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Rehash: Raw 14th November ’16 – Buffalo, New York

And we’re back, after a blip to cope with the American election results, despite neither of us being American, with Monday Night Raw! This week we’re coming live from Buffalo, New York, and we’re looking at a line of the Raw participants in Survivor Series this Sunday. They’ve stood Brian Kendrick next to Seth Rollins, and he looks so comically small that it’s like one of those scenes in Lord of the Rings when they take out the perspective tricks and you realise that Ian McKellan and Elijah Wood are sitting at two different tables.


GAYWATCH: Seth Rollins

Ah, my darlings, what a week it’s been. We’ve got a special treat for you, because someone’s got a big birthday coming up, and so our researchers have been busying their sweet little behinds on making sure this Gaywatch celebrates a very, very dirty thirty years of Seth freaking Rollins. So, lie back and think of Iowa, darlings – we’re going on a career tour of his boyfriends and bendiest moments. Well, the writer herself does share this birthday month – I thought I’d give myself a little present.