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Rehash: NXT 22nd June ’16

This week’s episode of NXT starts with a recap of last week’s episode of NXT. We get an abbreviated version of Finn’s final speech last week, complete with a shot of his adorable grin during the “Thank you, Finn!” chant. The recap ends on the shot of Finn and Shinsuke clutching hands in the ring.

NXT’s title sequence starts and, as usual, I can’t help but tap my foot to the song.

“What’s next in this new chapter for NXT?” Tom Phillips says, right before Tye Dillinger’s entrance launches. Tye looks so much better when he’s not wearing some gigantic ass, almost villain-like collar – seriously, what was NXT’s costume department thinking during the TakeOver?

MATCH: Tye Dillinger vs. Oney Lorcan

Welp, found the jobber in this match. There was apparently a man already standing in the ring while Tye was walking in. His name is ‘Oney Lorcan’, because he apparently pissed someone off when they were finding him a name. (Editor: This is Biff Busick, one of Lance Storm’s boys, but I agree, that’s not a great name!)

  • Tye and Oney lock up. Oney rams Tye into the corner, but you still get the feeling that Tye’s in control.
  • Lorcan only to bounce off the ropes and knock him down.
  • “Per-fect ten!” chants start up.
  • Lorcan mocks Tye’s ‘Perfect ten’ handsign. The crowd boos.
  • Lorcan is starting to control the match a bit more, but his attempt to pin Tye fails due to Tye’s shoulder being under the rope.
  • Tye regains control of the match by pinning Oney in the turnbuckle and giving him two large chops across the chest. Then he whips Oney across the ring into the opposing turnbuckle.
  • “The perfect ten in perfect control,” Corey states, as Tye continues to dominate the jobber.
  • Oney pulls off a vicious clothesline which drops Tye and himself to the ground.
  • The crowd cheers Tye on as he stands up. Lorcan… Growls? Screams? I can’t tell while pointing at Tye, who’s now in the turnbuckle. Oney does a few moves which launches himself across the ring into Tye, but on his third run, Tye counters with a superkick – and that sound was brutal.
  • Tye attempts two pinfalls, but Oney kicks out twice.
  • Tye gets Oney in the turnbuckle and, while punching Oney, gets distracted. Lorcan shoves him down into the ring and pulled off a “crazy flipping neckbreaker” (according to Corey) to… Pin Tye Dillinger?

…How the fuck. Really? Oney Lorcan won. Awww, poor Tye. Corey has abandoned all faith in the poor, poor man. You poor darling.

“Tye Dillinger is in a bad spot,” Tom says, before offering his congratulations to Oney and informing us that Regal will talk to us about Shinsuke and Finn.

Austin Aries is backstage with an interviewer – Cathy, I think – and I wince as Cathy mentions Austin’s loss to Shinsuke. “All excuses aside, for three seconds, he was the better man.” Austin says the loss just gives him a “bigger chip on his shoulder” and makes him more determined to win.

No Way Jose comes in, this adorable, adorable man, and I think we’re looking at a feud here. He tells Austin that he learned something from him at TakeOver and now Austin needs to learn something from No Way Jose: staying positive. Cathy gives him an absolutely adorable smile as Jose leaves and Austin gives him a considering look on the way out.

Recap of Bayley’s kayfabe injury from Nia, then Bayley informs us that she’s cleared for in-ring activity again. Tom tells us she’ll be in action tonight.

MATCH: No Way Jose vs. Local Talent Woods

No Way Jose’s theme starts up and I can’t stop grinning. Tom begs Corey to not dance. Oh, my god, No Way Jose is just so cute. I love him. The Full Sail crowd is entirely moving and clapping or dancing around to his entrance and I just – shit, man, I love this dude.

  • Tom tells us that Jose hasn’t been defeated in NXT yet and the crowd starts singing “Ole!” as Tom tells us about Jose’s jobber opponent.
  • Jose is just so much fun to watch. He hip tosses his opponent (…I think his last name was Woods or something similar) as my Internet decides to hate me.
  • “Reversal by Woods,” Corey states, so now I have a name to use for the jobber.
  • Woods now has Jose in a headlock, but the Full Sail crowd is now clapping in time with Jose’s attempt to break the headlock.
  • Jose stands up and pushes his hands up through the headlock, before flipping Woods across the ring.
  • Jose does an Atomic Drop on Woods
  • Jose does a Spinning Full Nelson Slam in order to get the three count on his jobber.

Dancing in the ring to celebrate his win, No Way Jose is just so much fun to watch. Ohhh, I am so scared of what will happen to him if he goes up to the main roster.

Aaaaand called it. Austin Aries’ music just kicked in. A heel turn incoming – as you can tell by the loud boos. “Jose, in this industry, you’re not defined by your victories,” Austin says, as the Full Sail crowd starts chanting “Ar-ies sucks.”

“Nice to see you, too,” Austin says, once the chant starts to slow down.

“You’re not defined by your victories – you’re defined by your defeats.”

Ohhhh. “As I watched you walk away, I thought: What could I possibly learn from No Way Jose?”

“You reminded me of something that maybe I forgot, you reminded me that […] NXT is about having fun.” Okay, as someone who watched him a little bit before he came to NXT, I am very, very suspicious of Austin right now.

He’s extending a handshake to No Way Jose and, uh…Huh. This…Hasn’t turned into the full out brawl I thought it would be. He’s leaving, but Jose convinces him to come back into the ring and dance with him. Awww, it’s actually kinda cute how Jose’s convincing Austin to dance. Awww.

I am, however, still waiting for Austin to slam Jose’s head into something.

They dance out together, only pausing to dance on the commentary table. Even Tom Phillips is dancing, but Corey – who promised not to dance – doesn’t.

Aaaaand knew it. Caaaaalled it. Austin knocks Jose off the table and does an elbow drop. “What is this?” Tom asks, having apparently never watched Austin Aries’ career up to this point.

After beating the snot out of poor, adorable Jose, Austin mocks his dance on the ramp. There are conflicting boos and “Austin Aries!” chants – apparently seeing this as not what he wants for the heel turn, Austin turns around and kicks Jose in the head, then pulls him into Last Chancery. Now Full Sail is booing him wholeheartedly.

Awww, poor Jose. Poor baby.

Backstage segment with Regal and Shinsuke. Finn apparently left a note at Regal’s office telling him to “Make it happen.” So in three weeks – three weeks? Not at TakeOver: Brooklyn? – there’ll be a match between Shinsuke and Finn.

Murphy comes charging in and I still can’t fucking believe he’s Australian, but he’s demanding that Regal treat him as the champion he is and give him better singles matches. Oh, shit. Murphy just got himself a singles match with Shinsuke. Regal tells him “Be careful what you wish for”.

Tom and Corey talk about Austin’s heel turn and Tom asks if Corey’s surprised. Obviously, Corey isn’t surprised because he’s actually paid attention to Austin’s pre-NXT career.

MATCH: Bayley vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Bayley’s back! Her opponent is Deonna Purrazzo. That’s her name. She at least has an entrance, which puts her a step up above Tessa Blanchard.

The crowd explodes when Bayley’s music starts and they’re all on their feet, clapping around. Awww, Izzy has a sign for Bayley – that’s so cute. And Bayley gives her a hug on the way to the ring.

Corey calls Bayley the “heart and soul of NXT”, which was very nice of him. Fun fact, I listened to Austin Aries do a podcast and he said that – before his debut – he’d asked Bayley to come out and hug him if he walked out to silence. Which conflicts with Austin Aries as the asshole who kicks people while they’re down, but it’s still an adorable little fact.

  • “Hey, we want some Bayley!” chant starts up as Deonna and Bayley lock up.
  • Bayley and Deonna are doing pins very early on, but neither pin makes it very far.
  • Deonna whips Bayley into the turnbuckle, Bayley bounces up and then corkscrews into Deonna, dragging her down.
  • Bayley catches Deonna in the ropes and does a move which bounces Deonna’s chest off them.
  • Deonna catches Bayley in a clothesline and attempts a pin. Doesn’t even make it to one.
  • Deonna catches Bayley with a knee and attempts for a pin. Makes it to one.
  • Now dominating the match, Deonna goes for her third straight pin and attempt and fails again.
  • She is bouncing Bayley’s head off the turnbuckle. She does it three times before Bayley yells “No!”, turns around and catches Deonna.
  • Bayley-to-Belly, then one-two-three and Bayley has won her return match.

The Full Sail crowd is clapping along with her theme and it’s really cute how much she’s loved. Bayley goes and poses with Izzy for the camera for a second, then heads back up the ramp.

Backstage interview with Carmella! “This is such an exciting time to be in NXT – the girls are killing it!” She says she wants to be the NXT Women’s Champion and yesssss, Alexa vs. Carmella feud, without the boys this time!

“I made Blake and Murphy,” Alexa says, before calling Carmella an “accessory.” She says she deserves to be the NXT Women’s Champion.

“I sure as hell ain’t letting you get in my way,” Carmella says, actually making Alexa step back to keep Carmella out of her personal space.

A promo about Samoa Joe, where he says that he is a “warrior” and is like “death and taxes – inevitable.” His speech from last week’s episode makes an appearance and we get several more shots of Joe and his lovely, shiny belt. “You do not have enough to sacrifice to take this from me.”

Corey says that we are “fully entrenched” in the era of Samoa Joe, before Tom tells us we’re gonna see a recap of the NXT Women’s Championship match from NXT TakeOver: The End.

Have I mentioned how much I love Nia Jax’s theme song? It’s so lovely.

She comes out to squash yet another jobber and I really love how they keep focusing on her eyes during her entrance. She has such gorgeous eyes.

A recap of the Authors of Pain demolishing Jordan and Gable at The End, all in black and white because that’s apparently part of their ‘thing’. This is to announce that American Alpha is coming back next week.

MATCH: Nia Jax vs. Liv Morgan

Awww. Poor Liv Morgan. She’s so cute and I follow her on Twitter and Instagram. But she’s about to get fed to Nia Jax. Corey starts ragging on New Jersey as he always does when Liv comes out. She bounces around the ring to a small, but positive reaction.

  • Liv tries to get Nia in a headlock, but Nia just lifts her up and drops her down hard.
  • Liv is on the floor, catching elbow drop after elbow drop from Nia.
  • Nia grabs her by the hair, hauls her up and throws her into the ropes.
  • Liv tries to fight back, but Nia just grabs her by the hair. She tosses Liv around a little more and then Liv ends up on the ground.
  • “Look at that,” Nia says, while pointing Liv’s face towards the crowd. I’m not quite sure what she’s supposed to be looking at? Perhaps her impending doom?
  • Nia pulls Liv into a headlock and Liv manages to fight out a little. She ends up behind Nia, which gets her an elbow to the face.
  • Headscissors from Liv to get Nia into the corner and Liv’s starting to fight back. She gets two dropkicks in on Nia before getting caught by Nia near the ropes.
  • Nia drags Liv away from the ropes. Powerbomb and then one-two-three.

Shinsuke and Murphy up next. We’ve got nine-ish minutes left, so I have very little faith in Murphy’s ability to survive.

A graphic announcing that Alexa and Carmella will fight next week, and now we’re to the main event.

MATCH: Murphy vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Murphy is still wearing the puke-green-pink-and-black tights. Whyyyy does the costuming department like that shade of green so much? Did they get a discount on it or something?

“Murphy’s not about to have a good time,” Corey says, right as Shinsuke’s intro starts. He’s not wearing his full red jacket, but instead a very, very shiny red vest thing. He is, however, still wearing black leather pants.

It’s six minutes until the end of the episode and I have very, very, very little faith in Murphy’s ability to survive. Corey says it “couldn’t get much worse” for Murphy after all of his favorite teams lost.

  • Murphy tries to lock up, but instead gets kicked in the knee by Shinsuke. He crumples. Well done, genius.
  • He walks away and then comes back to lock up again. “Shinsuke!” chants as Shinsuke pulls his leg over their locked up arms and kicks Murphy in the face.
  • Shinsuke continues to dominate the match. Murphy gets out of a headlock by grabbing Shinsuke’s hair and pulling his hair back. Now he has Shinsuke in the headlock.
  • “I’m being positive, Phillips!” Corey snaps, after Tom makes a comment about his desperate attempts to still say nice things about NXT’s resident idiot Australian.
  • Shinsuke does Good Vibrations to Murphy, then comes back to do it again after a “One more time!” chant. He goes in for a third, to the “One more time!” chant and instead gets whipped into the bottom turnbuckle.
  • Murphy attempts three pinfalls in a row, Shinsuke kicking out each time. Murphy seems to be getting angrier.
  • Murphy hits Shinsuke across the chest several times and all Shinsuke does is mock him.
  • Murphy picks up Shinsuke for a suplex, but instead gets kneed in the chest as Full Sail chants “Shinsuke’s gonna kill you!”
  • Yowch. That sounded hard as Shinsuke kicks Murphy over and over again. “King of Strong Style!” is the chant of choice.
  • Nakamura does a running knee to Murphy, then hauls him out for an inverted exploder.
  • Kinshasa, and Shinsuke pins Murphy for the one-two-three.

Well done, Murphy. That was intelligent. “Be careful what you wish for,” Regal was most certainly right.

Shinsuke celebrates in the ring as Full Sail sings along to his entrance theme.