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Rehash: SmackDown Live 29th November ’16 – Columbia, South Carolina

Welcome to SmackDown Live! James Ellsworth is part of the opening sequence now, which is either new or I just haven’t noticed it before! The ramp is decorated with a number of tables, ladders and chairs in honour of the upcoming PPV of the same name. Renee Young starts us off in the ring, wearing a very cute leather jacket in preparation for a contract signing for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Rehash · smackdown

Rehash: SmackDown Live 22nd November ’16 – Ottawa, Ontario

Welcome to SmackDown Live! We open tonight’s show with a recap of Survivor Series, and then Shane O’Mac comes out to talk to us. He reassures us first of all that he’s okay, even if Roman tried to Spear him right out of his shoes, before he goes on to give kudos where it is deserved to both RAW and SmackDown’s teams. Bray and Randy really brought it, despite being the ones he’d expect to collapse the team, but Dean and AJ really didn’t.

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PPV Rehash: Survivor Series 2016

Well, we’re told that tonight, fantasy warfare gets real. Got to say, my idea of fantasy warfare doesn’t start with a two hour pre-show, but I’ve got a cup of tea in my hand, so I guess that’s some sort of English fantasy right there. Personally, my idea of fantasy when it comes to wrestling involves Seth Rollins doing Charlotte Flair’s entrance, complete with splits. It’s just a thing.

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Rehash: SmackDown Live 1st November ’16 – Newark, New Jersey

Welcome to SmackDown Live! Coming to us tonight from Newark, New Jersey, we open the show with… James Ellsworth. I’m so glad that such top talent is opening the show. We briefly recap the events of last week, where Ellsworth hit No Chin Music on AJ Styles and then broke down as he realized that he so gravely disappointed Dean Ambrose.

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Rehash: SmackDown Live 18th October ’16 – Denver, CO

Welcome to this week’s SmackDown Live! Last week, James Ellsworth one hundred percent legitimately and without any sort of help whatsoever defeated WWE World Champion AJ Styles, so tonight the title is on the line. God, I love wrestling. This week’s recap has been done under awkward circumstances, so we’ll be easing back on the play-by-play, but we’ll be sure to enjoy ourselves nonetheless!

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Mark My Words: Reckless Wrestling

There’s been a good few eras in WWE show history, and we’re told that, right now, we’re in ‘the new era’. Well, it seems more like we haven’t changed at all, but okay, let’s run with that. If we’re calling it the new era, when we look back, how are we going to talk about this era, what’s going to make it stand out against the others?

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Rehash: SmackDown Live 13th September ’16 – Philadelphia, PA

Welcome to SmackDown Live! This being the first show after the first SmackDown Live exclusive PPV, we open with a recap of the important events of Backlash. Shane and Daniel took centre stage to start us off, Becky became champion, Miz retained, Kane beat up Bray Wyatt, Slater and Rhyno got the championships and Slater earned his contract, and AJ became our new champion.