Kayfabe Korner

Kayfabe Korner: Round-Up

Roman Reigns goes from boring blue eyes to exciting and exotic brown eyes

Who else is sick of blue eyes? Yawn. Light complexions and light skin are very boring and common features (just look at the women’s division).  

To ‘fit in,’ Roman wore blue contacts. To the layman, it seemed Roman was trying to look like a ‘Joe Guy,’ someone average that the fans could relate to.  Knowing that we were not ready for power of his glorious, dark brown eyes.  

Have you seen them yet?  So deep and warm.  Able to convey intense feelings and make you feel comfortable and loved.  

Lana and Rusev show off how happy they are

Congrats to the happy couple!  

They had a beautiful beach wedding, many photos available on twitter and instagram, with highlights to come on an episode of Total Divas.  

To celebrate and show off, Lana wore a lovely white dress on RAW, literally looking like a princess, and Rusev wore the handsome, designer trunks he got married in.

Sasha and Enzo still saying ‘How you doin’?’ to each other in an empty stadium

Big Cass is still waiting by the rental car

Someone, please feed Big Cass or get him some water.

Seth Rollins secretly Waluigi?

It checks out.

Jericho and KO team up, the search for Jimmin Marvenluder continues

Canada’s hot, evil, IT couple are back together.  Winnipeg Dad Magician, Jericho, jealous of Enzo and Big Cass’s friendship, Jericho remembers the only friend he has ever had, Jimmin Marvenluder.  Ah Marvenluder.  Jericho’s best man, his baby’s godfather.  Who could forgot how Jimmin was there for all of Jericho’s pivotal moments, from when he debuted, to when he cut his hair. Rumor has it that he even started Jericho’s infamous scarf collection.

But Kevin Owens was there so Jericho just took what he could get.

Jimmin Marvenluder could not be found for comment.

Bored WWE fan wonders if this is worth missing Steven Universe for

It’s not.  New era or not, that hour lull of RAW is hard to get rid of.

Randy Orton discovers rip in the universe allowing him to literally RKO out of nowhere

Beware.  Randy Orton has proven that he is everywhere all the time.  Showing up Raw in Atlanta, Georgia?  But Smackdown was in some other random place in the middle of butt fuck nowhere.  From this we can see that his shirt is no lie.  The hashtag #OutOfNowhere is real, gaining more power as it trends.  

While gone for nine months, he recruited a group of elite scientists, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Rick Sanchez, Dana Scully, Ezri Dax, Leonard of Quirm, and GLaDOS.  Together, they defied the laws of nature, creating a tear in the galaxy for Randy to go to and fro.  

While in the tear, Randy sees a hellish landscape and literally feels his very being being torn but it’s worth it for the sake of an RKO.  

Baron Corbin continues to exist.

Huh.  How about that.