Steph is our worryingly English, overly-opinionated neffredowner and founder. They started seriously watching wrestling when Stone Cold had been in a hit and run, and have been following this carwreck ever since. They like high-flying spots, kayfabe-fuelling magic, and the chance to shout blindly at the television without having to support a football (soccer) team. They still gasp at a good sell. Recently they’ve been cheating on WWE with Progress, because the boys are prettier and closer.

Their most common catchphrase is “Oh, god, I forgot to save that gif for Gaywatch, I’ll never find it again” but they remain kayfabulous throughout all stresses.

jess-iconAn Australian in their natural habitat, Jess has taken to closet cosplaying Dean Ambrose on a daily basis, likely to deal with the sun and sea and relentless cheerfulness of fellow countrymen. They cover SmackDown, and fill in wherever there’s work to be done – a powerhouse of support and last-minute fixes.

Jess might dress like Dean, but is a staunch supporter of Breezango, for all that they’d probably be given a fashion ticket were they ever to meet.

soraSora is the baby of the team, frequently shouted at to ‘just draw something, please, I’ve got no ideas and I’m exhausted, can we please just get something live?’ They deal with this extremely well, possibly through a variety of coping mechanisms such as McDonalds chicken nuggets and crossfit. As they draw all our icons, they gets the power of being able to decide, at will, how attractive we look. Please be kind, Sora.

They’re on a break with WWE until they cease to be misogynistic shits, but has been seen making eyes at Lucha Underground. Their cat is called Mox.

kenjiThere are many rumours about how Kenji got into wrestling, and most of them involve Seth Rollins in his natural state, outside interferencing his way to a victory. Or cashing in. A consumate consumer of wrestling product, her natural skill at deciphering stories and characters gives her valuable insight into what the hell WWE creative are thinking. She’s like our own Jimmy Jacobs, only with less eyeliner.

Kenji likes good, solid wrestling and strong mic skills, so she’s the only one on the team who doesn’t get heart eyes whenever Roman Reigns appears, but we all try to forgive her that lapse in judgement. She owns a life-size cardboard cut-out of Seth Rollins, and it’s rumoured that she sleeps on a hoard of wrestling dvds.

sucatSurvive is a voracious consumer of wrestling media, and I’d even go so far as to say that she might be the most into it out of all of us. A recent convert to Progress, she’s got favourites in Pete Dunne and Jimmy Havoc, because she likes blood-thirsty and foul-mouthed people, which might be how she got her start on this site. A tireless researcher, she provides NXT recaps when school allows, and incredible support the rest of the time.

Survive is fond of cats, a good heel turn, complaining that British wrestlers never travel to her home state, and talking about snow.

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