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Rehash: Raw 4th July ’16

Okay guys, Steph here for Raw tonight, and I apologise if I seem a little bit disappointed in the show, but you have to understand that I just watched WCPW Loaded. Which was BLOODY GOOD and had Noam Dar and Jay Lethal in it. So, after that, tonight might be a bit disappointing. Also, it’s American Day, and I’m probably too British to properly appreciate the patriotism we’re to expect tonight.

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Rehash: RAW 27th June ’16

We open with Seth’s music hitting, and he makes his way down to the ring as we are reminded about the upcoming triple threat match. Seth claims that he’s going to talk about Roman Reigns, even though he’s not supposed to, because it’s live television. He starts aggressively mocking Roman Reigns’s tweet about the suspension; he can’t apologize to is friends because it’s one vs. all, and he can’t apologize to the fans, and the whole thing embarrassed Seth Rollins because he built Roman Reigns when he put together the Shield.

Seth demands that Roman be taken out of the match at Battleground because he doesn’t deserve to be there given the suspension, and asks for a one-on-one rematch with Dean Ambrose instead. Dean makes his way out to the ring at this point, because of course he does. He takes some time showing the title off to Seth before he actually starts speaking, and I love it when Dean gets like this, I really do.

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Rehash: RAW 23rd May ’16

We open with Seth Rollins in the ring, and while I’d love to be excited about this, I hit my maximum yesterday, so all I can notice is that his suit has wet patches running down it from his hair. The crowd is a different story, though, and Seth doesn’t get a chance to speak for some time because the crowd is too busy chanting “Welcome back!” at him. Finally, he asks for his chance to speak and reminds us all that while they’ve been waiting 200 days to see him, he’s been waiting 200 days for his chance to get back in the ring and talk to them. Seth, of course, reminds us of the events of Extreme Rules, when he Pedigreed Roman Reigns to make a statement about how he never actually lost the title, and the crowd starts to chant “Thank you, Rollins!”

Seth seems pretty happy that everyone missed him so much, but can’t help but remind us that we hated him when he broke up The Shield, that we thought he was a coward hiding behind the Authority, that we disrespected every moment of his title reign and we can’t turn around on that just because he got injured and we didn’t get to see him for a little while. We weren’t there when he had the title, he threw out our fanmail while he was recovering, and now he doesn’t care if we cheer him or boo him because there’s only room on the Seth Rollins bandwagon for one guy: Seth Rollins, and his WWE Championship.

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Rehash: SmackDown 5th May ’16

The first thing that we address is that the main event is going to be a tag-team match, pitting the Usos against Gallows and Anderson. The second thing is that Jericho’s music hits and we’re opening with an episode of the Highlight Reel and a recap of what happened with the Ambrose Asylum on Monday Night RAW.

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Rehash: Raw 2nd May ’16

We open on a video package recapping Payback, particularly the results of the Shane/Stephanie debacle and how the main event ended. I appreciate that there is at least for the time being an answer, but this whole thing has gone on much longer than I would have liked. AJ Styles and Roman Reigns’ match for Extreme Rules is also discussed, and there’s more talk about this being a new “era” of WWE, which… well, I’m skeptical about, given the complete lack of any title changes at the pay-per-view, but of course eras are about more than just titles. I’m going to keep an open mind.

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Rehash: SmackDown 28th April ’16

So, we start with a recap of the Roman/AJ feud from this week’s RAW – Roman coming in for the save on the Usos, Anderson and Gallows running in after Roman’s match with Del Rio, and AJ taking a superman punch from Roman after he tries to break up their little squabble. I’m frankly still not sure how I’m supposed to be feeling about this feud, because AJ is really selling me on the idea that he doesn’t approve of what Anderson and Gallows are doing but everything seems to be trying to convince me otherwise. Then again, I was embarrassingly wrong about every match prediction I made at Wrestlemania 32, so let’s ignore anything that I say speculatively and focus on what actually happens, shall we?

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Rehash: Raw 18th April ’16

Hey y’all, this is Jax filling in for our usual Raw wizard Steph, and welcome to Monday Night Raw! Where Shane has once again taken over for mysterious ‘social’ reasons. Personally I think Vince just got lost in a bathroom somewhere about three cities back. We’re in the UK tonight — London, specifically — and there are, of course, a bunch of union jack flags everywhere, in case we didn’t know where we were and get confused easily. Y’know, like Vince.

Oh look, Dean Ambrose has arrived! Let’s see what wacky hijinks he can get into tonight, and by wacky hijinks I mean entirely normal things that commentary paints as wacky because they clearly hate Dean for some reason. I think they’re all just jealous that he’s so roguishly handsome, in a drunken hobo sort of way.