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Mark My Words: The Talent Speaks Out

There’s a culture of silence within professional wrestling that almost rivals omerta, the rule in professional cycling to do with talking about drugs, steroid abuse and what goes on behind the scenes of something like the Tour de France. When you get caught doing something you shouldn’t in professional cycling, the response is to deny, deny, bribe your way out of it, deny, and deny again. After all, no team sponsor, or team, is going to stick with someone who has not only been accused of taking banned substances, but has also spoken out about the culture within the sport that demands they take these substances in order to succeed, are they?

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PPV Rehash: Payback 2016

Well, we start off our kick-off show with the knowledge that the scintillating Mauro Ranallo is here, a commentator we all adore, because he actually does his job for us. Renee Young welcomes us to the terrifying table of twats. Corey Graves is sad he wasn’t at some sports thing for his kid because he had to be at work, and his face twitches like he’s not happy about it. Booker T talks to his mother-in-law, and Jerry Lawler wishes he’d disowned his children when they were born. Don’t worry, Lawler, they wish the same thing.

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PPV Predictions: Payback 2016

Well, another month means another pay-per-view is here and this time we have the poorly named Payback. (Editor: If it’s anything like WrestleMania, it should be called Ask-For-Your-Money-Back)  One match on the whole card –  count it, one – has any sort of real grudge going into this pay-per-view.

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Rehash: Smackdown 21st April ’16

Heeeeey everybody, and welcome to Thursday Night SmackDown! We’re still at the O2 Arena in London, as if we couldn’t tell from all the union jack flags draped over every available surface, and once again Vince is nowhere to be found, so Shane gets to keep his position, I guess? Someone should really go look for his old man, though. At some point. Eventually. Orrrr we can pretend he’s on vacation with Steph and Hunter! Y’know what, let’s go with that. Bye, guys! Come back soon, and by soon I mean never! (Quick, lock the doors.)