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Stop Press: Chyna

I wouldn’t normally consider doing this, but as much as I have many, many feelings on Chyna’s sad death and what a loss it is for me, personally, as well as what a loss it is for wrestling as a whole, I wrote an article earlier in the week for another site, and I don’t believe I’ll be able to phrase my response any better than I did then. Sora has given us some beautiful artwork, and I will showcase that here.

Written while sobbing and raging as the tweets came in, I fought furiously with myself to avoid just typing “fuck this bullshit boys’ club” over and over, and calling that an article. I fought, too, to express myself calmly and without too much swearing, or without just devolving into “she was important, and fuck you for thinking she wasn’t”, fought with my aching sense of loss and crushing sense of unfairness. I’m still struggling with tears now.

So in lieu of reworking my other article, I’ve decided this is too important to fight for views on. So please, go to Smark Out Moment and read my article –  Last Night In Chyna: The Sad Death of an Unappreciated Talent. She was a legend, an inspiration, a talent, and most importantly, a women who gave her all, and deserved far, far better.