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Rehash: Raw 19th September ’16 – Memphis, Tennessee

Another quickie this week, with the run up the Clash of Champions taking place, Raw was simply setting up for thise matches and not making any new storyline steps. Time to cover the same old stories and hope that we’ve got enough to fill the time this weekend!


The double pin that no one seemed to call last week in the women’s match comes back to bite Charlotte in the arse as Dana Brooke mentioned to Mick Foley that both Sasha and Bayley’s shoulders were on the mat. While Dana was angling for Charlotte not to have to fight either of them to retain her title – Dana, we need a women’s match, please don’t act like we don’t want one at Clash of Champions, the men will believe you – Mick decided that actually, the title match will be a triple threat!

Bayley and Sasha tagged against Dana and Charlotte, with Dana managing to keep Charlotte from getting caught up in the Bayley-to-Belly by holding her leg. They both spent a lot of time working Sasha’s taped ribs and back, creating that injury storyline going into Clash of Champions, but it was Bayley who got pinned in the end.


So, after all that Seth Rollins being punished thing that we had going on last week, we were let down by Mick Foley, who decided that his ‘punishment’ should be a no-stakes match against Rusev on Raw. I guess it could have been to soften them up for Sunday, but it didn’t really have a lot of strength going for it. It was enjoyable, and we’ve not seen these two really trade offense before, but honestly, it was a bit of a nothing match in terms of storyline. It ended in count out, too, so nothing is even conclusive from that.

Meanwhile, Roman and Kevin has a steel cage match, apropos of nothing, in which our new champion lost, as they always do going into their first PPV. Roman won after kicking out of KO’s finisher, which is certain to endear him to the crowd *rolls eyes* and not make Kevin look a little ineffectual at all. Sure, a steel cage match is fun, and it softens both men up for their matches on Sunday, as it’s billed as a brutal sort of match, but it didn’t really make much sense. At this point, it seems like WWE give their weird ideas to Foley to spout, then let the talent run him down about it. Even Stephanie was a bit ‘um, Mick?’ about his choices.

The match was won via an escape, with Reigns climbing over the cage to the outside, and then Rusev came down to make it a bit more interesting, using Kevin Owens’ help to get Roman back inside the cage with the door locked and both of them inside. Rollins then decided to come and get involved, flying off the top of the cage onto Rusev and Reigns.


Cesaro defeated Sheamus, because of course he did, and while these matches aren’t bad, they’re pretty tedious at this point. Cesaro went 0-3, so of course he had to win the next three, making them 3-3 going into the last match of the series.


The tag teams got the gift of Jericho this week, as he came out with a long list of grievances again General Manager Mick Foley, reading off all the poor decisions he’s made thus far. At this point, it turned into a free for all, with the tag teams coming down to the ring and it turning into a 10-man tag match. Jericho sided with The Club and The Shining Stars, while Sami Zayn met up with Enzo & Cass, and The New Day. Nothing was really determined about Clash of Champions in this match, but it gave the tag team division a good airing ahead of Sunday, and of course, everything Jericho touches right now turns to gold, so he gave them a bit of a boost.


Huzzah! Gran Metalik, Rich Swann, Brian Kendrick and Cedric Alexander were here to give us the scope of the cruiserweight division, although it seems a bit weird that they didn’t bring out TJ Perkins in his purple belt (PURPLE? IT CLASHES WITH RED, WWE, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?) to show what these men are fighting for. They had a bloody brilliant Fatal Fourway match, and Brian Kendrick came out on top, making him the #1 contender for the Cruiserweight Championship.


Braun Strowman smashed Sin Cara to pieces for fun, and we yet again wonder if this man is capable of more than a minute-long match against someone who’s a third of his weight. Maybe he’s going to be the end boss for the cruiserweight division.

Bo Dallas squashed a man named Gary Graham, in his new rhyming persona that seems at odds with his still-smiling entrance. Also, YAWN. Squash matches can stop aaaaany time, WWE. Any time.