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Rehash: TLC 2015

The pre-show match is Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch, with the rest of Team BAD at ringside. Team Bad have a little Christmas carol for us, and then it’s into a great match, at least ten minutes of Diva match up. Shame it was on the pre-show when Ryback vs. Rusev is going to be much more boring. An incredible match, both women looking so strong, and it’s great to see Becky coming back into herself. Sasha always delivers an incredible performance, but getting to see Becky outside of the PCB amalgamation is great, and both women really deliver. In the end, it takes interferences from Tamina, as a distraction, and Naomi, kicking Becky in the head, to give Sasha the win. Incredible match to watch, and I wish it wasn’t 1am, so I could be more coherent, but damn that was awesome.

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PPV Predictions: TLC 2015

A ladder match used to be the highlight of the calendar, with one happening very rarely, perhaps only once every two or three years. By this time in 2015, WWE will have put on six ladder matches in this year alone. That does rather drain the excitement out of it. Even duller is the card for this lacklustre end of year PPV, some of which looks like it was put together at the last minute, much the way a forgetful child makes a macaroni collage on Christmas eve and hopes their parents won’t notice.