Cruiserweight Classic · Rehash

Rehash: CWC 17th August ’16

Hello, wrestling fans, and welcome to the weekly recap of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. We have round two action coming at you this week, with three more exciting high-flying matches. Now, I would like to apologise for this going up late, but life does get in the way and I wrote this is as soon as I was able. Anyway, enough about that, let’s get on with the show.

Cruiserweight Classic · Rehash

Rehash: Cruiserweight Classic 27th July, ’16

Hello and welcome to Cruiserweight Classic for this week! Jess is recapping because Jordan doesn’t appear to have slept this week. Or this year, for that matter.

We start with a brief rundown of what’s going on tonight, before we launch into the opening titles. I actually kind of like the theme music, now that I think about it.