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Rehash: Raw 25th July ’16 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The first night of our new Monday Night Raw! Wow! So we cover Dean being lifted by the SmackDown roster last night, and then it’s fresh new music for the start of Raw, and also our new commentary team and the new place for the announce table… hang on, can people not be put through tables anymore? Steph and Mick introduce us to the entire roster of Raw, playing the new music, too. Apparently Neville and Mark Henry were the only ones who didn’t get the memo about wearing their own clothes, and are still wearing their Raw shirts.

raw · Rehash

Rehash: Raw 4th July ’16

Okay guys, Steph here for Raw tonight, and I apologise if I seem a little bit disappointed in the show, but you have to understand that I just watched WCPW Loaded. Which was BLOODY GOOD and had Noam Dar and Jay Lethal in it. So, after that, tonight might be a bit disappointing. Also, it’s American Day, and I’m probably too British to properly appreciate the patriotism we’re to expect tonight.

mark my words

Mark My Words: Samoan Sex God and Racial Fetishization

Samoan Thor. Samoan Sex God. Samoan Fabio. Samoan Superman. All nicknames used broadly by fans on Tumblr, and all nicknames I have a huge, huge problem with. Now, let’s start off by saying that I don’t want to point fingers here. I’m not interested in pointing out specific people and telling them they have to change the way they do things, I’m trying to look at an overall theme and see just how it came about, and where it stems from. Secondly, yes, I’m aware that ‘Samoan Thor’ is used for The Rock’s character in The Fast and the Furious 6.