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Wrestling With Stairs: Anarchy Pro Accessibility Review

My attempts to get in contact with Anarchy Pro were a little affected by the fact I was Twitter shadowbanned at the time, and therefore had to have some friends ask for me, which made the whole process a little more complicated – but not through any fault of theirs!

Information, once I could get through, was easy to get hold of, and they gave me a few nice perks for the review which aren’t going to be standards if I go again, which was very nice of them. I won’t compromise my journalistic integrity for it, though!

Emmy and I headed to the Amersham Arms, a good two hour drive for us, and settled in for “And Out Come The Tools”.

Discussion of Access

Done through Twitter DMs, as is now becoming standard, nice and easy information, though I did have to ask some things a couple of times before I got an answer. 8/10

Physical Access – Discussed

I was told that there would be no strobe lighting, that the venue was flat, and that while there was no way to be in early, there were seats in the pub out the front, so I would not be left standing for any length of time. 10/10

Physical Access – Actual

Everything was as discussed – small step at the front of the pub, but honestly barely noticeable for me, and at a level I believe most wheelchairs would cope with as well. Where we were sat ended up being around a corner, which wasn’t the easiest to get to, but we were running late so we could have had better seats if we’d arrived earlier. I felt safe, though I did worry that the close surroundings might have caused an issue if I needed space or to get away quickly. There was a lot of dry ice/smoke which left me a little wheezy, and I had to use my inhaler. 8/10

Going The Extra Mile

When I inquired about a free carer’s ticket, I was told that due to being smaller and costs, they could not offer this, but that I could buy a standing ticket and still be seated, therefore reducing my ticket price a little. later I was informed that this was a one-time only deal, and in future, I’d have to buy a ticket at full price. Not a problem, just a little change. I didn’t get to meet or speak to anyone involved in the organising of the show. 5/10

Other Shows

Anarchy’s next show is in a different venue, which has no accessibility information on their website, and who did not respond when I sent a query email, so I have no way of knowing if any other venues would be accessible or not. Your mileage may vary. 5/10

Overall, the Anarchy show was somewhere I felt safe and that my needs were looked after, and it was a small enough show that it wouldn’t have been too hard to find someone to help had I needed it. The venue had some issues, including a flashing light in the toilet, which could have caused problems, but I understand that promotions can’t always be in control of everything!

The grade they’re coming out with isĀ 7/10 – not bad for a small promotion in a small venue, and I look forward to them achieving greater heights in the future!

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