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PPV Rehash: Survivor Series 2016

Well, we’re told that tonight, fantasy warfare gets real. Got to say, my idea of fantasy warfare doesn’t start with a two hour pre-show, but I’ve got a cup of tea in my hand, so I guess that’s some sort of English fantasy right there. Personally, my idea of fantasy when it comes to wrestling involves Seth Rollins doing Charlotte Flair’s entrance, complete with splits. It’s just a thing.

ppv · Rehash · survivor series

Rehash: Survivor Series 2015

So, before I was even ready, we found out that the traditional 5 vs 5 match was going to be on the PRE-SHOW? ARE YOU PUTTING CESARO ON THE PRE-SHOW AGAIN, WWE?

So, to count the teams out.

Team Heel: Miz, Bo Dallas, Stardust, The Ascension
Team Face: Neville, The Dudley Boyz, Titus O’Neill, and Goldust.

Stardust was sat like a teen princess waiting until his brother came out, so we start the match with sibling rivalry, and Stardust completely losing it. He tries for a kick, gets caught, thrown back, but tags Viktor in, walking away from the ring to cool down, and Viktor is straight out and eliminated, in seconds. Goldust left in the ring as Konnor comes in, then Goldie tags in Titus. I love seeing Titus wrestle, and watching him grapple with Konnor is incredible, but at the same time, pretty sad there’s no Darren Young.

Also, this has blown ALL of my predictions out of the water, and makes me wonder if everyone else got Thanksgiving week off.