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Rasslin Round-Up: 3rd – 10th April ’16

Super quick round-up today, as last week’s round-up was superceded by WrestleMania! The shows have been pretty damn good this week, so let’s make sure we cover what you missed.

Raw –

  • Shane McMahon got to run Raw anyway, because lol, Vince, what are storylines?
  • Roman Reigns played to his heel heat properly, and was caused a fatal fourway between Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, and Sami Zayn – the latter of whom was taken out by KO offstage, and replaced by a returned Cesaro.
  • Charlotte crashed a celebration of the women’s new title with her ancient dad, and said she wouldn’t be the champion if it wasn’t for him. Sasha and Becky gave her dirty looks, and Natalya promised to tach her a lesson in humility.
  • Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore debuted properly, mouthing off at the Dudley Boyz and revitalising the dying WWE tag team section. No sign of Carmella, though. The Dudleys later fought The Usos and everyone got confused about the rules of a tables match.
  • The Miz won the IC title off Zack Ryder, and then his wife Maryse smacked Zack’s daddy.
  • Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin had an altercation to introduce us to Corbin outside of the battle royal.
  • The New Day vs. The League of Nations turned ugly when Sheamus brogue kicked his good buddy out of the group, and (if rumours are to be believed) probably out of WWE.
  • Apollo Crews debuts! Lovely match to watch against Tyler Breeze, and great to see him up on the main roster.
  • The Wyatt family appear to have turned face? Interesting set up.
  • Sasha crushed Summer Rae – as you’d expect.

SmackDown –

  • Roman Reigns patronised AJ Styles in a wonderful fashion that suggests we might be getting the heel turn we so desperately need. Which is great, because no one’s going to cheer Roman over AJ. No one.
  • Miz retained his IC title over Zack Ryder with more help from his missus, Maryse, providing distractions.
  • Dean Ambrose had the world’s shortest match against Tyler Breeze (0-49 since January, poor bastard must look at Triple H every week and wonder what he did) with Jericho coming out before Dean had even left the ring – could be about to spark a feud there.
  • Double tag team action with Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens taking on Cesaro and AJ Styles, with the win from Styles pinning KO, distracted as Sami Zayn showed up to take a beating from Owens as Raw went off the air.
  • Vaudevillains debut and beat the Lucha Dragons in a really lovely entry match, looking forward to seeing the tag team division suddenly flush with fresh talent from NXT.
  • Summer Rae vs. Natalya, with Charlotte on commentary (with Ric) to fuel the feud they’re starting with Charlotte and Nattie.
  • Backstage interview with Baron Corbin, so we can really get to know him outside all those fanfics where he’s a werewolf. No, I’m not kidding, those are certainly things.
  • Becky Lynch backstage interview with her swollen eye from WrestleMania, and what looks like a growing feud with Emma for us to get into soon.
  • Curtis Axel vs. Apollo Crews in a segment where the Social Outcasts did rock paper scissors to see who would face him. Crews dominated easily, and it was lovely to watch.
  • Golden Truth segment. Yawn.


And that’s our week. Anything you think we missed that was worth mentioning?