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PPV Rehash: NXT TakeOver Brookylyn II (2016)

Whoo! It’s NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn and my second NXT PPV recap. Go me! Today is also apparently the one year anniversary of Lita and Renee being on the pre-show team together. Their third compatriot is Mauro Ranallo, which is awesome.

We get a recap of the interview between Shinsuke and Joe, where Byron Saxton nearly got murdered. There are ‘Earlier today’ segments showing Shinsuke and Joe coming in – Shinsuke’s wearing a beautiful black suit (seriously, Shinsuke. What happened on Wednesday?) and Joe’s being escorted by security guards. Mauro was asked if he’d move as fast as Byron did and Mauro said that he’d make Usain Bolt look like a snail.

Charly Caruso! I am slowly working on my ability to recognize the different NXT interviewers. She was apparently watching TakeOver last year and she’s excited to be here. She leads us into the video package about Asuka and Bayley from Wednesday’s episode. I know I’m supposed to be cheering for Bayley in this video package, but Asuka’s my murder queen. I love her. “I will destroy everyone.” Yes, girl, go get ‘em.

We come back from the video package and Renee asks what Lita and Mauro think about Bayley’s evolution. Lita says that feeling like she let down the little girls who look up to her will probably help Bayley prevail. Mauro says that Asuka is the top of the food chain. Lita is behind Bayley; Mauro is behind Asuka.

Renee asks her partners who’s ready to party as they lead into the No Way Jose vs. Austin Aries match. Mauro seems to be leaning more heel tonight while Lita is leaning more face.

Apparently they talked to Bobby Roode earlier. There’s a ‘Moments ago’ segment and my sister said “He even parks like an asshole” when we see his parking job backstage. Bobby Roode calls Brooklyn the “armpit” of New York to Andrea D’Marco. We cut back to our pre-show team and Mauro says “There’s a worm in the Big Apple and his name is Bobby Roode.” Lita backs Andrade; Mauro backs Bobby Roode (who is apparently Canadian. I keep forgetting that).

Our next match to cover is Billie Kay vs. Ember Moon. Fun fact: five years ago, those two were in a triple threat with Mia Yim/Jade from TNA. Lita talks about Ember Moon’s pedigree, while Mauro says “Tonight confidence is spelt with a ‘K’.” He then delivers a brilliant pun: “It’s about to be a bad moon rising in Brooklyn for Billie Kay.” Both Mauro and Lita are backing Ember Moon.

And now we’re to the match I’m most excited for! Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa against The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Championship. Please, oh, please, dear gods of wrestling: let Gargano and Ciampa win. Please. Any time Dawson says that he and Dash “hit hard”, I’m just like “Dude, you’ve fought Tommaso Ciampa.”

Renee asks Mauro about his feelings on this match, considering the Cruiserweight Classic match he called. He says the match will probably help both Ciampa and Gargano because if they can hit each other that hard, they can definitely hit opponents that hard. Mauro actually backs Gargano and Ciampa for this one, while Lita backs The Revival.

And with a few minutes left in the pre-show, we hit the coverage of Shinsuke vs. Joe. They give us another video package and most of what I gleam from it is that Joe is very angry and Shinsuke is very amused. (To quote Casriath, who’s watching with me: “Rawr rawr rawr I’m the champ!”)

Renee says that Shinsuke is getting below the skin of Joe and I’m like “…Really?” Mauro called this is a legitimate dream match, after saying that Shinsuke goes from “Michael Jackson outside the ring to Michael Myers in the ring.” Mauro says that this will be a “hardhitting classic”. Both Mauro and Lita back Shinsuke.

And that was the pre-show!

We’re starting with a video package from last year and I still love that “The future is now” speech from Triple H.

Now it’s desaturated footage of backstage interviews with people on the card. The interviewer asked where they were last year – Jose hadn’t found his place yet, Tommaso has no idea, Andrade was in Mexico, Johnny was in some town. Joe was part of a “historic event” and Bayley says that she still gets choked up when she thinks about it, with both of them referring to TakeOver: Brooklyn I.

The footage is no longer desaturated – it’s potentially oversaturated – after Joe starts talking about Brooklyn. Bayley and Joe both assert that they’re going to take over Brooklyn again.

The Barclays Center is apparently sold out and it’s a record breaking crowd for NXT. Oh, thank god! Corey has finally found his nice suits again!

MATCH: No Way Jose vs. Austin Aries

I legit gasped when Jose’s song started playing. And there’s an entire arena saying “No Way Jose!” with his music and I am so goddamn happy. I am so goddamn happy. Jose has a conga line following him. Corey says the conga line has more people in it that Tom has friends in the entire world. Poor Tom.

Oh, I love Jose. I love No Way Jose. The entire Barclays Center is with him and, shit. I remember the first vignettes, where people – including me – thought it’d be one of the worst gimmicks ever or a repeat of Adam Rose. I’m on the verge of tears watching the fan reaction to him.

And here comes Austin Aries! God, that cape. That fucking cape. The boos were tremendous. Jose does look like he’s pissed as shit.

Our recap of Aries beating the shit out of Jose is sponsored by Jolly Rancher. I’m still surprised that anyone could think Austin Aries could be a good guy – he’s one of the best heels I know of and he’s been one of the best heels for most of his career.

Aries is confident. Jose looks serious (and confident, but mainly like Austin Aries fucked up hard).

  • Aries got Jose onto the mat. According to Corey, Jose doesn’t want to get into a wrestling match with Aries. According to Tom, Jose does want to get into a fight.
  • Aries offers Jose a handshake. Jose slaps him hard across the face, then continues to beat the shit out of him.
  • Aries got bounced off the ropes, but caught himself before taking a punch to the face.
  • There’s a race around the ring, then Aries bounces off the ropes and gives Jose a kick to the face. Jose recovers quickly to get Aries in the face with a punch.
  • According to Corey, Jose is giving “no quarter” as he beats the shit out of Aries.
  • Jose is on the second rope with Austin on his back. Austin managed to fight up and drop Jose neck first onto the top rope.
  • Now Austin is beating the shit out of Jose. He’s using the ropes very well as Corey calls Aries a “jackal”.
  • I still get pissed every time someone grabs Jose by his hair. Leave his hair alone, damnit.
  • C’mon, Jose. You got this.
  • Aries covers Jose for two after an elbow drop from the turnbuckle.
  • Aries has Jose in a headlock. Jose is starting to fight out with vicious hits to Aries’ midsection.
  • Aries dominates the match again. Another elbow drop – this time bouncing off the ropes – and he covers Jose for two.
  • Jose is starting to fight back. I can’t make out what the crowd is saying at all.
  • Jose tossed Austin out of the ring. Aries climbed back up onto the apron and now Jose is ramming his head into the turnbuckles. I can’t hear anything over the crowd.
  • Jose is beating the ever loving shit out of Austin Aries. In an attempt to avoid this beating, Austin is hanging onto the bottom rope. That was hilarious.
  • Austin locked in Last Chancery. Don’t tap. Don’t tap. Don’t tap.
  • Thank God, Jose crawled to the bottom rope. Thank God.
  • Now the crowd is definitely chanting “Austin Aries”. Damnit. Love my boy.
  • Jose caught Aries with the TKO and covered him for two.
  • Aries does not look like he’s still in it at all.
  • Jose caught Austin into an attempt at a full Nelson hold, but Aries managed to run around the ring until he bent over and knocked Jose out of the ring.
  • Aries did a suicide dive out of the ring into Jose.
  • My poor baby. Oh, Jose. You can do this, man. You can do this.
  • Jose fought back and got Aries with a modified Falcon Arrow, then covered Austin for basically two and a half.
  • Oh, fu – did you see that clothesline? Damn. Aries went flying from that hit.
  • Aries managed a crucifix bomb on Jose.
  • Oh, damnit. A drop kick in the corner to Jose and Aries covers him for two.
  • Austin climbs to the top rope, but takes an uppercut from Jose. Now Jose in standing on the second rope in front of Austin.
  • Aries climbs over Jose to do a sunset flip powerbomb, then rolled into Last Chancery.
  • Jose tapped.
  • Austin Aries wins by submission.

I’m just sighing. His first PPV match. No Way Jose lost his first PPV match. Goddamnit.

And Austin Aries is continuing to beat the shit out of Jose. He locked in Last Chancery again and I’m fairly certain Jose’s bleeding from the mouth.. The crowd that was cheering on Austin is now booing him – took you long enough, jackasses.

But a familiar tune started to play and out comes Hideo Itami. That is a beautiful suit. It’s a very nice dusty blue and it looks really good on him. He climbs into the ring and takes off his suit jacket, then immediately takes a kick to the midsection off of Aries.

Itami retaliates and beats the ever loving shit out of Austin Aries. The crowd is cheering their heads off as Itami delivers a GTS to Austin Aries. Itami is standing proud on the turnbuckle and he still looks good, even without the suit jacket.

Tom hypes our main event match while we get shots of Joe and Shinsuke backstage. Joe is by himself, but Shinsuke has Kota Ibushi and Funaki in his locker room with him.

MATCH: Billie Kay vs. Ember Moon

I think Billie Kay has a new entrance. It’s not blue, it’s sea green. And her theme is different. I actually wasn’t sure who was coming out. She is wearing very shiny boots. Casriath (my sister) compares Billie Kay to the Evil Queen and that’s fitting.

Oh, damn. Ember Moon’s entrance. Holy shit. I love it. There’s a red moon – a blood moon – and she comes out in all red light. She’s wearing her hood and mask and she rips them both off. She’s wearing – I think – gold contacts? Or red? And shit, she looks fucking amazing.

  • That wicked grin on Ember Moon, holy shit. I love this woman.
  • Billie keeps trying to get her into a hold, but Ember keeps fighting out.
  • That was either a handstand Frankensteiner or a handstand Hurricanrana, but either way, Ember hit Billie with it and it was amazing.
  • Billie hit Ember with a wicked clothesline, then covered her for two.
  • Barclays is now chanting “Let’s go Ember!” as Ember covers Billie for two.
  • This match is very back-and-forth, with both women exchanging control of the match.
  • Billie tried to pick Ember for something, but Ember fought out.
  • It’s apparently a submission. Something called The Widow’s Peak? Or something similar? But Ember keeps shaking her head when the referee asks.
  • Ember is pulling Billie’s hands off of her chin, but Billie retaliated and knocked her down.
  • Billie covers Ember. Ember kicks out at two. Billie covers again. Ember kicks out at two again.
  • Billie Kay is frustrated.
  • Ember is starting to fight back. She gets Billie with a suplex, then rams into her when she gets caught in the turnbuckle.
  • Ember jumps off the turnbuckle with a twisting stunner, catching Billie. She then covers Billie.
  • Ember Moon wins by pinfall.

Ember Moon is beautiful and amazing and she’s gonna rule this division. She used to perform as Athena, if you haven’t googled her yet. I love her.

I hope this leads to a feud between Billie and Ember. They could do it and it’d give us a second storyline for the women in NXT, beyond just fighting over the belt.

MATCH: Bobby Roode vs. Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas

This is apparently a bad day to not be from TNA. That same segment from earlier with Bobby Roode played and Barclays is obviously ecstatic over him. I’m just not pleased – they’re heels, Brooklyn. Heels. I love them both, but even I know they’re heels.

Bobby has an amazingly dramatic entrance and Barclays is singing his theme song. He came out on a raised platform and it comes down with him on it as Casriath (my sister) asks “I wonder if he ever gets tired of being an asshole.”

No. Bobby Roode is probably never sick of being an asshole.

His robe is ugly, his shorts are ugly. For a man who prides himself on having nicely made suits, he can’t pick a decent piece of entrance or ring gear to save his soul.

Andrade comes out and he’s wearing a red version of his normal entrance gear. The audience doesn’t care and I’m just annoyed with them. Roode’s an asshole – he compared y’all to a fucking armpit.

  • Barclays chants “Bobby Roode” as the bell rings. They are now chanting “This is glorious!” as neither Andrade nor Roode do anything.
  • Roode knocks Andrade to the ground and yells “Glorious!”
  • Yes, Corey, let’s talk about gentrification as an asshole white dude gets cheered over a talented Latino dude. Let’s.
  • Andrade does his normal trick of hanging in the ropes and that did actually get a cheer. Well done, Barclays.
  • Andrade slaps Bobby hard in the face, then bounces him off the ropes. Bobby lays down, probably to avoid being run into, and instead takes a low dropkick to the side.
  • Andrade is starting to fight back and is finally starting to get cheered.
  • I love Andrade. He dodged Bobby, then stood there and shrugged. He’s hilarious.
  • Andrade is pinned in the corner and Bobby’s kicking him while he’s down.
  • They’re chopping each other in the corner.
  • Oh, Andrade. Please win. Please win. Jose already lost, please win.
  • Bobby picks Andrade off and he’s holding him vertical, then hits a vertical suplex.
  • Bobby covers Andrade for two.
  • C’mon, Andrade. Bobby has him in a headlock.
  • Andrade is in the corner. Bobby charges in and takes an elbow. Then he comes back again and Andrade dodges.
  • Once Bobby’s trapped in the corner, Andrade does a springboard kick to him.
  • Bobby fell out of the rope and took a springboard corkscrew plancha.
  • Andrade rolls Bobby back into the ring and covers him for two. I think Barclays is starting to get behind Andrade? I think? I’m seriously not sure.
  • Andrade fires up to get Bobby Roode, but instead takes a clothesline. Bobby covers Andrade for two.
  • Bobby Roode tried to German Suplex Andrade from the second rope, but Andrade elbows him off.
  • Andrade gets Roode in a straightjacket suplex, but Roode kicks out at basically 2.75.
  • Bobby tried to go for a suplex, but instead Andrade rolled them into a pin attempt.
  • Bobby catches Andrade with a spinebuster and the Barclays crowd are cheering their stupid little heads off.
  • Bobby covers Andrade for three.
  • Bobby Roode wins by pinfall.

Because, hey, why should we push a charming Latino dude when we can push an asshole white dude instead?

I’m just starting to get angrier and angrier. They ended Andrade’s undefeated streak with Roode going over clean when him cheating would have been perfectly in character. Fuck.

Apparently the Cruiserweight Classic trophy was made by a motorcycle company. Sorry, I’m still too pissed over Andrade losing clean to be bothered to care.

The last Cruiserweight Classic episode will be live. Whatever.

The best part of the cut to the Cruiserweight Classic competitors watching is Brian Kendrick’s blank expression and golf claps. That was great.

Gargano and Ciampa backstage. That shade of blue really looks good on Ciampa, I’m not gonna lie.

They cut to the same video package about Ciampa and Gargano vs. The Revival that they had on the pre-show.

MATCH: Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa vs. The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Championships

Gargano and Ciampa’s music just hit and I’m crying already. My boys. Please win. Please win. Please.

The Revival is out here now, but I’m still just stuck on my boys. The referee is having a hard time keeping Tommaso away from the Revival. He keeps shoving him away, but Tommaso keeps coming back.

  • Dawson and Tommaso to start us off.
  • Dawson is trying to dominate Tommaso, but Tommaso just keeps reversing. There was a moment where Dawson was wrapped up within his own limbs and talking Dash “Tag me out!”
  • Dawson rolled out of the ring to avoid Tommaso. Barclays is chanting “Let’s go Ciampa!”
  • The count is up to seven when Dawson finally climbs back in.
  • After a lot of rolling around on the ring, Tommaso is now chopping Dawson in the chest. Dash darted in and took a chop as well.
  • The crowd cheered loudly when Gargano got tagged in.
  • There is a very loud “Johnny Wrestling!” chant.
  • Dash and Dawson are getting up to their old tricks, but Gargano is very good at recovering.
  • Dash says “Nononono” is hilarious.
  • All I can do is whisper “Please win.”
  • The legal men are currently Gargano and Dawson.
  • Dawson is beating the shit out of Gargano. He stomped on his fingers after knocking him to the ground.
  • Dash gets tagged in and tries to throw Gargano to Dawson, who’s standing on the ropes. Gargano slides under Dawson.
  • Gargano gets in the ring, then Dash and Ciampa are also both in the ring and now it’s a full out brawl.
  • More brawling later and a beautiful suicide dive from Johnny and a beautiful knee from Ciampa, Gargano and Ciampa are standing on the turnbuckle while Dash and Dawson are scattered outside the ring.
  • Dawson is trying to run away from Ciampa. That was funny.
  • Dawson covers Ciampa from two.
  • The Revival have Ciampa pinned in their corner. C’mon, Tommaso. You’ve got this. Just fight back.
  • Dawson covers Ciampa for two.
  • Dawson has Ciampa in a headlock, but Ciampa fights back up. Dawson tosses Ciampa into the turnbuckle, but Ciampa is just brutalizing him and Dash.
  • Ciampa almost made the tag, but Dawson pulled Gargano off the apron.
  • Dash got tagged in and covered Ciampa for two.
  • What is with people hitting Johnny Gargano in the face? He’s getting married soon.
  • I’m too busy running my hands through my hair to type as Ciampa keeps trying to tag in Johnny.
  • Oh, god. Please. Please. Oh, thank god. Ciampa kicked out.
  • I can’t breathe. I can’t type. Oh, god, Tommaso. You’ve got this. You’ve got this. You can do this.
  • Dawson has Ciampa in a headlock, but Ciampa is pushing back.
  • But Ciampa kicked out. Oh, thank god.
  • Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
  • Ciampa dodged. Dawson managed to land headfirst into the turnbuckle,
  • Fuck, I’m crying.
  • Please. Oh, fuck, please.
  • Johnny beat the shit out of Dawson and covered him, but Dawson kicked out at two.
  • Fuck, please. Fuck, please.
  • Goddamnit, we were so close.
  • Goddamnit.
  • Dawson kicked out at two.
  • There’s a ‘This is awesome!’ chant and truer words have never been spoken.
  • Oh, fuck, please. Dawson tagged into Dash, but Johnny’s fighting back.
  • Dawson got Johnny with a DDT and Dash went for the cover, but Johnny kicked out.
  • Please. Please.
  • TAG TO TOMMASO! C’mon, please.
  • Tommaso has his armbar locked in.
  • Johnny is holding Dash back, but Dash managed to escape. Goddamnit.
  • Fuck, please. Please.
  • Gargano got in and speared Dash, preventing The Revival from suplexing Tommaso.
  • Oh, fuck, please. Please. Please. Tommaso, stand up. C’mon.
  • Also, Tommaso looks kinda pissed.
  • Tommaso is starting to knee Dawson in the head, c’mon.
  • Also, fuck. Tommaso, stop spinning for that elbow.
  • Almost. Almost.
  • I can’t breathe.
  • Fuck.
  • Fuck.
  • Johnny.
  • Fuck.
  • Fuck.
  • Tommaso.
  • Fuck.
  • Fuck.
  • FUCK.
  • The Revival win by submission.

I give up.

I’m sorry. I just – I just can’t.

MATCH: Bayley vs. Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship

Bayley came out first. She had a lot of her blow up dolls. The crowd adores her. It’s bad when even Bayley’s entrance can’t make me smile.

Asuka looks like her terrifying boss self. Her face paint is different today.

  • They’ve very evenly matched. Neither one can get the other into a hold – they keep reversing and escaping.
  • Barclays seems to be equally behind them both.
  • Bayley rolls Asuka up for an early cover attempt, Asuka kicks out at one. Bayley tried again and again, but Asuka kicked out both times.
  • Asuka got Bayley in the face with a knee when Bayley tried jumping from the turnbuckle.
  • There’s an “Asuka’s gonna kill you” chant.
  • Bayley takes three straight hip attacks off of Asuka when she climbs into the ring.
  • Bayley gets tossed into the corner and takes another hip attack in the turnbuckle.
  • Asuka is doing that move of hers where she wraps her opponent in the ropes and holds them there until the count.
  • Bayley is trying to fight back, but Asuka’s brutal.
  • Asuka sits on Bayley in a pin attempt, but Bayley kicks out.
  • Bayley is fighting back, ramming Asuka’s head into the turnbuckle over and over.
  • Clothesline from Bayley to flatten Asuka for a knee drop.
  • Bayley goes for the pin, but Asuka kicks out at two.
  • Bayley is on the apron. She dodged one elbow, but took the other, though she did miss the hip attack.
  • Springboard crossbody by Bayley. Bayley covers Asuka for two.
  • “Bayley’s gonna hug you” chant.
  • Bayley is climbing up onto the turnbuckle. Asuka tried to pull her down, Bayley kicked her away. Asuka stood up, but dodged the crossbody.
  • Asuka covers Bayley for two.
  • Bayley gets Asuka hanging upside down the turnbuckle, then does a springboard elbow drop. She pulls Asuka way from the ropes and covers her for two.
  • Asuka has Bayley in a weird submission – some form of stretch? Then she maneuvered into a pin attempt. Bayley kicked out.
  • Asuka has Bayley in an ankle lock.
  • Tom and Corey keep saying that Bayley’s never gonna quit. That’s nice.
  • Bayley kicks Asuka off.
  • Bayley is kneeling and taking kicks off of Asuka. I know when Daniel Bryan does that, it’s the Yes Kick.
  • Bayley yells at Asuka to “Hit me in the face”. That was smart.
  • Bayley gets Asuka into a pin with a backslide. Asuka kicks out.
  • “Heeey, we want some Bayley”
  • Bayley gets Asuka into some form of front slam. Bayley covers Asuka for two.
  • Asuka crawls onto Bayley in an attempt to the Asuka Lock. Referee’s keeping a close eye on Bayley’s feet, to make sure they aren’t under the rope.
  • Bayley is trying to fight out.
  • Bayley is fighting out.
  • Bayley delivers a Bayley-to-Belly for the cover.
  • Asuka kicks out.
  • Bayley charges towards Asuka, but gets spun down to the ground as Asuka locks in her signature submission.
  • Bayley fights out, then manages to roll into a bridge as a pinning attempt. Asuka kicks out.
  • Bayley takes a kick off Asuka, then Asuka covers Bayley.
  • Asuka wins by pinfall.

Bayley is probably going to debut soon. Maybe. I don’t even know. But Asuka retained. That’s nice, I guess.

Asuka pulls Bayley up for a hug. That was nice.

There is a “Thank you, Bayley!” chant as Asuka leaves the ring. Bayley is kneeling in the ring. There’s a standing ovation and another “Thank you, Bayley!” chant.

Bayley rolls out of the ring to hug Becky and Sasha, who were watching from near the announcer’s table. She then walks over and hugs Charlotte. Then she hugs her mother. Then Izzy. There is a lot of crying, as well.

MATCH: Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the NXT Championship

Backstage segments of Joe and Shinsuke coming to gorilla, then a video package about the match. Like we somehow forgot about them.

They got someone to play the violin for Shinsuke’s music live.

Samoa Joe comes out next and his theme is still one of the most boss themes in the entire WWE.

  • Joe gets in the ring and immediately starts charging towards Shinsuke. The referee can barely keep them apart.
  • Barclays is singing Shinsuke’s theme even before the bell rung.
  • According to Corey, Shinsuke is “as much an artist as an assassin.”
  • Shinsuke’s gotten Samoa Joe jammed in the turnbuckle several times so far. The second time, he kneed Joe in the chest until the count came up and Joe fell. The third, he did Good Vibrations.
  • Joe rolled out of the ring, then pulled Shinsuke out by the foot.
  • Shinsuke had Joe on the apron, with his head set up for the knee drop from Shinsuke. Joe rolled out of the way, making Shinsuke land hard on his knee.
  • Shinsuke managed to stumble up, but took a suicide dive off from Joe.
  • Joe gets Shinsuke back into the ring and covers him. Shinsuke kicks out at two.
  • Joe is working Shinsuke’s right shoulder a lot.
  • There are several near falls.
  • Shinsuke got Joe into the turnbuckle. Shinsuke ran in and instead took a slam off of Joe.
  • Joe has Shinsuke on the top rope, with an intention of going for the Muscle Buster. Instead, Shinsuke fought Joe off and  kicked him in the head.
  • Joe gets Shinsuke with a brutal lariat that took him heels over head.
  • Shinsuke is trying to get Joe into an armbreaker, but Joe’s got his hands locked together.
  • Joe locks in the cloverleaf, but Shinsuke grabs the bottom rope.
  • Joe is trying to get the Coquina Clutch locked in, but Shinsuke keeps fighting out.
  • Joe leveled Shinsuke and covered him, but Shinsuke kicked out at two.
  • Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch. Shinsuke gets his leg to the bottom rope.
  • Shinsuke German Suplex’d Samoa Joe.
  • Shinsuke got powerslammed straight into a pinning attempt, but he kicked out at two.
  • Joe has Shinsuke on the turnbuckle. First he lands an enzuigiri, then a Muscle Buster.
  • Joe covers Shinsuke after the Muscle Buster, but Shinsuke kicks out.
  • Shinsuke instead gets a Kinshasha on Joe. Joe kicks out.
  • Shinsuke climbs to the turnbuckle and gets Joe with a knee in the back of the neck.
  • Now a proper Kinshasha and Shinsuke covers Joe.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura wins by pinfall.

Shinsuke Nakamura is your new NXT Champion.

Joe is on the ground outside the ring, the referee is throwing the X. Whatever happened, I hope he’s okay. His jaw may be broken from a hit earlier in the match – hopefully it isn’t, but if it is, hopefully it’ll heal well and quickly.

That was TakeOver: Brooklyn. Only one championship change. See you Wednesday.