Kayfabe Korner

Kayfabe Korner: 8th August Week

Eva Marie

Weekly reminder that Eva is perfect and we’re all peasants.  

Will food ever be safe from Roman Reigns?

First his mocking of tater tots, now ruining a delicious cake?  Roman Reigns, what is your damage?

He may have perfect, brown eyes, and a beard that I want to live in, but that does not mean we can let him get away with the destruction and mocking of food.  I believed in you, sir.

Kevin Owens wins (Jericho helps)

Another week, another victory for Kevin Owens.  He wins matches so effortlessly, with amazing poise and grace.  And if that wasn’t enough, he’s always so humble in victory, thanking his partner, Chris Jericho.  

How does KO do it?  Father of two, the King of Quebec, Master of Headlocks.  Hardly broke a sweat on RAW.  Successfully shutting up Enzo and Big Cass, harder than it sounds to be sure.  

Sin Cara accidentally wears BDSM gear instead of ring gear

Uh oh!  Someone let the wardrobe department know they made a mistake!  

Bray Wyatt looking to recruit more members to his cult

Since Braun Strowman has been separated from the family and Luke Harper is currently in Parts Unknown, Bray Wyatt has become desperate to rebuild his army.  

He is currently interviewing whoever he can in the smackdown roster, including: Alexa Bliss, The Usos, Mojo Rawley, Carmella, Kalisto and Alberto Del Rio (gotta appeal to the Latinx audience), Kane, and many many more.