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PPV Predictions: NXT TakeOver Orlando

Hello all! It is Survive, your NXT recapper, returning from the grave – I will be recapping TakeOver: Orlando, because the universe has aligned just right to give me enough of a breather from college for this weekend. Sorry for being gone so long – I graduated one college and transferred into another and I’m super busy right now as a result. But the planets aligned and I don’t have anything due until the Wednesday after WrestleMania, which is a lifesaver.

I and Casriath – my sister and wrestling convert, she did a recap for me back in September – sat down and made our predictions for TakeOver: Orlando.

MATCH: Bobby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura – NXT Championship Match

Since he won the belt at TakeOver: San Antonio, Bobby Roode has had – one second, let me go verify this – one title defense. One. Which he was, admittedly, successful in, but this would be his second ever title defense.

Shinsuke has only had one match since San Antonio – he was out with an injury for awhile, until he returned in early March.

Survive: Bobby. Shinsuke’s probably going up soon – WrestleMania or either the Raw or SD Live afterwards – and I’m relatively certain that the only champions to come up still holding a belt have been heels (Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Sasha Banks, etc).

Casriath: Bobby Roode (the Worst Canadian Ever) to win.

MATCH: Asuka vs. Ember Moon – NXT Women’s Championship Match

As the one year anniversary of Asuka winning the belt in Dallas looms, Ember Moon has made herself the number one contender. After a match with Billie Kay, Ember’s Eclipse finisher has been deemed one of the more devastating finishers in NXT – could she have what it takes to end Asuka’s reign?

Survive: Ember Moon. It will be Asuka’s one year as champion. Asuka also worked Madison Square Garden with Smackdown in March, so I think they’re getting ready to move her.

Casriath: Ember Moon, for a feud against Asuka for a bit.

MATCH: Authors of Pain vs. #DIY vs. The Revival – NXT Tag Team Championship Match

It’s worth noting this is also an elimination match, I just wasn’t sure if that could fit in the headline.

The Authors of Pain (herein referred to as AoP, because if NXT is feeling lazy, so am I) beat my beloved darlings – erk, I mean, Gargano and Ciampa – for the NXT Tag Team Championship back at San Antonio. Ever since then, they’ve been defending the titles a lot in squash matches.

On the most recent episode of NXT, Akam (representing AoP), Gargano (representing #DIY), and Dash Wilder (representing The Revival) had a three way match – Dash won via shenanigans, with Dawson interfering to keep Akam from breaking the pinfall. Shades of what’s to come?

Survive: AoP, unfortunately. They’re so dominant. The Revival really just needs to go up at some point, they’ve run out of things to do. DIY – as much as I hate it – still has at least one major storyline in them, which would be feuding against each other.

Casriath: DIY takes it back. AoP is a foregone conclusion at this point, but NXT can be unpredictable at times. Perhaps they’ll be unpredictable again?

MATCH: Aleister Black vs. Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas

TOMMY END IS DEBUTING IN NXT! Well, a renamed Tommy End is debuting in NXT. Uhm, anyway. There is some story behind it, but it’s very little and literally only exists to put this match on the card.

Survive: Aleister Black. I – don’t actually really understand how this happened? I think Cien challenged Aleister, perhaps? I’m…Yeah. No matter how little buildup this apparent feud has gotten, I feel the build up for Aleister has been amazing and I’m excited for this.

Casriath: Aleister Black (“Obviously”).

MATCH: SAnitY vs. Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose, Roderick Strong and Ruby Riot

In short: SAnitY hates Tye Dillinger. No Way Jose and Roderick Strong intervened once to save Tye from a beatdown, so they became his allies in this feud. Ruby Riot (the renamed and debuting Heidi Lovelace) showed up two weeks ago to neutralize the threat of Nikki Cross once she interfered in a match between the male members of SAnitY and the motley trio.

Survive: SAnitY – at some point in the future, NXT will probably put all three championships on SAnitY and having them lose their first ever match as a full unit (not counting the nine thousand tag matches) would damage their credibility a bit, I think. I do hope Ruby Riot gets some good shots in, as this is her debut match.

Casriath: SAnitY.

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