GAYWATCH Special Edition: Marty Scurll

We’ve had a little wriggle room, my kayfabulous delights, back over to WordPress, and I’m a little worried this means we’re going to lose where some things are, so – here’s the Seth Rollins Gaywatch article, and here’s the Jimmy Havoc one, too. Just so those two boys don’t feel left out when Marty starts pulling in the views. Cheers.


It’s that time again, my deviant darlings, another hands-on exposé of the hottest BritWres babes being passed around the international circuit like so much eye candy! This week we’re getting our sticky little fingers on Marty Scurll, villain extraordinaire and star of all those filthy daddy kink fantasies you listen to Lana Del Rey for! Marty’s addition to our kayfabulous collection of gentlemen is going to soothe all the ills of the week, lovelies, just you wait and see.

marty 12

As we can see from this delectable spread, Marty’s not afraid of a scrum down, and takes his licking with even a large group of lads – and his attitude to authority seems to be one of paying them off with any means necessary, even that big broad frame of his. My sweethearts, a man who’ll take a moment in a match to embrace a referee is a man for whom everything is competitive sport – our sources suggest he might even feel that way about orgasm counts.

marty 11

Ye gods, darlings, that’s quite a view! You can’t go wrong with a man with a great big, thick, weighty…..title belt, can you? And those thighs… good grief, I might have to open a window, lovelies, it’s all getting a little warm in here, and my heart’s all a-flutter! As a bad boy, Marty might be known as The Villain, but there’s another title he’s been wearing lately, and it’s not the one around his waist.


That’s right, my kayfabulous kittens, daddy wants to prop you up on those big strong thighs and let you kiss him better! Recently, Marty’s taken to calling himself ‘daddy’ on Twitter, which makes our research team practically whimper, darlings, I don’t mind telling you – who wouldn’t want to be good for someone like that? Of course, there might be another reason he wants to be thought of as a daddy dom….

zack and marty.gif
With thanks to @BROKENMATTHARDY on Twitter

Oh yes, my lovelies, that’s our Marty on the left there, kissing Zack Sabre Jr. – who gets around both the BritWres boys and everyone else, as far as we can see – several years ago, when he was ‘Party Marty’ and even more profligate with his affections than these days. Yes, that twinky little thing would become our villainous, umbrella-wielding, self-satisfied gentleman. Perhaps he wants to take on the ‘daddy’ moniker so we all forget he used to be far more kept boy than daddy material!

marty 6

Looks like Marty might be a tart for anyone in a striped shirt, but when it comes to regular things, he’s got one boy in mind, and that’s precious Zacky again, whether helping him onto his feet or putting him on his knees. This sensational little pairing are certainly something I’ll be keeping in mind for later, lovelies, I can tell you.

marty 5 and zack

Speaking of, here’s another little compromising position for us, as Marty tries seeing how many positions he can bend flexible, giraffe-like Zack into, in front of a crowd. Well, when you’re that handsome, darlings, why be shy about what you and your boy get up to in bed, or indeed anywhere else you want to sixty-nine? We certainly wouldn’t complain about the show, would we?


Marty’s not above getting a little kinky with things either, as the plague doctor mask should tell you! Any man who likes masks and long, cane-like implements is probably going to leave you a little sore and pink in the mornings, but I think we can all agree that it would be thoroughly worth it, sweethearts, wouldn’t it? Zack’s a lucky boy to get that sort of attention all to himself.


Then again, perhaps even Zack comes second to Marty’s true love – appreciation. It’s never a bad trait in a dom to enjoy being adored, and Marty seems to treasure his titles the way other men would treasure a beloved partner. It never seems to be far from him, goes to bed with him, and generally seems to be more constant than anyone or anything else. Still, perhaps he could be convinced into wearing it while indulging in a little extra-curricular daddy time. Who knows?


That’s just unfair, Marty. Well, my lovelies, that’s it for this week, any more and I think we might just swoon ourselves all the way to WrestleMania! We’ll see you soon for more gorgeous graps guys, and until then? Keep it kayfabulous, darlings!

(We would like to state for the record that all views and opinions herein are purely for satirical purposes and have no bearing on the wrestling stars mentioned, nor the real people behind those characters.)

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