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PPV Predictions: Extreme Rules

So it’s time again for another WWE PPV event and this time it’s PAYBACK 2! I mean EXTREME RULES! Is anyone else annoyed by the fact most of these matches are rematches in some form or another from last month’s PPV? I mean, that one was the one called Payback, but it seems like everyone’s getting their revenge this time around. Anyway, let’s get on with some predictions.

Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler – No DQ Match

Honestly with this one all I can say is I do not care. Another pre-show match for a couple of guys who deserve more, with no real story other than ‘let’s fight because fighting’. At least the match will be solid, if a bit stale.

Result: Baron Corbin to win, and then please let this be the end of this

Kalisto vs. Rusev – United States Championship Match

Now firstly, this match is really just tiny guy vs. giant yet again and will yet again probably end up being a pre-show match. My heart wants to give this one to Rusev, but in reality Kalisto will again be dominated before pulling out a cheeky win

Result: Kalisto retains and takes the win

The New Day vs. The Vaudevillains – Tag Team Titles Match

The Vaudevillains earned this match via default off of Enzo Amore’s injury and have taken to the feud with gusto. The story here has been at times kooky, but always entertaining and fun – English and Gotch have proved they belong here in the main roster and as one of the top teams in the tag team division, while New Day have been the most entertaining thing on the roster for quite some time – but their time with the titles is done.

Result: The Vaudevillains take the titles and further the storyline

Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho – Asylum Match

The match of whose talk show was better has evolved into destruction of personal property. (RIP Mitch!) Despite the fact that the build for this has seen some of Dean’s absolute best promo work ever, this feels like a stale angle to me. That being said, the “asylum match” should at least be entertaining, with both men’s work proving to be exceptional and the whole thing feeling like a cool, gimmicky match. Lastly, Jericho really is the best in the world at what he does – and what he does better than anyone is put talent over and make them seem great, win or lose.

Result: Dean Ambrose to win


Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. The Miz vs. Cesaro – Intercontinental Championship Fatal Fourway

For this match, we’ve taken two feuds and turned them into one giant one for a belt – and this has actually worked out well for once. Matches on Raw and SmackDown have been compelling and frequently featured the best matches of the night. Commentary spots from Miz and Owens have, for me at least, been amazingly funny and put an argument forward for both men to make the commentary team, once their in-ring careers are done. Even Maryse has added to the tension and drama for this match, which is a nice and refreshing thing to see. All four men could be put forward to win this match but I honestly believe the main winner here will be the fans. This will be a fantastic match to watch and my prediction will be a shot in the dark because I love the man.

Result: Kevin Owens to win

Charlotte vs. Natalya – WWE Woman’s Championship Submission Match

So last month we got the Chicago Screw job and that was … well, silly mostly, and this month we have Ric banned from being anywhere near the ring, and a match that really feels like it can end the feud once and for all. The storytelling has been pretty good, with Natalya doing her best to get through to Charlotte that she is better then what she has become and Charlotte being too arrogant to see it. (Editor: Actual storyline! Dear god!)
To WWE’s credit they even let this feud close out the last Raw before the PPV, and while that segment did seem kind of odd and awkward with us seeing yet again just how old and sad Ric Flair has become, we did hear a positive chant for Steph McMahon, for the first time I can remember. We even saw that Charlotte is a good enough heel to get heat on her own terms, even in – as she called it – Flair country. Given enough time this will be a solid match if allowed to run long enough to feel like a true battle.

Result: Charlotte to win and retain her title

Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles – WWE World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Rules Match

So, main event time and we have another repeat. Are we sure this PPV isn’t called Payback 2?
The build-up for this match has been very confusing, with the crowd very much telling us that AJ is the face and Roman the heel. but WWE themselves not showing us much of this at all. Both men have been heel-like, both men have acted like faces, with the offsiders for the feud in the Usos and Anderson and Gallows being the only ones to truly show us any sort of good guy/bad guy mentality. The real shame here for this one is nobody is going to come out of this looking particularly good at all, and that’s all there is to really say on this one

Result: Surprising absolutely no one, Roman Reigns will win. Again.

So that’s it for another set of predictions and I, with only a few exceptions, can’t wait for this one to be over. The whole thing feels like a bit of a booking mess, and once it is over we can hopefully move on to better things.



Anderson & Gallows vs. The Usos – Tornado Tag Team Match

This is actually a tiny bit more compelling than the main event because at least we have clear heels and faces. The fact we don’t care about the faces is not here nor there and the fact that this match has happened almost every week is not important, except that Anderson and Gallows look weak because they have already lost so much to the Usos. In light of this I hope and pray WWE make Anderson and Gallows look good.

Result: Anderson & Gallows to Win