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PPV Predictions: Battleground 2016

Hey, wrestling fans it’s that time again! Another month, another pay per view. This one should be interesting, as the brand split has now officially happened, so it will be the last time before next month’s PPV that we will see a lot of these guys in the ring together. But enough about that, and onto my predictions for how this show will go.

As of the writing of this, there is only one pre show match on the card, but there may be another added later.

MATCH: The Usos vs. Breezango

So obviously, it’s a late pre show match, there isn’t much of a story except on, where they are saying this is to find out who is the best tag team on SmackDown. So on this one, I’m going with my heart over sense, and saying the winners will be Breezango.

Prediction: Breezango to win via pinfall.

MATCH: Becky Lynch vs. Natalya

This is a weak feud, storywise, although it’s been pretty entertaining, and hell, we’re getting two – THAT’S TWO – women’s matches on this card, so I’m very happy with that. This story started last month, when Becky and Natalya could not get the job done against Dana Brooke and Charlotte, and as so Natalya attacked Becky after the match. When asked about it later, Natalya stated that Becky has a history of letting her partners down, and that she at least was sick of Becky not pulling her weight. What has happened from here is a series of match interferences, with not much more to expand upon the story, but both women are exceptionally talented and this should be an exciting one to watch. After all, it’s not their fault WWE creative’s team for the women is one guy with his hand on his dick, whose only real interaction with women comes via the click of a mouse.

Prediction: Becky Lynch to win, via submission

MATCH: The Miz vs. Darren Young – Intercontinental Title

So this one was added a bit late to the card, so has not had that much time to build, but it started with a battle royal for the number one contendership, which – in The Miz’s own words, echoing how most of us felt – Young did not so much win as just not lose, being down in the corner when Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin eliminated each other. Despite this rather silly ending, the small amount of build has been rather fun, with both supporting stars, Maryse and Bob Backlund, being very entertaining on the mic. I am, I confess, against my better judgement, excited for this one, and actually think that the idea of making Darren Young great (again) is a really good idea. As such, Darren Young is the pick here.

Prediction: Darren Young to win, via submission

MATCH: Rusev vs, Zack Ryder – United States Championship        

Right, now, this one is confusing and lacks any real wrestling logic. SO, Ryder wins the big 12-man tag team match on the Fourth of July Raw for team America, because Murrica. He then also beats Sheamus on the SmackDown after that, and challenges Rusev for a title shot. Rusev blows him off, thinking he doesn’t need to fight any tiny American. The week after on Raw, Sheamus vs. Ryder again, and this time Sheamus kicks Ryder’s head off. Rusev then comes to the ring and locks in The Accolade on Ryder, screaming that he accepts the challenge, leaving Ryder broken in the middle of the ring. Following this, on SmackDown, Ryder’s friend Dolph Ziggler actually manages to beat Rusev, and so what we have is… for some reason, a guy who hasn’t beaten Rusev getting the title match, and a guy who beat him clean not even on the card. Because wrestling follows any sort of logic, guys. Anyway, I feel that because I picked Darren Young to win the IC title bout, that this one has to go to Ryder.

Prediction: Ryder wins, via pinfall

MATCH: The New Day vs The Wyatt Family – Six-Man Tag Team

This is a big six-man tag and the build up for this has been exceptional. The Wyatt’s are back and in better form than ever, coming straight after The New Day, and The New Day in classic style have taken to it with a whole lot of joking and fun, taking none of it very seriously. Well, most of the New Day – Xavier Woods, on the other hand, has seemed less then happy, less then positive, and less than his normal joking self. He actually seems downright afraid of the Wyatts, and Bray in particular. Both teams have traded barbs in promos, back and forth, leading to a fight at the Wyatt’s compound, which no team really got the better of, and was not a rip off TNA’s The Final Deletion match the week prior, not at all. But it did manage to set the scene of the Wyatt’s being scary as all hell, and was actually very very creepy to watch, I have to admit that I loved it. The final bit of story for this happend on the first edition of SmackDown Live, when Woods was forced to go one-on-one with Bray Wyatt, and in an amazingly good bit of storytelling, found himself unable to effectively fight The New Face of Fear, falling under Bray’s spell.

Prediction: The Wyatt Family to win. Please. Give us something nice.

MATCH: Sasha Banks & Mystery Partner vs. the Women’s Champion Charlotte and Dana Brooke

The story for the second women’s match isn’t so bad. Maybe someone else wrote this feud, maybe between writing Becky vs. Natalya and this feud, the solo writer actually went outside and met a real life woman. Simple stories are often the best, and this one proves it. Sasha believes she is the best – as she would put it, the boss – and Charlotte, as Women’s Champion for almost a year now, is standing there saying that she isn’t, that she’s nothing, and that Sasha can’t hold a candle to Charlotte. But of course, Charlotte is a heel with an underling, so whenever anyone does try and prove it, said underling, Dana Brooke, gets in the way, and costs any challenger the match. Sasha, much like last month’s pairing, has worked out that if you don’t take care of Dana first, you can’t beat Charlotte. This was proven on this week’s SmackDown, when Sasha tried to take them both on 2-on-1, and got her ass handed to her. So I am not going to speculate here on who the mystery partner is going to be for Sasha *coughsplutterBayleycoughsplutter* but I do think, as the title is not on the line, Charlotte can safely lose this one before the obvious SummerSlam title match.

Prediction: Sasha Banks and Mystery Partner take the win

MATCH: John Cena and Enzo & Cass vs. AJ Styles and Gallows & Anderson – Six-Man Tag Team

Ever since last month, when AJ Styles beat John Cena, The Club have had one simple goal: beat up John Cena. Each and every chance they get, beat up John Cena. Enzo and Cass have taken exception to this, saying that while they would also like Cena’s top spot, there is a right and a wrong way to go about it, and delivering 3-on-1 beatings isn’t the right way. So to Battleground and a six-man tag we go. Obviously this is a filler match for the Cena/AJ feud that will culminate at Summerslam. I honestly don’t feel this has much more going for it, and thanks to the brand split, it will be the last of AJ and The Club for a while. But if the longevity of the story is anything to go on Cena and Co will pick up the win here, though most likely AJ will not be the one pinned.

Prediction: John Cena, Enzo and Cass to win

MATCH: Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

I’m super excited for this match. As far as I’m concerned, there may be another match that goes on after this, that is being booked as the main event, but this is MY main event. These two have been fighting absolutely forever, or so WWE tell us, and they are not wrong, so they have booked this to be the match that allows them to move on from each other and continue their rise in WWE. The storyline basically goes, at least in WWE, NXT, when Owens betrayed Zayn’s friendship and powerbombed him on the ring apron after Zayn won the NXT belt. Owens then won the belt off of Zayn in dominating fashion, and has beaten him black and blue since the only issue is Zayn won’t go away. Owens becomes IC champion, Zayn returns from injury, costs Owens the belt in a ladder match. The Money in the Bank ladder match, Zayn took Owens out there as well, in singles matches Owens has dominated Zayn in almost every single one they have had, and yet Zayn wanted one last match, because it won’t end without it. To me, this just seems like Zayn is a sore loser who can’t get over the fact that Owens is the better wrestler. Now the logical outcome to this is that Zayn finally gets one over on Owens, one-on-one, and that the whole thing is over from there. The only issue with this is that right near the start of the month, on Raw, Zayn got his first one-on-one victory over Owens, rendering the whole thing a bit of a moot point really. Anyway, we go into the match with both men having beaten the holy hell out of each other, week in and week out, and with somehow people still thinking Zayn is the face – a fact I could not disagree with more. However, that being said, I still think he will go over in the end.

Prediction: Sami Zayn to win via pinfall

MATCH: Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns – WWE Championship Triple Threat

This is the “actual” main event for the evening, a match many people have been hoping and waiting for for a very long time – the Shield triple threat, to prove who is the best member of The Shield. The build for this one is kind of strange – basically a returning Rollins beat Reigns to become champ at Money in the Bank, then Ambrose, having won the briefcase earlier that same night, cashed it in on Rollins and became champion himself. Having all three members be champion in one night was a pretty amazing way to finish off that PPV. Moving forward, both Rollins and Reigns feel they deserve the rematch, and Ambrose doesn’t care, saying he will fight either or both in one-on-one in the same night. Lucky for us, Shane O’Mac comes to the ring and saves the day by making it a triple threat match, and everything looks great… until Reigns broke the wellness policy, and so has not been present for the rest of the build, which has featured some great matches and moments. Ambrose continues not to care who or when he fights, as long as he gets to defend the championship, and Rollins, rightly I feel, saying it should now be one-on-one, because Reigns does not deserve to be there now that he has shown he isn’t a good boy. I have to say I agree with Rollins, it should be one-on-one. And with both Reigns and Rollins drafted to Raw, and Ambrose to Smackdown, we do have something of a bit more interest. Anyway, I‘m going with, and honestly hoping for, Ambrose to retain the belt

Prediction: Ambrose to retain, winning via pinfall