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PPV Rehash: Elimination Chamber 2017

Hello and welcome to Elimination Chamber! It’s the last SmackDown Live PPV before WrestleMania, as Renee Young reminds us, so it’s an important show. When we cut to the panel, I’m immediately confused; we’ve got Renee, Booker T, Sam Roberts and Carmella. It’s an interesting and unexpected combination of experts, but we cut almost immediately to the social media lounge with Dasha Fuentes, so I have little time to wonder too much about it. Now, instead, I’m pleasantly surprised that they actually lead with her name, so I don’t have to fret that I’m getting it wrong.

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Rehash: SmackDown Live 29th November ’16 – Columbia, South Carolina

Welcome to SmackDown Live! James Ellsworth is part of the opening sequence now, which is either new or I just haven’t noticed it before! The ramp is decorated with a number of tables, ladders and chairs in honour of the upcoming PPV of the same name. Renee Young starts us off in the ring, wearing a very cute leather jacket in preparation for a contract signing for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

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Rehash: SmackDown Live 27th September ’16 – Cleveland, OH

Welcome to SmackDown Live! We’re two weeks out from No Mercy now, and we open the show with Randy Orton’s music hitting and the Apex Predator himself slowly making his way to the ring. He’s wearing a shirt, which perpetually disappoints me, but the crowd doesn’t seem to mind that or the recent racism on Twitter (am I allowed to mention that?) as they break out in a “Randy!” chant. He takes the mic and explains that he understands Bray Wyatt a lot deeper than people might think; Bray Wyatt plays mind games with people because he is afraid of them.