Kayfabe Korner

Kayfabe Korner: Summoning Skills

Seth is possibly the worst witch I have ever seen

Really Seth?  Not even a summoning circle?  And in broad daylight.  I get that you might be new to the whole summoning thing, but you gotta do better buddy.  

Before and during RAW, Seth Rollins wandered around asking for the ‘Demon King’ to appear.  Sloppy technique.  First of all, Seth, you can’t just ask for a demon to appear, you have got to make it appear.  My god, it’s like you didn’t even ask google how to do this.

And why exactly were you trying to summon Finn Balor?  You have to think these things through, Seth.

Did you even have something prepared to give him in return for his summoning?  What if he came and took your puppy, Kevin?  Or your good knee?  These are all rookie mistakes that I would expect from, say, Jack Swagger, but from The Man?  No wonder it took you three hours to summon him.  

Learn some Latin, man, and try again at SummerSlam (this Sunday only on the WWE Network!)

Portal to Hell located underneath the ring

I mean, obviously, it’s where Demon Kane lives (not to be confused with the Demon King).  Undertaker hangs out with him down there sometimes.  At the moment it is unclear if Finn Balor is allowed to visit, but Undertaker and Demon Kane are very impressed and pleased that someone will be there to represent hell when they are gone.


Bray Wyatt isn’t angry, he’s just disappointed

Another loss, Erick Rowan?  Honestly, why does Bray even bother with the lectures at this point if you don’t listen?  Bray Wyatt works hard to put a compound over your head, and you can’t even win a match against Dean Ambrose.  

He pays for your weird, jumpsuit/overall things, your food, your lamb masks.  Honestly, is Bray the only one that cares about this family?  All he wants in return is for you win your matches for the sake of his cult.  Is that so much to ask?