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PPV Predictions: NXT TakeOver Orlando

Hello all! It is Survive, your NXT recapper, returning from the grave – I will be recapping TakeOver: Orlando, because the universe has aligned just right to give me enough of a breather from college for this weekend. Sorry for being gone so long – I graduated one college and transferred into another and I’m super busy right now as a result. But the planets aligned and I don’t have anything due until the Wednesday after WrestleMania, which is a lifesaver.

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Rehash: NXT 24th August ’16

This is the first NXT episode after TakeOver: Brooklyn II and – like the first NXT episode after TakeOver: Brooklyn I – the matches tonight were taped at Brooklyn. We’re still at Barclays, not back at Full Sail yet. This is also probably a good 70% recap, just a head’s up. We will be getting matches, but between a whole lot of recapping.

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Rehash: NXT 10th August ’16

In our main event tonight, the man who does not get hyped looks to instead get murdered by Samoa Joe tonight – erm. I mean, Mojo Rawley is apparently looking for “revenge”. Yeah, that’s gonna work out in his favor. Has he cleared this with Zack? Considering Emma’s out injured, I don’t think Zack’s a fan of Mojo getting injured either.

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Rehash: NXT 27th July, ’16

Earlier today, NXT’s official twitter page posted a video of Blake and Murphy arguing, setting up two of our matches tonight. Apparently Blake has a match against Shinsuke (God rest his soul. I hope he’s made his funeral arrangements) and Murphy has a match against “the favorite to win” the Cruiserweight Classic. I remember hearing that Kota Ibushi showed up at a NXT taping recently. Hmm…