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Rehash: NXT 15th June ’16

We saw the end of the beginning. Now it’s time to start the next chapter, to see where NXT – and Finn Balor – goes from here.

The episode starts off with the ‘We Stand with Orlando’ graphic from Raw, which I appreciate.

The narrator with a very deep voice comes in – I’m fairly certain this is a very, very abbreviated version of the one we got during the TakeOver. Straight after that is a short recap of the TakeOver; Andrade won his match against Tye, American Alpha lost to the Revival then got their asses handed to them by a pair of debuting wrestlers, Shinsuke Nakamura Kinshasha’d his way to win against Austin Aries, Asuka beat Nia Jax to retain and Samoa Joe defeated Finn Balor to retain his NXT championship.

NXT’s title scene cuts in and I start mouthing along because I love this song, okay? It’s great.

Tom Phillips is wearing a fuschia tie and it’s such a stark contrast to Corey’s drab appearances. Apparently there’s an interview with Samoa Joe incoming and Finn is going to talk to the fans.

MATCH: Authors of Pain vs. Local Talent

…I don’t recognize this entrance? Oh, it’s because it’s the two monsters from TakeOver. If I thought they reminded me of the Shield before, hoo boy. They’re wearing vests now. They’re apparently called the Authors of Pain. Huh, so…There were already dudes in the ring. Alright. Found the jobbers.

The bell rings and immediately both men launch at their opponents – one random jobber gets tossed out of the ring.

  • The tattooed one (as titled by Tom) is mauling his opponent. I think there was a tag, because he went and physically picked up the other jobber and tossed him into the ring.

  • The non-tattooed one got tagged in and went and grabbed the original jobber and threw him into the ring. I think we’ve found part of their gimmick.

  • They do a tag team move, which seems to be a combined sidewalk slam and clothesline, then get a pin.

…That was short. That was incredibly short.

Andrade! He’s so adorable. But he’s wearing those suspenders again – at least they’re black this time, he’s not so painfully similar to No Way Jose. Tye comes in and calls the backstage interviewer a “Six”. So, Tye might actually be slowly rising from NXT’s Jobber to the Stars, with a feud against Andrade.

And now the Authors of Pain are backstage. They walk past the interviewer (Not Tye’s Six, but someone else) and Paul Ellering says “Another time” when she asks him a question.

MATCH: Carmella vs. Tessa Blanchard

CARMELLA~! The Princess of Staten Island is here. I still love how she’s switched out ‘Diva’ for ‘Chick’ in her entrance. As much as I wished she was on the main roster, I am very glad they’re giving her a chance to be a solo wrestler. Tessa Blanchard! Unfortunately, she doesn’t have an actual entrance, but I do hope that happens soon. She’s a third generation wrestler, the only other female one in WWE besides Natalya.

  • The crowd chants ‘How you doin’’ at the start.Tessa and Carmella are trading headlocks.

  • Tessa runs towards Carmella, who’s by the turnbuckle, and Carmella dodges by going up and over her.

  • Tessa mocks Carmella by going “How you guys doing” to “Let’s go Carmella!” chants from the crowd.

  • While Carmella started off ruling the match, Tessa’s got control now.

  • Tessa locks Carmella into a submission – Carmella sounds like she’s in agony as the crowd does “Car-mel-la!” to the New Day Rocks beat.

  • Carmella regains control of the match, tosses Tessa into the corner and does her little happy dance, before doing a Bronco Buster to Tessa.

  • Facebuster into Code of Silence. Tessa taps.

Carmella does her moonwalk after winning the match. Like I said, I’m very happy they’re giving her a solo career.

Backstage interview with Samoa Joe from The End last week. He starts with “What are you willing to sacrifice for the NXT Championship?” He calls it the beginning of his era and says that no one has enough to sacrifice to take his belt from him.

Blake and Murphy are backstage with…I think that’s Cathy Kelley? I am so bad at their names. Murphy – who always shocks me when he speaks because I keep forgetting he’s an Aussie – say they’re back together, even though Blake turned his back on him. Blake blames it on Alexa. Either way, they’re back together and they’re gonna return to where they were.

TM61? I feel like I’m supposed to know who they are. Apparently they’re Shane Thorn and Nick Miller. They just look very…Generic. Like a white version of Primo and Epico.

MATCH: Blake & Murphy vs. Thorn & Miller

Blake and Murphy come out and they’re still wearing the black gear with the puke green and pink accents. Honestly, that color combination doesn’t even look good on Alexa and it’s hard for something to not look good on Alexa Bliss.

  • “Where’s Alexa?” chant to start off. Murphy’s not exactly happy with it.

  • Apparently Thorn’s Australian. Corey says the Murphy and Thorn families have a longstanding feud. Niiiiice. Tom’s calling him out for his lack of research (and utter bullshit).

  • I feel bad, but honestly, Tom and Corey’s conversation is more interesting than what’s going on in the ring – my bad, Thorn’s incredibly athletic and he flipped out of a Blake’s hold on his wrist.

  • Thorn and Miller trade tags in order to do tag team moves. Miller lays out Blake for Thorn to flip in, over the ropes, and I think land a moonsault on him.

  • Blake gets to Murphy and they have one moment of good work, then get dominated by Miller and Thorn again.

  • Thorn does a flip onto a flattened Murphy while Miller does a leg drop.

  • Murphy clotheslines…Thorn? So hard he does a full 360 from the impact.

  • Blake gets two near pinfalls on Thorn. Then he tags in Murphy, who gets one.

  • Huh, Blake and Murphy’s first names are being acknowledged again (Wesley and Buddy, respectively)

  • Thorn rolls under Blake’s clothesline, which leads to an accidental clotheslines of Murphy. Whoops.

  • Nick Miller got the hot tag and is now destroying Blake and Murphy.

  • Thorn and Miller do a move called Thunder Valley, then Thorn pins Blake for TM61’s first win in NXT.

Thorn and Miller celebrate while Murphy loses his shit at Blake ringside.

Backstage interview with the Revival after their win last week – which made them the only two-time NXT Tag Champions. After they talk, Wilder says “Clink, brother” and they tap their belts together. That’s…Really the only thing I noticed through the whole segment.

Segments about Download fest and Bobby Roode’s appearance there. I’m so excited for him, y’all. This is followed by a recap of Nia injuring Bayley’s knee last month. Andrea DeMarco – that’s the interviewer who wanted to talk to Ellering – is talking to Bayley backstage. Apparently Bayley’s got a doctor’s appointment for the knee and if it goes well, she’ll be back.

MATCH: Tye Dillinger vs. Andrade Almas

Tye Dillinger’s entrance starts and the crowd’s already losing their shit for him. While NXT does need a Jobber to the Stars, the crowd reaction says Tye should be a lot more than he is. However, we know that from Seth’s 24 that Tye’s very good at working with people, since Tye was the one they picked to work with a recovering Seth, so that’s probably why he’s the Jobber to the Stars.

  • Andrade is out and he’s wearing the white suspenders. Is there some rule that all Latino NXT wrestlers have to wear white? Like, seriously. I do like his hat, not sure about the incredibly long feather.

  • Alternating “___ Andrade” (It might’ve been “let’s go”?) and “Perfect Ten” chants. The Perfect Ten chants last longer.

  • Holy. Andrade’s impressive, he did a…Cartwheel? On the second rope and landed on the ring apron, so he can jump in to attack Tye.

  • After a short moment of Andrade dominating, Tye is back in control as one particularly determined and adorable child chants “Ten! Ten!”

  • Andrade dropkicks Tye to get back in control.

  • Andrade goes a springboard backflip off the second rope while Tye runs around the ring.

  • Andrade does his pose between the second and third ropes. He’s like Breeze, but he does it on the ropes, instead of the corner.

  • Andrade and Tye does a move where Andrade goes up on Tye’s shoulders, then twists down, grabs Tye’s hips and pulls him in for a pin attempt. It’s a sunset flip of some variety, I believe.

  • Tye tosses Andrade into the corner – Andrade jumps over him when he runs in, then catches a very low dropkick on Tye a little later.

  • Tye gives Andrade a backbreaker for a one count.

  • Tye does some heel moves, but, uhh…I don’t think Full Sail’s going for it, y’all. They love Tye Dillinger.

  • Tye is now once again dominating the match. He slaps Andrade in the face and knocks him down – the crowd cheers.

  • Tye goes for a move, presumably a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, and Andrade flips over his arm and out of it.

  • Andrade gets in control, but Full Sail’s now officially booing him.

  • Springboard dropkick from Andrade to Tye

  • Corkscrew out of the ring by Andrade, it’s beautiful.

  • Andrade pins Tye.

Full Sail’s not happy about it. I love Andrade, I love Tye, they should not be in a feud together. Andrade’s a heel by default. Just because of how much Full Sail loves Tye.

Finn’s coming to speak to us after his loss at TakeOver to loud cheers. He smiles as he walks down the ramp, apparently very happy about the reaction to him. Awww, he interacts with Izzy (Bayley’s superfan, very easily recognizable) and she’s so cute as she turns to her parents.

“Thank you, Finn!” starts up, promptly followed by “Please don’t go!”

“As much as I became a part of NXT, NXT became a part of me.”

Finn, I love you, but say “What’s next for Finn Balor?” one more time, I’m gonna be a little annoyed. And here comes Shinsuke, hopefully to answer Finn’s question. This would most likely be NXT’s feud of the year, should it happen. And it’d be a legitimate babyface vs. babyface feud, instead of whatever WWE tried with AJ and Roman.

“This is awesome!” chants just because Finn and Shinsuke are in the ring together.

Shinsuke calls Finn the ‘icon of NXT’. “If I wanna be the champion,” Shinsuke says, “I have to beat [the] icon.” The crowd is chanting ‘yes’ before he finishes his sentence. “If I wanna be champion,” Shinsuke says. “I have to beat – you.”

“Match of year!” chant from Full Sail.

Finn says Shinsuke’s answered his question. They shake hands to a growing “NXT!” chant. Shinsuke’s clearly enjoying this. Corey says NXT is all about dream matches, which this certainly is.