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Stop Press: Adam Rose

So, it seems like things could spell the end of the career of Adam Rose. Real name Ray Leppan, he was arrested at his Florida home around 1.30am on the 11th of May, on charges of domestic violence and tampering with a witness. The first is a misdemeanour in the state of Florida, and the second is a felony.

The information we’ve so far gathered is that Leppan and his wife had a dispute and that he grabbed her face and pulled her towards him while shouting. She went to call 911, and Leppan took the phone away from her, so that she could not file a report. This is what constitutes tampering with a witness. As far as is known, Leppan is still in jail, with no bond.

It’s upsetting to think this is the guy we were all solidly behind last week, when he was trying to get his suspension overturned and prove he was taking a prescription substance with full knowledge of his employers. Domestic violence has been a problem within wrestling promotions previously, and is obvious grounds for dismissal from WWE, never mind adding the felony charge to the rankings.

From someone who seemed primed to get his life back on track and pull his career together, after talking about his wellness policy violation, he now seems to have gone off the rails in a serious way, and this is something neither the fans nor the company can ignore.