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Rehash: Raw 6th June ’16

Okay guys, it’s Steph back with the Raw recap! I quite enjoyed live tweeting last week, but now it’s back to the grind. I hope there’s a FaBreeze match, I’m living for their cuddling right now. We start off with five of the six entrants (are we ignoring that there’s meant to be a seventh?) into the MitB ladder match, and Dean ambling down to the ring, late as always. KO says that Lilian doesn’t need to announce them, other than Sami, because they’re all famous men, Jericho says he’s the most famous, and KO interrupts again. Kevin says he’s going to win, putting everyone else in his shadow.

Dean says he’s proud of Kevin for having it figured out, but he wants to have a fight now, because he’s bored. Kevin basically tells us what the stakes are for the MitB match, without making it sound like it’s boring. He says he’ll beat anyone he watches on the network. Sami says that he’s very different to Kevin, because Kev thinks it’s a certainty and a joke, but Sami says he’ll offer a chance to anyone in the locker room, being a good guy and paying it forward.

Dean says he’s fight a polar bear, the mole people, aliens, he doesn’t care, he’s different from Kev and Sami, he just wants to fight someone. Also that Jericho looks like a loser with his legs crossed on the top of the ladder. It is a little ‘draw me like one of your French girls’. Del Rio interrupts to call Kevin a dog covered in fleas, and Cesaro says that he can speak Spanish too, any language. Jericho makes him shut up.

Jericho says he’s won ladder matches before, and Sami sounds the most Canadian he ever has as he coos that Jericho’s never won one, and that if he has, to say which one it is. Jericho tells us to drink in the gift of Jericho, and everyone clambers down their ladders, Dean back up Jericho’s, and punches him off the ladder. Cesaro strips down in the ring, inside a forest of ladders, as brawls break out – and Teddy Long is here? Uh. Okay.

Jericho says Teddy doesn’t work here anymore, after Teddy flubs his words, then lists of types of matches, and everyone looks utterly baffled. Steph McMahon comes out, and asks him what he’s doing here, telling him he made no sense. Teddy calls Steph ‘baby girl’ and she shuts him down, and Teddy says he wants to run SmackDown once it goes live. Once more, Steph says they’ve made no decisions about their massive multi-million dollar corporation which needs to be figured out by the middle of July… because that’s how we run a business, apparently.

Steph puts Sami against Del Rio, Dean against KO, and Cesaro against Jericho – the last one being the match starting straight away. She then dances off to Teddy’s music, and we’re all a bit embarrassed about that.

MATCH: Chris Jericho vs. Cesaro

We come back from commercial with the match already in progress, because what is timing, am I right? Sure.

  • Lock up in the middle of the ring, Jericho working the bad shoulder of Cesaro
  • Kip ups from Cesaro, showing off
  • Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Cesaro to Jericho
  • Chops from Jericho
  • Uppercut from Cesaro as Jericho comes off the ropes
  • Flying cannonball from Cesaro off the apron, onto Jericho
  • Cesaro throws Jericho into the barricades, then a flying uppercut
  • Cesaro goes up high, goes for a cross-body, but gets met with a dropkick halfway down
  • Cover by Jericho, kick out at two
  • STUPID IDIOT chants as Jericho punches mildly at Cesaro
  • Back from commercial, grappling
  • Uppercut from Cesaro, backing Jericho into the corner with repeated uppercuts
  • Corner to corner, it’s an uppercut train!
  • Jericho counters with an aim to head into a backslide, gets a kick in return
  • Double axe handle off the top rope from Jericho, caught by an uppercut from Cesaro
  • Cover, Jericho kicks out at two
  • Dazed Jericho sent into a swing by Cesaro
  • Jericho counters in to small package, Cesaro kicks out at two
  • Cesaro goes for springboard uppercut, Jericho catches him with a Codebreaker
  • Cesaro rolls out of the ring, Jericho climbs around to pull him back in
  • Cover from Jericho, Cesaro kicks out at two
  • Jericho bounces Cesaro’s face off the turnbuckle, then goes to the outside of the ropes
  • Uppercut and a slap from Cesaro, before he climbs the ropes and superplexes Jericho
  • Pin on Jericho for two
  • JBL can’t describe to us how hard he is?
  • Jericho dropkick to Cesaro, another cover for two
  • Kicks from Jericho, then uppsercuts from Cesaro, before he takes Chris down to his knees
  • Neutralizer countered with a roll through, Jericho rolling him into Walls of Jericho, but Cesaro reverses it with a roll
  • Swing from Cesaro, then into the Sharpshooter
  • Jericho taps out

Cesaro takes that win… I don’t know, we’re showing less of what Cesaro can do, there’s a lot of times I’ve had to type ‘uppercut’ in that segment, and I’m not very good at typing it, either, so trust me, I know that. Byron Saxton looks excited, and Michael Cole uses hyperbole to tell us that this is going to be the best MitB EVAH!

We get a recap on Cena’s beat down from Styles, Anderson and Gallows – The Club – and honestly, I could watch people beat up John Cena every day, especially as Styles’ boys got really excited about his turn back to their side. Naww.

Retrospective on Seth and Roman’s history, which feels a lot like someone realised that they didn’t really have a feud. Because, you know, Seth and DEAN had a feud, Seth and DEAN fought for ages, DEAN was really betrayed by Seth, DEAN was the one who had the epic war with Seth. Roman was just the guy he had the tag team titles with, and who went off to fight the Wyatts while DEAN and Seth were fighting. So… unless Dean wins the MitB match, what’s the damn point? How has he slipped so far down the card for having main event matches at straight PPVs after the betrayal?

We get some wrestlers tweeting about Muhammad Ali, and if I was feeling vindictive, I’d see if it was longer than the twitter ‘in memoriam’ for Chyna. Yeah. I’m still bitter as hell.

Anyway, the retrospective. Seth says he’s always said he wanted to be the best. He says he’ll never forget their Shield debut, and how they got to takeover to industry that was. But Seth wanted to be THE best… not one of the best. Oh my god, Triple H is in these pictures… where is he. Seth says he doesn’t dislike Roman, he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Seth says he made that WrestleMania moment, and he didn’t give a damn about Roman’s moment. Then we see Seth’s knee buckling, and I still wince, I can’t help it.

Seth’s face goes very sombre when he talks about the knee injury, and giving up the title. We get to see him brought in for surgery, and a couple of the surgery moments, along with his groggy assurances that he’ll be back for the title. We see Seth’s face at WrestleMania, and hear him say he needs to leave, needs to be out of the arena. Then we see him working to come back, and we cover his return speeches, about how no one was there while he was rehabbing. There’s something of the lost little boy about him, as much as he’s saying that he doesn’t care if he has to go back through Roman, that he has to break him again. He’ll be back, to reclaim that title, and prove that he’s better than Roman. Better than anyone. Wow.

On the bad side of this, it makes Seth look like a guy who just wants to be at the top of his field, and there’s just the unfortunate fact that someone else is in the way. He doesn’t come across as a heel just because he’s self-interested, he doesn’t come across as a heel at all. It feels like a really lukewarm reason for a match, too. Better hope Roman’s video package is even half as good, because that was powerful stuff.

MATCH: Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

Lilian announces Lana who announces Rusev. That’s a lot of announcing.

We have Titus O’Neil on commentary, name-dropping Ali again as Swagger comes out, telling us that Rusev isn’t an American hero, just the United States Champion. Someone needs to turn O’Neil’s sound up, c’mon Kevin Dunne, get on it.

  • Rusev rolls Swagger to the floor early, mat wrestling style
  • Big right hands from Swagger, heel kick from Rusev and a pin for two
  • USA chants
  • Punches to the gut from Rusev, with Swagger in the corner
  • Boot to the head from Rusev
  • Titus tells Byron that his tie looks like a curtain
  • Some sort of interesting chokehold, but we get a weird view because we’re looking at Titus talking about his good deeds
  • Lot of corner spots with elbows
  • Powerslam from Swagger
  • Swagger gets the Patriot Lock, but Rusev rolls free and out of the ring
  • Swagger climbs out too, and they meet each other in a double clothesline spot, both men hitting the mats hard
  • Rusev shoves Swagger into Titus, and beats the count back into the ring to take the win

Swagger climbs back in, and O’Neil comes in, too, wrestling in slacks, of all things. I didn’t know that was de rigueur these days, but alright. Titus and Swagger both ‘we, the people’ with the crowd, then do the Gators howl as Rusev has his title handed back and Lana stares daggers at the people willing to touch her man.

Oh christ, it’s Cena. He seems very happy to be back – I was like that, my first week back at work after surgery. It doesn’t stay! We get ANOTHER recap of Cena vs. The Club. Yawn. Cena goes to speak, and I actually can’t tell what the noise of the crowd is. Cena says that he and AJ both meant business that night, that they had a once in a generation moment. So WWE will show us it until it means nothing, natch. Cena initiates his own ‘let’s go Cena’ vs. ‘Cena sucks’ moment. He then gets the crowd chanting ‘let’s go Cena’ and ‘AJ Styles’, because Cena is many, many things… but he can control the hell out of a crowd. Cena compares the energy he had with AJ Styles with the energy he had with The Rock. Hell, Cena even speaks about the ‘what if’ moment, that we’ve been waiting for this for so long, he acknowledges the longevity of AJ’s career outside of WWE.

Cena wants AJ to explain why he took the easy way out and let Gallows and Anderson help him out, instead of waiting to face him honourably. He calls out AJ, and he comes out with his wolf puppies at his side, and doesn’t come down to the ring. There’s boos for AJ, and that’s a sweet, sweet thing to hear from a crowd who previous unanimously loved him. The crowd tangles themselves us with ‘let’s go Cena’ and ‘AJ Styles’, and Cena calls Gallows and Anderson ‘little junkies from the pullet club’? Maybe flunkeys? God knows, I can’t deal with two men drawling in the ring when they could be brawling. AJ says Cena’s movies are bad, but his cameos are good, and that he insults AJ every time the bell rings.

The crowd chants ‘this is awesome’ quietly, and AJ mocks Cena’s hand motion and says ‘you can’t beat me’. He says his kids have asked before why he hasn’t fought Cena, and he’s said that Cena’s afraid of him in the ring. Cena’s upset that’s the best Styles can do after fifteen years of being able to think up material – he says the insults AJ throws are as outdated as his jorts! God, I love self-aware Cena, I really fucking do. Cena says AJ’s been losing over and over since he came to WWE, and that Cena’s the last hope for him to get a win – and that it’s not phenomenal, it’s just desperate.

AJ doesn’t like being told he’s desperate, because he’s been all over the world, and that he could sell out any arena with any other company – but that Cena can’t go anywhere else, because he’s been here for so long. Both men are saying they have nothing to lose in this – but Cena won’t take no for an answer. Why does AJ need The Club? Because if AJ loses to Cena, he’ll get buried. Fuuuuuuck. Cena looks actually stunned about this as AJ mic drops and the three of them head down to the ring.

The Club throw up “too sweet” and The New Day appear on Cena’s side to the screams of the crowd. Our unicorn darlings are here to protect another mythical beast in the invisible man of Cena. The Club back off as Cena’s music plays, and he holds Xavier and E’s hands in the air, victory and a threat all at once.

MATCH: The Vaudevillains vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass

God, I love listening to Enzo talk, and you can really see how much Cass is bolstered by him – his mic skills are okay, but Enzo is the voice of the team, and he proves it with a lengthy rhyming segment that I love too much to recap properly. So good.

  • Enzo and Gotch in, with Gotch sending Enzo stumbling into the Vaudevillans’ corner, with English tagged in to roll him around before an elbow drop from Gotch and an early cover as he’s tagged back in.
  • Empire Elbow, on Gotch, English breaking it up
  • Enzo jumps into a punch from English, and then English slides him towards the ropes like on Payback
  • Cass stands very, very still, and his face completely goes blank before he sees red and flies towards Gotch
  • Enzo lies motionless on the floor outside the ring, and I hate WWE for playing off a genuine injury to inject tension into a feud
  • Cass hammers on Gotch, over and over in the corner before the bell rings for their disqualifications

The match over, Big Cass beats the hell out of both the Vaudevillains, Enzo staggering his way back into the ring as Cass hits East River Crossing on English. As the Vaudevillains slink away, Enzo goes to Cass, and the two embrace, Cass basically cradling Enzo’s head against him. God. These two. These two glorious boys.

Sami Zayn is taping his wrists up in the locker room when Tom Phillips interrupts – maybe Renee isn’t allowed in there anymore because she kept getting the boys all distracted? – to ask whether Sami thinks he’s the underdog going into this match. He says he is, and the Del Rio turns up to sneer at him and tell him that he’s nothing for Del Rio, and he’s never going to be any sort of champion.

More Ali stuff, and at this point they’ve absolutely spent more time on him than Chyna, and that really bothers me, yes I’m still bitter.

Stephanie is trying to look at her phone, and Teddy Long shows up again, dancing to his own music coming out of his phone, and says to Steph that he would put all of the tag teams into a ring together and let them go at it. Steph thinks she’s on an episode of Swerved. She sends Teddy away, and then calls Marketing to tell them that she thought of that idea, and she’s really proud of herself. God, I love her when she’s being quietly evil. I wonder if she misses her absent husband. How long has it been since her children saw their father?

MATCH: Sami Zayn vs. Alberto Del Rio

I swear, the shiner Del Rio’s trunks get, the more it looks like he’s coming out in some sort of latex posing pouch, and that just makes me feel like I know way too much about Paige’s sex life for any sort of comfort.

  • Aggression first from Del Rio, kicking Zayn into the corner
  • Zayn ducks a clothesline to hit a hurricanrana, sending Del Rio out of the ring
  • Zayn joins Del Rio outside, and Del Rio bounces his head off the apron for his troubles
  • Del Rio sends Zayn towards the barricades, but Sami hops up and moonsaults off onto Del Rio
  • Back from commercials, headlock from Del Rio
  • Sami fights out, big blows to Del Rio, goes for am move in the corner and Del Rio dodges
  • Del Rio runs into an elbow from Sami
  • Zayn goes up high, cross-body and a lateral press for the cover, Del Rio kicks out at two
  • Big kick from Del Rio to Zayn, pins him for two
  • Roll up from Zayn, Del Rio kick out at two
  • Heel kick from Del Rio, Zayn pinned, kick out at two
  • SI chants
  • Del Rio lifts Zayn into position before Zayn twists out, and comes back with a huge clothesline and takes Del Rio down
  • Sami goes for a Helluva Kick, but runs into a kick from Del Rio in the corner
  • Sami high up in the corner, fights Del Rio off him, Del Rio comes back with a running enzuigiri to Zayn’s back
  • Sami flops over and god, really? The stupid double stomp spot on SAMI? He’s better than that
  • Del Rio climbs up for the double stomp, but Sami gets him by the head and rolls him off and onto the mat
  • Del Rio comes back with a kick to the head, and Zayn slumps again, still hanging off the ropes
  • Del Rio climbs for the double stomp again
  • “Del Rio taking his time, really making Sami Zayn suffer” from commentary – that means he’s TOO SLOW AND THIS SPOT IS STUPID
  • Del Rio hits the double stomp, pins Zayn, and wins.

I’m not a happy bunny about this match.

Dean’s stalking down the corridor and KO is giggling over the mole people thing, and says that he’s known Dean for a while, and Dean should be worried not because Kevin’s going to try to dismember him with a ladder, but because he’s a bit more ‘off’ than usual. It actually sounds like Kevin Steen stood there going “Dude, you know they’re making you live this shitty gimmick and it’s killing your career, right?” KO says Dean needs help, and Dean says no, Kevin will need help after their ladder match. This felt weird. Dean calls him ‘bro’ at the end like he’s missing calling SOMEONE his brother, and Kevin reacts like he’s been bitten.

Retrospective on the Seth vs. Roman thing, this time from Roman’s point of view, and I’m a little worried he won’t be, y’know… as eloquent as Seth was. We get to see the boys clamber over the barricades as Roman says that he and Seth will always have this together, that awesome debut, and their tag team championships. Roman grins a little as he says that Seth loves the title of The Architect. We see lots of the three of them cuddling up in the ring, over and over, as they won, and Roman says he felt betrayed by Seth. He says he came into WWE with brothers, but now he stands alone – but like, you never broke up with Dean, what happened? There’s no kayfabe for this. At all.

We see some of the highlights of the 2015 WrestleMania main event, with Lesnar. Roman sighs about the cashing in of the contract, and there’s a long pause as we pull back and see the crowd watching this look pretty bored. Roman says he has nothing, and then we get a shirtless Roman moment, so I guess I can’t complain too much. Roman says anger is the best motivator a man can have, and says his wife, daughter and father were all there watching him, hoping for his win.

We skip straight to the feud with Triple H, because we apparently don’t need to see Roman crying on the mat after Sheamus brogue kicked his way into the title – I do, that’s my favourite sort of Roman, to be honest. Someone’s done a good sound job to make it seem like Roman got cheered at WrestleMania 32, though. Roman says Seth always attacks from behind, and that’s because Seth’s scared of him – and that Roman’s better. He says he’s waited for this big fight, and that Seth’s going to learn a lesson. He says he doesn’t care if Seth’s better than he was… he still won’t be good enough to beat Roman. So… this whole feud has no defined heel or face, and no heat, and Dean’s apparently dead to both of them or something. Okay.

MATCH: Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

Dean comes out, and Cole reminds us that Dean was the third member of The Shield, and you can sort of hear in his voice ‘poor bastard’ before he calls Dean ‘fun to watch’. Christ, that’s a death knell and a half, isn’t it? I can’t believe this isn’t the final ‘impromptu’ match of the night and the main event, honestly. Is our main event literally The New Day vs. The Club? Are we serious? I’m really sorry, Dean. I’m sure NJPW would be happy to have you, just… in case.

  • Clothesline battle, before KO rolls out of the ring to lean on the announce table
  • KO’s head is slammed into the announce table
  • KO throws Dean onto the announce table “and almost into John’s lap” – lucky JBL
  • KO steals Byron’s headset, but Dean runs across the announce table and takes him to the floor
  • Side suplex from Dean
  • Dean on the top rope, lands on his feet, rolls through
  • Dirty deeds set up, then enzuigiri from KO
  • Dean’s down on the mat, KO stomping viciously
  • KO sends Ambrose hard back into the ropes and Dean staggers
  • Rebound clothesline from Dean, runs into a kick from Owens
  • Headlock from KO
  • LET’S GO AMBROSE chants duelling with FIGHT OWENS FIGHT but it’s all a bit lacklustre
  • Grappling ending, forearm from KO taking Ambrose down
  • KO goes up high, Ambrose climbing up to meet him, superplex
  • Both men take some punishment from that, but Ambrose rises more easily
  • Lariat from Ambrose in the corner
  • KO hits a German suplex, sending Ambrose in the corner
  • KO sets up for the cannonball, Ambrose back with a huge clothesline
  • Ambrose to the top rope, KO wobbles it, Dean hits the ropes groin first, rolls off beautifully, and KO hits the cannonball
  • Pin from KO, Dean kicks out at two
  • Pop-up powerbomb, Ambrose counters, rolls him through, Owens heads out of the room
  • Suicide dive from Ambrose, Owens catches him and sends him back-first into the apron
  • Frogsplash from Owens off the apron onto Dean on the outside
  • Both men back inside the ring, KO goes for the pop-up powerbomb again
  • Dirty Deeds from Dean, KO pinned, Dean wins

That was a really, really unsatisfying match from these two men, both of whom can do better, but then… there’s no heat, there’s no story, they’re just… fighting because they got told to do so. I’m so unhappy with Dean’s booking, honestly, I just want to cry. After the match is over, while his music plays, Dean pulls a ladder out from under the ring, and starts to set it up under the briefcase. He starts climbing up to the case, and we get some typical ladder match wobbly climbing. KO pushes the ladder over, knocking Dean off and into the ropes, then pints up at the case and shouts “That. Is. MINE.” As referees attend to a downed Ambrose on the outside, we cut away.

Darren Young says he’s been running, and Bob Backlund says he’s only allowed to run if he misses the bus. Bob says he stopped running before Darren was born, and that he’s stolen Darren’s car keys, so he has to walk the eight hours to the next town. Okay.

Charlotte and Dana are here, and I really like their whole matching outfits thing, with Charlotte’s denim jacket. Very cool. We get the same damn recap of Charlotte kicking out her dad. Again. God, Dana and Charlotte look like the two coolest lesbians in the biker bar and I kinda want that to be a thing. Come on, guys, please. Make it a thing. Charlotte says she has to admit that she’s wrong, and that she’s earned the respect of her crowd. She apologises to her dad, and says that everything she said needed to be done. Charlotte says that she still wants to work out with her dad, be his best friend, and look after him like she didn’t look after him – but she’s the women’s champion, and doesn’t want his help in that. She addresses her dad and says that she still wants to be his little girl, but not in the ring.

Nattie and Becky come out, and Charlotte says that Nattie’s family is a trainwreck and should have their own reality show. Nattie says that the way Charlotte talks about her dad is disgusting, and Becky says that this is what Charlotte does – she just uses people. Becky says that if Dana had the sense that god gave a goose, she’d get out now, even if though Becky doesn’t like her. Charlotte says Dana’s her protégé, and Dana starts looking at Charlotte like she doesn’t know who she is anymore, looking back at Becky and Nattie as Charlotte tried to shepherd her along. Dana takes tiny, tiny steps back towards Nattie and Becky like she’s thinking about it – then wallops Natalya.

The four women brawl in the ring, with Charlotte taking on Nattie, and Dana and Becky facing off. God, I really want Dana to like, hold Charlotte’s hand and have them walk out together, they’re just so perfect together. That segment ran six minutes, and had – once more – zero character development, and not storyline furthering. And half of it was about a man who wasn’t even there.

Tyler Breeze and Fandango are talking together, and apparently Tyler is shaving Fandango’s back now. He says he had hair follicle surgery years ago, and then they talk about dolphins. At this point, Raw fades to black, possibly because it just got a little too homoerotic up in here, and they’re worried about their ratings.

MATCH: Breezango vs. Golden Truth

When we come back, Tyler’s walking in, and thank goodness, he’s given up the brown for blue, and the two of them match beautifully. Fandango even taps his hand on Tyler’s lower back as they walk down to the ring. This is the gayest thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve watched hardcore gay porn.

  • I really can’t deal with R-Truth’s gimmick, because listening to Dean Ambrose talk makes me worry he’s going the way of Truth, the guy you laugh at who can do some stuff in the ring, but who just becomes a fucking joke
  • Big slaps from Truth to Tyler’s beautiful face
  • Tyler comes off the ropes for a lariat, but gets met with a kick from R-Truth
  • Truth distracts Fandango, and Goldust punches him, before all four men are in the ring, and the bell rings
  • Tyler Breeze and Fandango roll out and walk off, disgusted

Teddy Long appears and tries to get the match restarted, but is escorted out by security, and even Steph comes to meet him and remind us about the date, July 19th, that SmackDown goes live. She says no one old is going to be running SmackDown, and that it’ll be her, and not Shane. Really? Steph’s going to SmackDown? Yowch. Hope Roman’s on SmackDown, he seems to be the only one who likes being slapped by her.

Look, I understand that when a sporting hero dies, it’s an emotional time for a lot of people. Muhammad Ali was incredible as a sportsman, and by all accounts, a decent person. But we’ve just spent more time on this show talking about a dead man, than the time the entire living women’s roster have had for the whole show. Can we just… could we not have shuffled something? Schedule something a little better?

MATCH: The New Day vs. The Club

The unicorns say that The Club can’t be the hair club, or the mickey mouse club – that the New Day are in their own club of tag team champions, and G&A haven’t got there yet.

  • Brawling straight away and the ref seems fine with this
  • Xavier and Styles in the ring as Big E runs himself into the steps, dodge by Anderson
  • Gallows and Kofi have an altercation on the other side of the ring, Kofi coming off slightly better
  • Top rope somersault from Xavier over to Gallows, and then throwing Styles out of the ring
  • Styles Clash on the floor to Xavier, the ref moving Styles away from him as I wince
  • Woods has had to go back to the locker room when we come back
  • Kofi and Big E are livid, and now the bell rings
  • Kofi taking down Anderson, big punches from him, dragging Anderson around
  • Anderson gets Kofi into the Club’s corner, but he fights out easily, rolling free
  • Kofi makes the tag to Big E, and he holds Anderson still for a kick to the chest from Kofi
  • Belly-to-belly suplex from Big E to Anderson
  • Big splash on the apron from Big E to Anderson
  • Styles with a Pelé kick to Big E, and Gallows joins in on the outside, the ref with his attention on Anderson’s health
  • Big E rolls back in to get stomped on by Anderson
  • Gallows tagged in for kicks over and over, then Anderson back, and then Styles tagged in with a forearm
  • Cover from Gallows on Big E
  • Headlock on Big E from Gallows, Big E fights out
  • Gallows goes for an elbow drop, Big E rolls free
  • Anderson tagged in, going for a back drop, Big E rolls out of the way again
  • Kofi over the top rope with a flying elbow and then a dropkick, before a forearm takes Styles down to the mat
  • Boom Drop from Kofi to Styles, but Gallows comes in, before another takedown from Kofi to Gallows, too
  • Kofi goes for a corkscrew cross-body, and misses
  • SOS from Kofi to Styles, pin for two, Gallows breaks it up
  • Big E comes in to break them apart as well
  • Phenomenal Forearm from Styles takes Kofi down, with the pin for the win

After the match is over, The Club keep beating down Kofi and Big E, and out comes Cena to the defence of his unicorn friends. However, the numbers aren’t on his side, and Cena ends up on the mat on his own. Kofi comes in with a dropkick off the top rope, and then Big E with a Big Ending, before Cena hits an AA, and the three men stand in the ring while The Club retreat, gritting their teeth. We fade out Raw with The Club retreating up the ramp, battered, but not beaten.