s see what wacky hijinks he can get into tonight, and by wacky hijinks I mean entirely normal things that commentary paints as wacky because they clearly hate Dean for some reason. I think they’re all just jealous that he’s so roguishly handsome, in a drunken hobo sort of way.

mark my words

Mark My Words: Samoan Sex God and Racial Fetishization

Samoan Thor. Samoan Sex God. Samoan Fabio. Samoan Superman. All nicknames used broadly by fans on Tumblr, and all nicknames I have a huge, huge problem with. Now, let’s start off by saying that I don’t want to point fingers here. I’m not interested in pointing out specific people and telling them they have to change the way they do things, I’m trying to look at an overall theme and see just how it came about, and where it stems from. Secondly, yes, I’m aware that ‘Samoan Thor’ is used for The Rock’s character in The Fast and the Furious 6. 

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Rehash: Raw 4th April ’16

Hellooooo and welcome to Monday Night RAW! Boy, last night was certainly a… night, wasn’t it? I bet a few of us are hung over, whether from partying in celebration or just drinking to forget. As a Dean Ambrose fan, I’ll give you ten guesses where I fall, and the first nine don’t count. Anyway, here we go, Raw time! (Dear Crossfit Jesus, please let this be a good one, thank you and amen.)

Michael Cole insists my WrestleMania hangover doesn’t exist, and he wants us all to party. Byron Saxton calls the fans ‘vocal’ and… good ol’ JBL insists that sometimes we boo who we really want to cheer and cheer who we really want to boo.

That’s the fastest they’ve ever gotten me incredibly angry. I’m almost impressed.