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Rehash: Raw 12th September ’16 – Baltimore, Maryland

Short recap for time today, guys, work’s getting busy, and the joy that is the summer holidays is already a distant memory. Thankfully, we’ve got some glorious art by Sora to fill the spaces! Eveyrthing is also going to be in a weird order.


Let’s start with the women! Sasha came back this week, and there was a weird moment where no oen could work out if she was supposed to be having a title match, or whether that was Bayley’s place as she pinned Charlotte last week. Charlotte and Dana were also having a few altercations, and their alliance is starting to break down in the way a toxic relationship does – slowly and painfully. After some argy-bargy, we got a triple threat match, with Bayley vs. Sasha vs. Dana Brooke, to determine the new #1 contender for the Raw Women’s Championship. It’s going to be Sasha, to the surprise of absolutely nobody!

Meanwhile Nia Jax has moved on from attacking small girls barely out of their first set of wrestle panties, and has decided to for Alicia Fox, They had a match, and in the end, as much as it was a squash, Nia didn’t win. She was disqualified because she speared Alicia through a barricade. Poor Foxy. 



Well, this is convoluted. So, Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens were set for a match, and Mick Foley had absolutely decreed that Seth Rollins wasn’t allowed to get involved, seeing as win for Reigns would see him added to the Universal Championship match at Clash of Champions.

As expected, while KO and Reigns went hell-for-leather, Seth came out and decided to get involved, attacking Owens, and thus creating a disqualification. Foley came down, furious, and sent Seth to the back like a scolded puppy, claiming he’d deal with him later. He restarted the match, but Rusev, fresh back from his honeymoon and second wedding, decided he was going to take Reigns out of the running, and allowed Owens to get the pop-up powerbomb for the win. Rusev then beat the ever-loving hell out of of Roman, because why not?

Later, Jericho beat Sami Zayn with an iphone, becasue he’s Kevin Owen’s best friend, didn’t you know. Jericho had wanted KO on the Highlight Reel, but because he had a match, Jericho got Zayn instead. He didn’t seem pleased about it.


Cesaro is still heavily selling tha tinjured back, to the point that he was barely able to get in any of his trademark offense, with Sheamus dominating the match, working the lumbar section of the spine as much as he could. Cesaro managed a cheeky win with a foot on the ropes for a roll-up, but it looked like it was a lot of effort for him to stay in the game.


Ah, the thing Raw doesn’t really know what to do with right now, bless them. So, we got another match where The Shining Stars went over Enzo and Cass, because those two are so over that they could lose then next ten matches and people would still cheer for them, and it helps to build up The Shining Stars as an actual credible threat.

Meanwhile, The New Day came out and decried that The Old Day weren’t funny, and it was a shit segment – which is good, I guess, as they’re right. They had a complain at Gallows and Anderson, then a match, which The New Day lost. Bit boring to give us this match before we see it at a PPV, but maybe it’ll be different with Big E in the mix.


Jinder Mahal won over Jack Swagger, with discussions of Jack Swagger’s Raw contract being up for renewal soon. Jinder might have come out talking about peace, but he’s still playing heel, so it’ll be intresting to see where that leads us.

Bo Dallas is still being weird and creepy, and I really can’t decide if I like it or not. I think I like it.

See you next week!