Rasslin Round-Up: 31st July – 7th August, ’16

Another big week in the wrestling world this week! Let’s get to it!


Sasha Banks & Enzo Amore vs. Charlotte & Chris Jericho – Charlotte and Jericho take the win, with Charlotte pinning Sasha.

Braun Strowman vs. Evan Anderholm – Braun Strowman gets an easy win over the local competitor by pinfall.

Golden Truth vs. The Shining Stars – Shining Stars pick up a win.

Mark Henry vs. Rusev – Rusev wins by submission, retaining his title.

Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil – Titus wins by pinfall.

Nia Jax vs. Ariel Monroe – Nia Jax wins by pinfall.

The New Day vs. Gallows & Anderson – New Day get the win with Big E pinning Anderson.

Cesaro vs. Sheamus – Cesaro wins by pinfall.

Sami Zayn vs. Seth Rollins – Seth wins by pinfall.

SmackDown Live

Kalisto vs. Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin – Crews wins by pinning Kalisto.

Becky Lynch vs. Eva Marie – no contest, due to Eva Marie begging out due to injury.

Vaudevillans vs. American Alpha – American Alpha come out looking strong, with Gable pinning English.

Fandango vs. Randy Orton – Randy Orton wins by disqualification, due to interference from Brock Lesnar.

Carmella vs. Natalya – no contest, due to Natalya attacking Carmella prior to the match beginning.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Bray Wyatt – Ziggler wins by pinfall to retain his number one contender’s spot.

Cruiserweight Classic

Jason Lee vs. Rich Swann – Rich Swann wins by pinfall.

Noam Dar vs. Gurv Sihra – Noam Dar wins by submission.

Jack Gallagher vs. Fabian Aichner – Gallagher wins by pinfall.

Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa – Gargano wins by pinfall.


Hideo Itami vs. Sean Maluta – Itami wins by pinfall.

Mojo Rawley vs. Chris Atkins – Atkins wins by disqualification due to interference from Samoa Joe.

Asuka vs. Aliyah – Asuka wins by submission.

TM61 vs. The Revival – The Revival win, with Dawson pinning Miller.

Other News

Lillian Garcia has announced that she is leaving WWE, due to her ailing father. Best wishes to her and her family at this time.

Daniel Bryan has stated in an interview with the Bear Hug It Out podcast that they will be introducing a new women’s title onto SmackDown, but they’re taking their time with it “to make sure that we do it right”.

In some rather unpleasant news, Paige has been pulled from the New Zealand and Australia tour, having been sidelined with a neck/back injury.

And she’s not the only one! Bray Wyatt is also out with a sprained ankle, however is not expected to be gone from programming for very long.

Ryback has announced that he has officially parted ways with WWE. Apparently he plans to wrestle on the independent circuit, but no word on specifics yet.