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Wrestling With Stairs – Attack! Pro Wrestling Accessibility Review

When Emmy notified me of an Attack! Pro Wrestling show happening at her old uni pub, The Frog & Fiddle, in Cheltenham, she said she was heading off to it, and I offered to keep her company in the car. I figured a pub venue was generally flattish, and that I’d be alright if I had Emmy with me, so we ventured out onto a reasonable distance of a drive, to the wilds of a town I’d never been to, but was old stomping grounds for Emmy.

Access was discussed with Chris Brookes, and was answered promptly and concisely. The venue was billed as standing only, but I was told there would be a few seats in one area, so I gleefully bought a ticket and off we went! In this case, I don’t know what Attack usually offer in regards to a free carer’s ticket, as I didn’t ask.

Discussion of Access

All happened in Twitter DMs, as is becoming common, and I seemed to get all the answers I needed! Quick response, clear and without making me feel like I was extra effort. Prompt. 10/10

Physical Access – Discussed

I was informed that a seat would be arranged for me so that I could see the show and wouldn’t have to stand, but that it was up a couple of steps. I was told there would be lights but no strobe, which was a sigh of relief, and that a member of the team would be first aid trained. Marks lost for seating area being up some steps. 8/10

Physical Access – Actual

In this case, it was communication that failed us  – we’d been guestlisted so we could come in round the side and not queue, but not told that this was the case! So we were asking at the door and being a bit unsure as to how we were getting in. Worked it out at the end, though! The steps up to the seating platform were uneven and didn’t allow for much support whilst climbing them. While there was a flat way in the back of the pub, we came in through the front and there were a couple of steps. The disabled toilet was flat access, the ladies had a random step in it. We asked what we should do it case of seizure, and were told the door next to us opened to the outside. 8/10

Going The Extra Mile

Whilst being guestlisted was lovely, and having a little sign with my name on to reserve my seat for me was great, Attack only get a few token points for that. Sadly, while there, I did have two seizures. Getting off the staging area and outside was difficult (so much so that I nearly dived through the curtain to the back to seize there) and meant that I had my seizures outside and on tarmac, in full view of pub patrons. A first aider did come along to see what was going on, but was promptly told to keep his distance by Emmy, as when I have PTSD seizures, strange men are no-go. Some member of the public tried to pull Emmy off me while she was holding her hands under my head to stop it hitting the floor.

Aside from me letting Chris know that I’d had two seizures outside and skinned my elbow on the tarmac (which has now scarred – yeah, I’ve got wrestling scars, me), I have no idea if anyone who was organising the event knew that I’d had seizures and difficulties. No one contacted me after the show from Attack to ask if I was okay or how the show had been, which makes me assume that no one knew. 2/10

Other Shows

Attack hold shows at a variety of places, some of which are fully accessible and some of which are little more complex, though I don’t doubt that they would do their best to ensure that I was accommodated for, though perhaps next time I’d ask where I should head if I knew I was going to have a seizure. 8/10

Sadly, for what was a fun show and a promotion I’d like to go to again, Attack’s score isn’t great. Most of this is to do with the way my seizures were unseen, and some of it is due to communication, which can always be improved. I have hope for future shows, but unfortunately, for this one, the score comes out at the lowest so far, with 7/10 as their overall score. Not awful, and with easy improvements such as letting me know I was okay to go through to the back in case of medical emergency, I can see them easily getting up into the nines.

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