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Rehash: NXT 27th July, ’16

Earlier today, NXT’s official twitter page posted a video of Blake and Murphy arguing, setting up two of our matches tonight. Apparently Blake has a match against Shinsuke (God rest his soul. I hope he’s made his funeral arrangements) and Murphy has a match against “the favorite to win” the Cruiserweight Classic. I remember hearing that Kota Ibushi showed up at a NXT taping recently. Hmm…

mark my words

Mark My Words: Well Well Wellness Policy Violations

It was announced on 21st June that Roman Reigns had been suspended for thirty days, following his first violation of WWE’s wellness policy. And my tumblr exploded with people saying ‘it’s just weed’, ‘so what, everyone’s seen Seth’s dick’ (that was revenge porn, which is at the very least immoral where it isn’t illegal, stop victim blaming), and ‘well everyone does it, he just got caught’. I’m not here to argue if Roman’s a good guy or a bad guy – but he’s the guy who meant this article got promted to be written. (I know. I’m sorry, okay. I’m really sorry.)

Stop Press

Stop Press: Adam Rose

So, it seems like things could spell the end of the career of Adam Rose. Real name Ray Leppan, he was arrested at his Florida home around 1.30am on the 11th of May, on charges of domestic violence and tampering with a witness. The first is a misdemeanour in the state of Florida, and the second is a felony.

mark my words

Mark My Words: The Talent Speaks Out

There’s a culture of silence within professional wrestling that almost rivals omerta, the rule in professional cycling to do with talking about drugs, steroid abuse and what goes on behind the scenes of something like the Tour de France. When you get caught doing something you shouldn’t in professional cycling, the response is to deny, deny, bribe your way out of it, deny, and deny again. After all, no team sponsor, or team, is going to stick with someone who has not only been accused of taking banned substances, but has also spoken out about the culture within the sport that demands they take these substances in order to succeed, are they?

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Rehash: Raw 11th April ’16

So Shane O’Mac is leading the ship again, and he’s out to tell us that he’s very happy to be in control again, as nothing matters, and that WrestleMania match was just for funsies. He says he’s going to show us fresh new matches and exciting things, and one of those is Sami Zayn vs. AJ Styles.

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Rehash: SmackDown 7th April ’16

Welcome to Thursday Night SmackDown, where we’re unfortunately going to be subjected to a Flo Rida song during every ‘Mania replay! Let’s hope Payback gets a song that’s a little more fitting to the theme. Somebody call up Kidz Bop. Anyway, I am your recap host, Jax, and let’s get started!

There’s no Authority promo to start off THIS shindig, ohh no. We’re turning over a new leaf! The WWE is aware of the criticisms that have been lobbed at them for quite some time now, and they’re ready to change things for the better! Oh, and here comes Roman Reigns, getting booed again, while the camera zooms in on the one or two signs out of the crowd that are pro-Roman. It’s a new era, though, we swear!