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PPV Results: Payback 2016

Baron Corbin Vs. Dolph Ziggler

Result: Ziggler wins, after making Corbin look like a beast

Kalisto Vs. Ryback – United States Championship Match

Result: Kalisto retains

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady Vs. The Vaudevillains – #1 Contender Tag Team Tournament

Result: Match called off due to an injury to Enzo Amore. Later informed he has a concussion, and has been released from hospital

Sami Zayn Vs. Kevin Owen

Result: Owens wins, but Zayn comes back while Owens is on commentary for the IC title match, and Owens takes him down a second time

The Miz Vs. Cesaro – Intercontinental Title Matc

Result: The Miz taps out to Cesaro, but it’s unseen by the ref due to Zayn and Owens scuffling, and Miz uses that distraction to roll up Cesaro. The MIz retains, but KO ends up holding the title in the end.

Dean Ambrose Vs. Chris Jerich

Result: Dean Ambrose wins after a very technical mat wrestling match

Charlotte Vs. Natalya – WWE Women’s Championship

Result: In shades of the Montreal Screwjob, the ref claims Nattie tapped out, so Charlotte retains, but Bret and Nattie put the Flairs in matching Sharpshooters at the end of the match anyway.

Steph vs. Shane – Who Will Run Raw?

Result: They’ll share it, like all good siblings should learn to share things!

AJ Styles Vs. Roman Reigns – WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Result: AJ Styles wins via count out. Shane McMahon restarts the match as no count out. AJ Styles wins via disqualification. Steph McMahon restarts the match as no DQ. Anderson and Gallows show up. The Usos show up. Roman wins clean and retains the title.