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Rehash: SmackDown Live 13th September ’16 – Philadelphia, PA

Welcome to SmackDown Live! This being the first show after the first SmackDown Live exclusive PPV, we open with a recap of the important events of Backlash. Shane and Daniel took centre stage to start us off, Becky became champion, Miz retained, Kane beat up Bray Wyatt, Slater and Rhyno got the championships and Slater earned his contract, and AJ became our new champion.

mark my words

Mark My Words: Revolution Revelations

I’m apparently getting quite grumpy in my old age, because I’m going to have yet another grump about the women in WWE, and wrestling as a whole. I know, it’s as if I don’t do anything else, but this week, I think it’s merited, as the women have been showcased and highlighted and… still let down, I feel. Now, I know it’s been better than we’ve had before, but that doesn’t actually make it good. This is the problem with people saying things like ‘well, it’s better than the Attitude Era’, because while we may have made leaps and bounds in how the women are treated, that doesn’t actually make the situation we’re in now good or fair.

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Rehash: Raw 5th September ’16 – Kansas City, Missouri

We start our night with some tweets, and over-excited commentary, all about Triple H rocking up and pedigreeing his son to give Kevin Owens the cursed flesh belt. I know it’s got a real name, I just refuse to call it anything else. We cover the match as a whole, which makes it look like Cass got a lot more offense in than he really did, but we get that gorgeous superplex from Roman as a slow-mo shot, that’s pretty. And then, of course, Triple H shows up for a Pedigree on Roman, giving Seth the chance to eliminate Roman, and we see Trips’ big hand on Seth’s head, like a benediction – but we know how this ends, and that wasn’t a blessing he was giving.