Kayfabe Korner

Kayfabe Korner: The Kayfabe Q&A

Do you have burning questions? Well, we have burning answers! (Note: answers may not be burning. Unless Kane has touched them, in which case we assume no responsibility for the fire damage.)

Q: Why did Vince give control of Raw to Shane even after Shane lost his WrestleMania match?

A: Officially, Vince said he wanted to see what Shane could do and then told Renee he was skipping out so he wouldn’t have to see the disastrous consequences… but I know that’s not what you’re asking here. Why would Vince go back on his own rules, rules that were put there explicitly to make sure Shane lost?

So here’s the deal. Vince was possibly convinced this would end one of two ways: one, Shane would back out at the last minute, or substitute someone to fight in his place, or some other malarkey that would make Shane look like he wasn’t fit to be in a ring, much less command one. Two, Shane would enter the match himself but be beaten to a pulp and then shamefully give Vince the contents of the lockbox. The latter happened, of course, but not the way Vince thought it would — Shane put up a damn good fight, and on top of that he kept his head held high and was admirable even in defeat. Vince can appreciate the sheer amount of guts it took to go through with the match, even if he doesn’t want to admit it in so many words. And that kind of strength? Well, it makes for a damn good leader. Hell, he probably saw a bit of himself in Shane (sans the losing part, naturally). We’ll see how Vince’s gamble plays out, but so far, it looks like the good ship Raw is sailing fine.

Q: What’s Baron Corbin here for? Why is there an actual werewolf here???

A: Lone wolves have trouble hunting larger prey, so they usually hunt smaller animals, or they’ll scavenge. Unless, of course, the lone wolf is entirely full of himself just because he happened to get lucky in a multi-man match. Ahem.

Q: How did Golden Truth get into the tag team tournament if they’re not actually a tag team?

A: R-Truth has connections. They just so happen to be the entirely wrong connections for all the things he actually wants. R-Truth wanted to set up Goldust for an audition but got them into the tag team tournament instead. I imagine he’d have gotten Goldust the real audition if he’d have tried getting them into the tournament. It’s a very unique superpower Truth’s got, and for the sake of our sanity, let’s hope he never learns how to harness it correctly.

Q: Why does everyone seem to hate Byron Saxton?

A: Everyone apparently likes picking on the lowest nerd in the chain of command, and right now, that’s Byron. Listen to him on SmackDown, however, and you’ll hear a more comfortable, less picked-on version of Byron, mostly because Lawler seems far more concerned with picking on Mauro Ranallo.

Q: Ugh, why is Roman Reigns–

A: Shhh. Shhhhhh. Shhhhhhhhhhh.