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Rehash: Raw 2nd Nov ’15

We open Raw with the crowd pleaser – all of sudden – that is Roman Reigns, and then someone hands him a mic, which is less of a mistake than it used to be, but still. After complimenting Seth, and making things a little bit sexual as he talked about ass-kissing, Seth comes out and said he’s ready to go, right there, right now – but Mummy and Daddy comes out and out a stop to that, because they can’t have that in Denver of all places, and thenTrips botches a weed joke, because he’s getting on a bit now. Instead, they’ll give us a 5 vs 5 Survivor Series match, two weeks before survivor series. Okay. Give us a PPV for free, and also point out that Seth Rollins has no friends left on the roster who aren’t part of The Authority, and aren’t injured/fired/old. Or show us that he can make alliances, like a champ should be able to manage.