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Rehash: SmackDown Live 16th August ’16 – Austin, Texas

Welcome to SmackDown Live! It’s the final show before SummerSlam this Sunday, and so naturally we open with a contract signing for Randy Orton. He reminds us that it only takes one RKO to beat anyone before dramatically signing the contract, when Heath Slater wanders in with a fruit basket that he clearly stole from someone. No, really – the label says “To Bob, my condolences”. Slater talks some more about being the hottest free agent while Randy Orton eyes off an apple like an asshole.

Rehash · smackdown

Rehash: SmackDown Live 9th August ’16 – Bakersfield, CA

We open on Randy Orton being interviewed about his upcoming matches; he’s facing Alberto del Rio tonight, so naturally we’re talking about his match with Brock Lesnar. Del Rio wanders in to indicate that he is still relevant, mocking the RKO and threatening to break Randy’s arm.

We cut straight from this into the opening sequence, and I promise this is the last time I complain about the new theme song.

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Rehash: SmackDown Live 26th July ’16 – Buffalo, New York

Welcome to SmackDown live!

We open on Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon, who immediately tell us that it’s all about the Superstars. That’s great guys, so… why are you here? Of course I don’t mind because it’s Daniel Bryan, everyone’s doing yes chants and standing up cheering for him when we cut to the opening titles. It’s new theme music, and I’m faintly disappointed even though I knew it was coming, because I legitimately really loved the previous theme music.

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Rehash: SmackDown 19th July ‘ 16

Welcome to the first SmackDown live! Your highly caffeinated recapper is more than excited for the draft, so can we just jump straight in?

We open on Daniel Bryan’s music, and a yes chant so large that I’m already even more excited than I already was. There’s a brief recap of the rules; RAW goes first, six picks off the NXT roster, and RAW gets 3 picks for every 2 of SmackDowns.

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Rehash: Raw 18th July ’16 – Providence, Rhode Island

Well, here we are, the last Raw before the draft, and it’s up late, because I believe – unlike Vince McMahon – that sometimes sleep is more important than wrestling. Also that if I sleep through my alarm at twenty past twelve at night, I clearly need the rest. So here we are, Tuesday morning and I’m starting this recap ten hours later than usual! Is Raw ten hours now? Or does it just feel like ten hours?