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PPV Rehash: Survivor Series 2016

Well, we’re told that tonight, fantasy warfare gets real. Got to say, my idea of fantasy warfare doesn’t start with a two hour pre-show, but I’ve got a cup of tea in my hand, so I guess that’s some sort of English fantasy right there. Personally, my idea of fantasy when it comes to wrestling involves Seth Rollins doing Charlotte Flair’s entrance, complete with splits. It’s just a thing.

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Rehash: SmackDown Live 30th August ’16 – Dallas, Texas

Welcome to SmackDown Live! We open this week with a replay of the events of last week’s Talking Smack, with the Miz getting in Daniel Bryan’s face. It was an incredible segment, one that had everyone buzzing, so I am not at all surprised that we open on this!

After that replay, we’re backstage with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. Shane tells Daniel that he owes the Miz an apology, because true or not, as General Manager he can’t get in the talent’s face like that. Daniel agrees, but also notes that it’s a bit ironic given Shane’s beef with Brock Lesnar.

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Rehash: Raw 18th July ’16 – Providence, Rhode Island

Well, here we are, the last Raw before the draft, and it’s up late, because I believe – unlike Vince McMahon – that sometimes sleep is more important than wrestling. Also that if I sleep through my alarm at twenty past twelve at night, I clearly need the rest. So here we are, Tuesday morning and I’m starting this recap ten hours later than usual! Is Raw ten hours now? Or does it just feel like ten hours?

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Rehash: Raw 4th July ’16

Okay guys, Steph here for Raw tonight, and I apologise if I seem a little bit disappointed in the show, but you have to understand that I just watched WCPW Loaded. Which was BLOODY GOOD and had Noam Dar and Jay Lethal in it. So, after that, tonight might be a bit disappointing. Also, it’s American Day, and I’m probably too British to properly appreciate the patriotism we’re to expect tonight.

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Rehash: Raw 13th June ’16

The New Day are opening us up and prepping us for the show, and the New Orleans crowd are totally up for it. I’d actually forgotten this Sunday was MitB, so now I remember this is going to be a busy week for me! Kofi gives us a run down of the match MitB, then mocks Kofi’s shoes for being for old people, saying they’re orthopaedic – please don’t let this be a teaser for splitting these glorious unicorn babies. Their chants of New Day Rocks are broken by Enzo and Big Cass arriving!