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PPV Predictions: Money in the Bank 2016

Another month, another pay-per-view, and this month it’s WWE’s Money in the Bank. Now, for the first time in a while, I can actually say – both story-wise and match-wise for the most part – I am actually excited to see this one. Well, aside from the pre-show. Anyway, let’s get on with some predictions.


Dudley Boyz vs. Lucha Dragons – Tag Team Match

Ok so this match is on the pre-show because WWE have deemed it so, with the Corbin vs. Ziggler and Crews vs. Sheamus matches moved to the main card. There is not a story here, it’s just a match between two jobber teams

Prediction: Lucha Dragons to take the win

The Golden Truth vs. Breezango – Tag Team Match

This one was added on the Friday after SmackDown on So, The Golden Truth is the team of Goldust and R-Truth who – after months of bad promos – have finally formed as a team. And so far, they suck. They really suck. Have they even won a match? And they both spurned Tyler Breeze and Fandango, causing these men to form their own team. Amazingly to me, out of this total bungle of booking, Breezango have taken to the gimmick amazingly well. They’ve been funny and actually worked well in the ring together; however, that being said, the pay-off for this should be a Golden Truth victory. (Editor: Seems like Jordan’s a bit of a FaBreeze fan! We’ll catch him down the tanning beds yet!)

Prediction: The Golden Truth win via pinfall


Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ok, so on an otherwise strong card we have Corbin and Ziggler for what feels like the tenth time in a row… and honestly, it’s old news, it’s boring news, and I could not care less how this one ends at all. But Steph says I have to predict something, so.

Prediction: Baron Corbin wins via pinfall

Apollo Crews vs. Sheamus

Now, look. Sheamus is not my favourite guy to watch in the ring, but at least he’s a safe worker and is someone who can take a very green Crews through the paces of a PPV match, showing him the ropes. The story for this one is a bit of theme though this PPV with a lot of what is considered the “Old Guard” of WWE going up against the new generation, and it starts with this one. Sheamus, angry that Crews was given a match to qualify for the Money in the Bank match and he was not, attacks Crews back stage and the two have been at each other ever since. For a first time PPV feud, this is perfect for Crews, and I would be amazed if he does not go over in the end.

Prediction: Crews to win clean, via pinfall

Rusev vs. Titus O’Neil – United States Championship Match

Last month, Rusev won the title off of Kalisto, and has looked like an absolute monster since, with a match almost every week on Raw or SmackDown, with him making short work of anyone who steps into the ring with him. With Lana claiming that he is, in fact, the best ever United States Champion of all time, and a true American hero, he’s getting major heat from the crowds. A returning Titus has taken exception to this as, first of all, Rusev isn’t even American, and for reasons that I don’t quite follow, not being born in a place means you can’t be for it. (Editor: Nationalism is a terrible thing.) The feud itself has been fine, with Rusev beating down opponents, and once Titus himself, with Titus usually making the save and helping out, because that’s what a good American boy does. Despite this, I do believe that Rusev will go over and remain champ.

Prediction: Rusev wins via submission

The New Day vs. The Club vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. The Vaudevillians – Tag Team Titles Fatal Fourway Match

Wow that took a while to type out. So, this one again is booked as the new era vs the old. The New Day are the established team and – I may be wrong here – but I think still at this point the second longest reigning tag team champions since at least the year 2000.

That being said, this match was put together when Teddy Long returned and suggested to Steph Mcmahon that instead of letting New Day and The Club feud alongside Enzo and Cass feuding with The Vaudevillians, it should just be jammed together into one Fatal Fourway match for the belts. Steph told Teddy this was a silly idea and he was escorted from the building – only for Steph, the cheeky lady, to make the match official and claim the idea as her own. And so now what we have is one giant mess of tag teams all going at each other each week, a fairly entertaining story, and what I think will end up honestly being the end of The New Day’s run as the champions.

Prediction: Your new WWE Tag Team Champions will be The Club

Charlotte & Dana Brooke vs. Natayla & Becky Lynch – Women’s Tag Team Match

So, I have to admit that I’m not totally sure what is going on. Basically Natalya and Becky are sick of Charlotte always cheating to win, and have teamed up to beat Charlotte and her new lackey Dana Brooke? I’m a bit annoyed I don’t know more of what’s going on here, but the segments involving the four have been short, and in the whole month there have been maybe two matches that have lasted more than five minutes? And only one that may have hit ten?

All in all, not a lot of real story here, and it seems that the women’s revolution in WWE has ground to a halt. It feels like a showcase of the few women they have left, rather than a match. That said, this one is surely a win for the face team of Becky and Natalya, as the Women’s Championship is not on the line and it’s “safe” for Charlotte to take a loss this month.

Prediction: via submission, Natalya and Becky take the win

Dean Ambrose vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho vs. Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens – Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Six men? What happened to space number seven, WWE? Plans fall through? My feelings here are very, very mixed. The match itself is always fantastic, with cool spots and some amazing wrestling each and every year. However, every year, no matter how many people there are in the match, there are realistically only one or two who could actually win the coveted briefcase – and I feel this year those two are Ambrose and Owens.

The six men in the match have basically just been changing opponents and team mates every week on both shows, with no rhyme or reason beyond the fact that they will fight at the PPV. Now at least five of the men are coming off feuds that in some way involve some number of the others, with Alberto Del Rio thrown in because Miz is off making The Marine 5: Battleground. I could go on, but the point here is to say what’s happening and who is going to win and as much as I would prefer Owens, I’ll say that Ambrose makes a lot more sense going forward, as he’ll tie into the main event picture with his former Shield brothers.

Prediction: Dean Ambrose to win the briefcase

AJ Styles vs. John Cena

Ok people, here it is, a Wrestlemania Quality match on a non-WrestleMania PPV! Styles vs. Cena one on one for the very first time, a dream match that we can’t wait to see, old guard vs. the new era…. At least, that’s what WWE is telling us. Frankly, Styles is new to WWE, but the man is hardly a young up-and-comer, and as for saying WrestleMania quality match – what are you trying to say WWE, that the rest of the year you just give us useless crap? 

Anyway, the feud here is one we have seen before; indie guy comes in and hates that Cena is considered the best, when clearly indie guy is so much better and more talented, and in this case (and a few others) it’s true. Cena can out-talk Styles, sure, and his promo skills are fantastic, but when it comes to in-ring ability, Styles is one of the best in the world to watch right now. THAT BEING SAID, this is John Cena in his first televised match back since injury, and Cena does have a history of not putting the right people over. As much as it would cement the “New Era” and the next generation of wrestlers in WWE, I honestly don’t see Cena taking the fall here, so I expect a hard match, and a very exciting and entertaining one, but ultimately an ending we have seen time and again.

Prediction: John Cena wins via pinfall

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins – WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Right, the final match, and the big thing to remember here guys is we all really love Reigns. He’s THE GUY, he’s a baby face, and from the constant video packages, we always cheer and love him. WWE have told me it’s true, and they wouldn’t lie, right, they accept their fans’ input, right? I mean, that’s why, when Rollins returned, it was to a chorus of boos and hisses, and the video packages have made him look like such a monster heel…. Wait. Something here isn’t adding up… no, scratch all that, it’s total bull.

WWE need to get their hands off their ears and stop yelling NEH NEH CAN’T HEAR YOU when it comes to these guys; the booking here has been really strange, because no matter what Reigns does, virtually nobody in the arena or at home wants to cheer him or even really see him in a main event spot. Rollins, on the other hand, has come out to thunderous applause every week and has had to jam down our open maws that no, no, guys he really doesn’t care what we think and he really is bad.

Anyway, enough ranting, and on to the match itself, I guess. It’s a simple story – Reigns is the champ and has been on and off since Rollins’ injury last year. Now Rollins is back and wants what he feels is rightfully his title – after all he never lost – and the two are now set to face off in the main event. Simple, even if the idea of who the good guy and the bad guy are is at odds with what fans say and the WWE say. However, as sad as it makes me to say it, I honestly believe that this one goes to Reigns. (Editor: Unless Ambrose cashes in, although I could honestly believe they’ll have him cash in and lose, and flub the whole storyline.)

Prediction: Roman Reigns wins via pinfall, and everyone goes home sour