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Kayfabe Korner: The Kayfabe Q&A, Part Deux

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! (Note: Answers may be 100% speculation.) We at Rasslin Rehash swear to do our homework and toil night and day to bring you the facts! We’re a real journalism, y’all. In this edition: the Vaudevillians are time anomalies, Dean Ambrose is NOT crazy, and El Generico will be remembered maybe!

Q: Why does the screen go monochrome whenever the Vaudevillains first show up?

A: The Vaudevillains are a living time anomaly, rippling the time-space continuum slightly whenever they step foot in front of a titantron or a modern camera, as these did not exist in the era they’re from. But since they’re the only two anomalies, the ripple dissipates after a minute or so. (If, say, Enzo and Big Cass were to step foot in the Vaudevillains’ era, any photo taken of them at the moment of entry would be in full color!)

Q: Did some research on Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, and for some reason this masked guy named El Generico keeps popping up. Who is he and why isn’t he chiming in with opinions on this feud?

A: Ah, El Generico. He was a good friend of both Sami and Kevin, though you’ll see him hanging out with Kevin a lot more. El Generico had retired a few years back, settling into a life of caring for orphans in Mexico. There were rumors that he was offed by a cartel while attempting to rid the area of unsavory folks, but that’s unconfirmed. Either way, we’re likely not going to get much more information about him, as it’s a particularly delicate topic for Sami — who I hear was his pupil when the perky luchador was still active in the business, and Kevin betrayed El Generico in a similar way to the way he betrayed Sami later in NXT. (Fun fact: Sami’s “SZ” on his gear is in the same shape as El Generico’s mask as a tribute! Sami is a sweetie.)

Q: Is Dean Ambrose really crazy?

A: Here’s something really interesting about Dean Ambrose: he’s not actually crazy. No, really! Ever notice how the only people who call him entirely unhinged to his face are his enemies? Sure, he’s got a unique personality, and he’s definitely a sideways thinker, but the guy’s usually two steps ahead of the game. Remember when he set up the table during a contract signing, as he knew someone would attempt to throw a guy through it? Dude knows what’s up. If you grew up on the streets, you’d probably be on your toes all the time too. Sadly, Dean gets a lot of ‘crazy’ name-calling jabs tossed at him anyway, because it’s a hell of a lot easier to underestimate and dismiss a guy like him than to give him credit where it’s due. I’m surprised he doesn’t just pop people in the mouth whenever he hears it, though. I mean, if I had people call ME crazy all the time, it would drive me, well… you know.

Q: What’s the deal with Enzo’s hair?!

A: Looks like we got a coupla haters.