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Rehash: Raw 24th October ’16 – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Once more, Monday rolls around, and this is our last show before Hell in a Cell this weekend – reminder to self, get some sleep before the weekend – so no doubt very little is actually going to happen, and we’re mostly going to be looking at the matches to come at the PPV. Raw comes to us from Minneapolis, Minnesota, two places I can’t spell.

Out comes Chris Jericho, when apparently we were expecting Gallows and Anderson. Jericho doesn’t sound like himself, he’s subdued, and not quieting the audience like he normally would, and he tells the audience that the triple threat event is cancelled, which the crowd boos. Jericho says that something terrible has happened, and the crowd goes quiet, and then chants ‘one more match’ and Jericho, clearly worrying that he’s going to retire – before he tells us that someone has stolen the List of Jericho. The crowd chants ‘NO’ and Jericho says he won’t leave the ring or have anything to do with the company until someone brings him back his list, like the school principal telling us we’ll all have to stay overnight until someone owns up.

Kevin’s music hits, and our champ stalks down in his suit, with the cursed flesh title, which I assume he just carries everywhere, to be honest, and Jericho looks stunned. The crowd chants ‘where’s the list?’ and Jericho asks Kevin if he took it. Kevin says he didn’t, and he doesn’t care about the list, but he knows Chris cares, and so he cares because he cares about Chris. Kevin says he’ll help Jericho find the list – after the match. Chris says his deepest darkest secrets are on that lists – and Steph’s music hits. She seems to be dressed like a witch on her way to a meeting, only missing her broomstick and black cat. She says she doesn’t have the list, but she’s going to do all she can to find it for him, but until then, he has to listen to his best friend and stop being ridiculous.

Seth’s music hits. Scenie weenie ambles out, with one hand behind his back and a mic in the other, and Jericho says it’s the list, he’s got it behind his back. Seth turns, and lo and behold, there’s the list. He holds it aloft and says he’s found it, so Steph does her best impression of when she was his Authority mom, and tells him to bring the list to her right now. If he had a middle name, she would have used it. Seth sneers into the mic and then goes over the list, says it has a lot of names on it – Enzo, Seth, sparkle crotch, Bon Jovi. ‘For putting my best friend inside Hell in a Cell – Stephanie McMahon, stupid idiot’ is apparently there, and Kevin says he won’t get away with that, that he should just bring that list back to Chris. ‘My former best friend Kevin Owens’ is apparently also there, but Jericho snarls, saying that Kevin would never be on the list. ‘Me either, right?’ Steph adds, and Jericho reassures her that she’s not there either.

Seth says he’ll give the list back, but he wants to make some adjustments or a new list, for all the parts of KO’s body that will never be the same after Sunday – KO has never been in the cell, so Seth adds so scary comments about breaking his back, breaking his mouth so he can’t kiss ass anymore. Seth says he’s the only one who can call himself the man, and that he’s going to break Kevin’s ego to send a message to Steph and Triple H, because he’ll stop at nothing to take that Universal Title. He gets the babyface cheers, drops his mic, and tells Jericho to come and get his list. Jericho leaves the ring, stalking up the ramp towards where Seth has disappeared, to get the list.

Backstage, Seth is looking pleased with himself, and Steph catches up with him and asks where the list is, and demands it back. Seth says that the triple threat is creating a handicap match so he won’t make it to Hell in a Cell, and he knows her ploy. He doesn’t have the list, he left it in the locker room – and with that, he stalks away.

MATCH: Enzo Amore (w/ Big Cass) vs. Karl Anderson (w/ Luke Gallows)

Shoutout to the Becky cosplayer the camera catches looking excited, who looks awesome, before Enzo’s back out in a white shirt that manages to look too big for him, and his pink overalls. They go through the shtick, but get cut off before they can announce Cass, tapping their mics, which make a frazzling noise. Gallows says singalong has been cancelled, and there was someone in production willing to shut Enzo and Cass up. He then asks Anderson to too sweet him, which engenders an eye roll, as they amble down to the ring. Enzo holds up his hand and says that he thinks that mic works – and lets the audience reel off the spiel for him, which is a really, really good way of making it feel less stale.

  • A high five and a too sweet from Gallows and Anderson before they begin, and then Anderson is straight in, hammering away at Enzo in the corner. Enzo reverses their positions, and jabs at Anderson’s stomach.
  • Enzo to the top rope, Gallows tries to rock it, and though Enzo makes the move, he doesn’t land properly, and Anderson catches him. Back from commercials, running kick from Anderson, twice to Enzo, as Gallows howls ‘that’s it, KA!’ and the crowd chants for Enzo. Quick pin for two on Enzo.
  • Chinlock from Enzo, and Cass rallies the crowds, Enzo getting out of the hold by flinging Anderson into the turnbuckle. Jabs from Enzo, who moves awkwardly like he’s hurt a knee, and then a cross-body, before an Irish whip into the corner. Anderson hooks himself on the ropes, the ref getting the way to check on him, and Anderson capitalises on that.
  • Big Cass on the apron, the ref moves him, but as the ref goes to get Gallows off the apron too, there’s a big boot to Anderson’s face, Enzo getting the cover – and the win!

Cass drags Enzo out of the ring the second they’re done, to avoid the ire of an angry Gallows, and the two make their way up the ramp, Big Cass slapping at Enzo’s pec like it’s a vending machine that won’t give up his diet Coke.

Rusev’s on our screens saying sometimes he has trouble sleeping, but last night he slept like a baby, because he knows Roman will lose the title on Sunday. Roman may have done despicable things to Rusev and his wife, but Rusev will do them back in the cell, and Roman’s going to pay for what he’s done. The cell is only as dangerous as your opponent inside it – well, yes, the cell doesn’t get up and attack you for funsies – and Rusev isn’t afraid of Roman, so it holds no fear for him. Roman will be carried out of the cell… CRUSHED.

The New Day are here, to make everyone happy as they dance along their yellow brick road light show on the ramp, flinging boxes of Booty O’s at the crowd. I still don’t think the peach is as good a colour on them as the pink was, but you know. The ‘New Day Rocks’ chant starts without Xavier doing anything, and he just lets them run with it for a moment, before stating that they’ll be defending their titles against one of the world’s greatest athletes, and oh yeah, Sheamus will be there too. They say no one wants to see Sheamus, and shame on him, letting the crowd ramp up the ‘shame’ chant. They’ll shame him tonight, and on Sunday, when they remain our tag team champs, complete with groinal manoeuvres.

MATCH: The New Day vs. Sheamus & Cesaro

Cesaro’s music is cut short for Sheamus to wander out with him, as bioluminescent as ever, although Cesaro still takes his shades off to yell at him for coming out before Cesaro stripped his suit off. Poor Cesaro, can’t even strip without Sheamus wanting to get involved. Save it for Gaywatch, boys. We see Cesaro and Sheamus snarling at each other in the locker room, refusing to work together, because they’re grumpy bastards.

  • Cesaro slaps Kofi’s hand, instead of going for a handshake, as the crowd chants ‘shame’ and Cesaro takes Kofi down early with an uppercut, before a backbreaker and a pin for one. Sheamus tag in, and the two of them hit Kofi with their elbows before Sheamus get Kofi in the corner. Kofi foes to the top rope, comes down with a cross-body and a pin for two.
  • Big E tagged in, a couple of nice slams from him, Xavier at ringside extolling that The New Day live together, eat together, play together, which is sort of distracting. Sheamus gets out of the ring, and kicks the barricades, clearly in a foul mood.
  • Back from commercials, Cesaro gets tagged out by Sheamus, and the two trade tags to send huge uppercuts to Kofi in their corner, over and over, before a clothesline on Kofi by Sheamus and a cover for two. The crowd chant ‘shame’, and Kofi manages to roll up Sheamus for two, but Sheamus gets out and pins Kofi to the ropes for the battle beats. He rolls Kofi up for two, and then Kofi manages to roll up Sheamus for two as well. Cesaro tags in, another pin on Kofi for two.
  • Cesaro gets his shoulder slammed into the ring post, Sheamus tags in to prevent Kofi from making the tag, but doesn’t get there in time. Big E in, belly-to-belly on Sheamus, followed by another and then gets caught with a backbreaker as he’s going for the big splash. Big E manages to catch Sheamus and pin him for two and a half.
  • Trying to get Sheamus up over the ropes, Big E gets his throat bounced off the ropes. Both men in the middle of the ring, looking dazed, both make tags. Cesaro and Kofi lock up, Cesaro getting Kofi into a delayed vertical suplex and pins him for two. Cesaro tries for the wing, Kofi manages to roll him up for two, and then it’s the uppercut train from Cesaro.
  • SOS from Kofi, looks like it’s going to be the win, but Cesaro kicks out at two. Big E in, making sure to land a cheap shot on Sheamus, and then Kofi comes off the top rope while Cesaro is busy with Big E – but Cesaro still manages to push him up and over. Sheamus makes a tag, goes for the brogue kick, but Big E ducks. Kofi gets launched over the ropes into an uppercut from Cesaro – and Sheamus gets the pin on Big E!

Cesaro runs around the outside, high fives for the audience, before he gets into the ring and the ref raises his hand. Sheamus takes offense at this, as clearly he did most of the work, and the two leave, bickering the whole time.

Commentary shill the network, and we get a reminder of Goldberg showing up last week. Jericho gets sold a timeshare by The Shining Stars, doesn’t give a damn about Titus O’Neil’s scarf, and doesn’t want to know Jinder Mahal’s breathing exercise, he just wants his list back, and is storming around backstage trying to get it.

MATCH: Dana Brooke vs. Bayley

Dana Brooke is in the ring for her rematch with Bayley! Commentary lets us know that Dana’s upset, because social media have been saying that Dana’s win was an upset, and Dana echoes this once Bayley is in the ring, kinesio tape on her right shoulder, which was injured during the match. She insults Bayley’s looks, and says that as the nice girl she is, she’s got the rematch approved… and it’s an arm-wrestling match. An arm-wrestling table is brought in. The crowd chant ‘we want wrestling’, to which Dana says ‘no’ and Bayley says ‘me too’. Dana wants to wrestle the injured arm, and the crowd chant ‘this is stupid’. Dana wins easily, slamming Bayley’s bad shoulder over. Is this really the women’s segment we’re getting?

Dana says they’ll go again, with Bayley’s stronger arm as the crowd chants ‘boring’. Bayley looks like she’s going to win, and it’s a cheap shot from Dana, then going after her and slamming her into the ropes, wrenching the injured shoulder before slamming it into the table. Dana comes off the ropes into a Bayley-to-belly, Dana rolling out and lying on the floor on the outside as Bayley shouts at her. Seriously? Not a proper match, a stupid gimmicky play? And then straight after this, a fucking ad for Hell in a Cell, because the women are making history? Oh, fuck you, WWE. Fuck you, Raw.

Backstage, Jericho runs into Steph, he still says he won’t compete if he can’t get hold of the list, asks her if she can’t see what Seth is doing. She says, yeah, he’s trying to stop Chris being in the triple threat – she’s got a lot to do, what with Hell in a Cell, and Survivor Series, so he’s in the match, whether he finds the list or not. Jericho says he has to stand his ground, and that without the list, there’s no match… and she says that if someone refuses to do what their boss does, they get suspended.

MATCH: Curtis Axel vs. Bo Dallas

Curtis Axel in the ring next, he says he really did believe in Bo, and thought he was his friend, and so he had to go back to his roots – convenient home town talk. He says he lives in the legacy of his grandfather and his father in the ring, and so when Bo attacked him, he attacked everything he stands for. Skol chant from the audience, and out comes Bo, stalking like an angry mongoose.

  • Axel straight in, with right hands, walking into a kick from Bo in the corner. Bo goes for the rolling cutter, but it’s a Perfectplex from Axel for the two count.
  • Bo heads out, Axel trying to drag him up, but Bo trips him into the ring apron, and covers him with it for a number of blows.
  • Running elbow, Axel kicks out, so Bo tries a reverse chinlock. Axel to his feet, body blows and more rights, whipping Bo across into lariats.
  • Axel hitsKnee Trembler for two, Bo down to the apron. Axel drags him in for a pin, but Bo gets a schoolboy roll up – and wins the match.

Bo heads on up the ramp, leaving Axel in the ring, looking almost disbelieving as Bo makes his way out.

Rich Swann video package, showing us some of his freaking gorgeous 450s and just how much joy he brings to his matches. He’s having a match with Brian Kendrick tonight, so that should be a hell of a show.

Jericho is still backstage, towing a suitcase as if he’s about to leave, where a stagehand tells him that he’s seen someone with the list. Jericho reels the man in, kisses him on the head, and turns the corner to see… Braun Strowman. Approach with caution, Jericho. He asks for the list back, Braun growls that he wants him to say please, so Jericho says please. Strowman gives him a long look before he says he doesn’t see Sami Zayn’s name on there, and pushes the list into Jericho’s chest. Jericho says it’s on page four, then waits until Strowman is out of earshot and tells him he just made the list, flexing his ballpoint and cuddling the list tightly.

Roman appears to uproarious boos, saying that he told Rusev he was taking him to hell with him. He finds it funny that Rusev is telling him what the cell is like when Rusev’s never been in it, but Roman has. He then talks about the cage like it’s an actual threat, and not… y’know, just another piece of furniture to be thrown into. Roman reminds us that he also knows what it’s like to win in the cell, and that he hasn’t made this personal – but he will, because he takes the US title very personally.

MATCH: Golden Truth (w/Mark Henry) vs. The Shining Stars (w/Titus O’Neil)

I literally could not care less about this match. Apparently Goldust and R-Truth now take Mark Henry wherever they go. I have no idea why, maybe he tells really good jokes? There’s a match, and Golden Truth win. Commentary literally spend the whole match talking about branding, and it’s like being in the worst marketing meeting I’ve ever experienced.

Mick Foley is here to talk about how Summer Rae doesn’t deserve a push – oh no, wait, that was on twitter, wasn’t it, when he talked about how he didn’t know if a woman on his roster was any good? Please tell me you’re going to talk about some other women, Mick, so I can tell how legitimate your knowledge is, and what you’re reading off a clipboard. He’s wearing a weird flannel gilet over a long-sleeved black shirt, and I’ve never seen a male wrestler look so much like my mum when she’s doing the gardening.

He’s here for the contract signing between Sasha and Charlotte, which we’re having instead of a women’s match tonight, because the women are making history, right? Charlotte’s in a little black dress as she stalks down to the ring – she’s being announced as ‘Charlotte Flair’ a lot now, have WWE realised that she’s more searchable and thus more marketable with a surname? Sasha’s dressed in a white jumpsuit, because she’s playing the face in this little theatre of the bizarre. Both women push the chairs away from the table as Mick tells them that they’ve been breaking through the glass ceiling, and that true greatness knows no gender. He says that traditionalists will say that Hell in a Cell is too barbaric for women – Mick, it’s pronounced ‘bigots’. Or ‘idiots’, if you’d prefer, and Jericho hasn’t copyrighted that.  He says this is a new era, where women can accomplish anything. Aside from, y’know, a match the week before a PPV, right? Mick says that once they sign the contract, there’s no backing out. They know how a contract works, Mick, they’ve got one that says they have to show up and be patronised by you on live television one night a week. Sasha’s never been more ready, and Charlotte wants to know where she signs to bring the title home to the queen.

Charlotte demands the contract be handed to her, and mocks his missing ear, and then Mick decides to tell these two women that they don’t know what they’re getting into. Sasha says she’s a student of The Game, and she’s studied the matches, and Mick then seems to have an old man loss of faculties as he tells them that the cell is living, breathing entity, but it has no soul or heart or conscience, and it will haunt their days. Both women look taken aback at his words as he calls the structure ‘demonic’, because watching someone you respect go off the deep end is always unnerving. Charlotte says she’s conquered everything that’s bene thrown at her, and she doesn’t care if a second rate talent has the title now, it will come back to her, as she was the first woman to hold it, and is the only reason that the title has any meaning. It would’ve been powerful, if she hadn’t used ‘sweetheart’, and then Sasha used it a minute later. Sasha says that if she has to be broken, and crawl back up the ramp, then she will, to keep that title. Charlotte follows up with a dig at Sasha’s injuries, and two more ‘sweetheart’ comments. Sasha throws another ‘sweetheart’ at Charlotte for good measure, saying that she never stayed down, and that’s what weakness is all about, and says she isn’t afraid of the cell.

At this point, Mick seems to absolutely lose it, saying that their future could be him, because he walked into the cell a man, and walked out broken. He says they’ve seen how hard it is for him to walk, and how much pity everyone looks at him with, because it hurts, having no hip socket, and there’s nothing he can do to stop the pain. As someone in long-term chronic pain, Mick, might I suggest opiates? They’re very good. We get a Foley chant, and perhaps I’m just too, y’know, personally broken by things other than jumping off cages and stuff, I just got sick and never got better, but I’m annoyed about them chanting for him during a segment for the women. Mick didn’t tell Roman and Rusev about this, he didn’t come out to talk to Kevin and Seth, and it’s frustrating, that he’s doing this to the women. I know it’s meant to be about caring for them, being a good manager, but… it just smacks of sexism, because no one else got this treatment. This wasn’t the time or place for this conversation. It might even have been different if we’d had Mick backstage, taking them aside separately and talking to them about the risks they’re taking, ‘you’re like my daughter’ etc, but this is just not what we needed.

Mick gets emotional about Charlotte, saying he’s known her for so many years, says there’s not one thing he and her dad can agree on but her, then he reminds Sasha how his kids took an Eddie Guerrero signed photo and gave it to her, because they knew how much it would mean to her, and both women seem near tears. Mick tells them he was jaded and cynical before the women’s revolution, and it brought him back, reminded him what he loved about wrestling. He wants them both to look him in the eye and understand that risks go hand in hand with making history before they sign the contract. There’s an uncomfortable silence, and then Charlotte goes to sign, smirking at Sasha and saying ‘see you in Boston’ after. Sasha looks at Mick, pauses, looks back at the contract – and signs. She holds her title aloft, and the match is official.

MATCH: Rich Swann vs. Brian Kendrick

TJP is with commentary, and says he’s excited to be there, because if everyone’s going to treat him like a twelve year old boy, he’s going to damn well act like one too.

  • Kendrick to start with a knee and a side headlock, followed by a shoulder block. Dropkick from Swann, a couple of arm drags. Kendrick holds the ropes and arm drags Swann into them. Swann rolls through, Kendrick goes to the outside, and Swann follows with a flip dive.
  • Back from commercial, Kendrick has Swann in a cravate. Body blows to get out from Swann, before a forearm from Kendrick. Swann comes back with right hands, followed up with lariats and a rolling solebutt before a leaping stomp to the back gets him a pin for two. Swann charges back in, Kendrick gets the boot up, but Swann with a leaping Frankensteiner.
  • Swann attempts a back suplex, gets a forearms from Kendrick for his troubles. Sliced Bread #2 is slipped out of by Swann, who claims a near fall with a jack-knife Tiger Driver. Standing shooting star press, Kendrick get the knees up and get Swann in a reverse chin lock, flips Swann for the Captain’s Hook, but he lands on his feet and kicks at Kendrick.
  • Kendrick goes for a forearm, Swann pops up on his shoulders, but Kendrick drops him hard, looking for the Captain’s Hook. Swann slips away, and get a rolling cradle for the pin – and the win.

Tom Phillips is interviewing Kevin Owens, and he says that he and Chris are on the same wide, which is that they’re going to break Seth Rollins, and whatever’s left will hobble into Hell in a Cell to make a pathetic attempt at winning Kevin’s title. He says he’s been waiting for a chance at Hell in a Cell, because it’s very exciting to be a part of it, and that’s why Sasha and Charlotte practically begged to be a part of it. But after this weekend, no one’s going to dream of being in the cell, because he’s going dismantle the architect piece by piece and leave a permanent scar, because nothing matters to him but the Universal Championships, and there’s nothing he won’t do to keep it. He and Seth might go to hell together on Sunday, but he’s the only one coming back. I don’t know, Kevin, haven’t you seen that picture of Seth dressed as the devil? Convincing stuff, I feel.

Braun Strowman and Sami Zayn are supposed to be having a match, but apparently Strowman doesn’t think Sami is any competition. Sami goes for him from behind, and slaps him when he turns around. He then heads out of the ring, Braun chasing him, before he aims kicks at Strowman, who catches him with a plancha and throws him into the barricades. Strowman then ambles off in search of a Care of Magical Creatures class to teach, and Sami rolls back into the ring, and gestures for him to come back. Strowman doesn’t.

TJP backstage, taking off his tape, and up pops Brian Kendrick saying that the clock is ticking for him, and if TJ loses the title, he can win it back no problem, but if Brian doesn’t win, he can’t feed his family. Yeah right, Brian, this is a solid paycheck, don’t give me that. The family he can’t feed is the family that brought TJ in and fed him when he struggled. TJ says he’d have done anything to help that Brian Kendrick, but he’s not here anymore, and Kendrick starts crying and saying that he needs this win, he needs TJ to let him win. TJ gives him a look, and walks away.

Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, don’t care. We all know how a Paul Heyman promo about Lesnar goes now.

Chris Jericho is backstage worrying that Kevin didn’t say their friendship mattered to him. Kevin says it does, and Jericho says they’ll remain friends no matter what. Sorry, am I watching Monday Night Raw, or an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

MATCH: Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho

Seth ambles out first, precious scene baby that he is, he’s always got to be first or it bruises his ego, and then it’s Jericho, in tiny pinkish-purple trunks and a scarf, followed by Kevin, whom Jericho applauds before they share a hug at the top of the ramp. Kevin smiles like a proud papa bear at his title, and then we’re into the match!

  • KO heads out straight away, leaving Jericho facing Seth, but Jericho heads out too, the two of them taking a moment to regroup as Seth waits in the ring. They get back in, and Seth clambers out, saying it’s a triple threat match, so the two of them should fight it out. Kevin and Jericho follow him out of the ring, in a pincer movement, sending Seth diving back in. Jericho follows.
  • Seth whipped into the corner, gets a boot up, and then jumps to the second rope and hits a blockbuster of Jericho. KO in, but Seth quickly throws him out, but Jericho lifts him over the ropes. He kicks Jericho away, but KO grabs Seth’s feet, dragging him down and throwing him into the barricades. KO is whipped into the barricades, then bounced off and has a dropkick thrown at him before Seth continues with right hands.
  • Jericho comes in for the save, Seth half hung-up on the barricades, and topples him over it, into a crowd of people gently wondering if they could have moved so they ended up with a lapful of Seth Rollins. Jericho and KO claps arms to see how they are, and Seth comes over the barricade at speed, leaping at them. He throws KO into the ring, and Jericho into the crowd, before heading back into the ring and straight into a couple of meaty clotheslines from Owens.
  • Seth rolls out of the way of a cannonball, knee off the top rope for a pin for one on Owens. He goes up to the top rope in the corner, Owens rolling out of the way of a frogsplash, and Owens runs into him. Set up for a Pedigree, Jericho comes in to break it up, so Seth tries for a Pedigree on him, but Jericho back drops Seth out of it, and tries for the Walls of Jericho. Lionsault from Jericho lands on Seth’s knees, and there’s a third Pedigree attempt before Owens arrives to save his friend.
  • The two of them kick and punch Seth, Jericho holding Seth still for his friend, before Owens tries a senton off the second rope, Seth rolling to the outside. Kevin follows him, taunting him, dragging him up and into a lariat from Jericho. Back into the ring, and Kevin kicks Seth in the face before he gets punched by Jericho.
  • KO calls for a pop-up codebreaker, but Seth clings to the ropes. Kevin runs at him, and Seth drops the rope, Kevin landing on the outside. Avada Kedavra for Jericho inside the ring, followed by a suicide dive outside to Owens on the outside, and Seth climbs back up for a frogsplash on Jericho – who gets the knees up. Jericho pins Seth for a very close near fall.
  • Jericho whips KO’s cannonball into Seth in the corner, and Owens slaps Seth around a bit as the crowd chant ‘stupid idiot’. They take Seth to the top rope for a double superplex, but Seth slips through, rolling them both off the ropes and into sloppy roll up pins – and takes the win!

Seth slides out of the ring quickly, looking like he can barely believe it himself, but takes a moment too long as Owens and Jericho comes out of the ring and lay into Seth, throwing him into the steps after some vicious blows, until help arrives to keep Kevin and Chris away from Seth, who lies on the floor. The two princesses of friendship make it up the ramp to a chorus of boos with their shiny prize as Seth assaults someone trying to help him up and runs up the ramp, leaping on Kevin, Jericho having gone on ahead and left ringside. Seth battles out of security a second time to leap on Kevin, then Owens crashes through a barrier of security to get to Seth. He bounces his head off the ring post, and then comes back with a brutal pop-up powerbomb onto the apron, leaving Seth a barely moving heap on the floor. We close out Raw with Kevin waving his title on the ring post, to a chorus of boos, as security ring a downed Seth Rollins. We’ll see you at Hell in a Cell, folks!