Kayfabe Korner

Kayfabe Korner: It’s A Shane-ful Thing

So here’s a question that’s been on my mind for a while now, and it weirds me out that I’m even asking it: where the heck is Vince?

If found, please return to WWE corporate headquarters.
If found, please return to WWE corporate headquarters.

Okay, it might be a stretch to say Vince hates his son, though I think it’s because he saves his real hate for people like that rascal Steve Austin. Still, Vince wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to leave Shane in charge a few weeks ago during the post-Mania Raw. It was originally for one night, and Vince didn’t even want to stick around to see what would happen, he was THAT convinced Shane would fumble atrociously. He even went on record to state this to our intrepid interviewer Renee Young before climbing into his limo and riding off into the sunset.

As we all know, however, Shane did pretty well that night. And the week after that. And the week after THAT. Hell, aside from the occasional fist shaking from, and eventual removal of, perpetually grumpy Kevin Owens, we’ve heard nothing but praise about Shane’s leadership. (And no, Jericho doesn’t count, as that dude likely hates everyone.)

But there’s one glaring omission here. If Vince didn’t want Shane to run Raw… why is Shane still running Raw?

Oh, sure, social media support, they say. Of course they say that. That’s what The Powers That Be say when they don’t want to tell the truth about what’s REALLY going on! In reality, Shane’s extended stay can mean one of only two things:

  • Vince approves of Shane running Raw and is too stubborn to admit it out loud, so he instead has his lackeys blame overwhelming social media support for Shane’s extended stint in a leadership role on Raw. Entirely possible, mind you!
  • Vince disapproves of Shane running Raw but, for unknown and possibly nefarious reasons, he is literally physically unable to return and revoke Shane’s power.

I guess a third option is that Vince isn’t even paying attention and just assumes that daughter Steph and her chosen arm candy Hunter are still running things… but, well, funnily enough? They’re gone, too.

Hmm. Vince is gone… Steph and Hunter are gone… and there are a lot of people on the roster who hate the Authority. Do you think maybe…? Nahhhh. I mean, there couldn’t possibly be some sort of conspiracy to remove the Authority from power in order to give Shane a better foothold. Right?