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Results: Fastlane 2016

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto – United States Championship Match

Great showing by both men, with less flippy spots than I would normally expect from Kalisto, so it was interesting to see how that match went. Del Rio gave away the first fall to Kalisto via DQ, by using a chair to soften Kalisto up for a beating. Second fall was won by Del Rio, but the third and final fall went to Kalisto, who retains his title. As a bonus, Mauro was calling this match, although he didn’t stay for the rest of the PPV

Result: Kalisto retains

Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks vs. Tamina & Naomi – Four Man Tag Match

This was a hell of a match with all four women showcased beautifully, even the often overlooked Tamina, and the whole segment was fourteen minutes long, which made me very happy. For a while it looked like Sasha and Becky just weren’t in tune enough to get the win, whereas Tamina and Naomi are playing up their family connection, but in the end, Sasha and Beck prevailed, locking in their submission moves and making the other two tap out.

Result: Becky and Sasha take the win


Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler – Intercontinental Title Match

Dolph came out with cornrows, KO said he was more over that Dolph in his own hometown, which was sort of true. This was a beatdown match, both men just taking and dishing out all the punishment they could. It was vicious, cruel, and absolutely awesome to watch, with near falls meaning you were catching your breath every so often just from thinking that this time, it was absolutely going to be the win. Dolph put up a hell of a fight, and both men were panting afterwards, barely crawling, in what was a long, drawn-out match, but in the end Owens kept a hold of his gold heading towards WrestleMania.

Result: Kevin Owens retains


The Titans vs. The Wyatts – Six Man Tag Match

This was more exciting for me than I thought it would be, with the snoozefest that is Big Show and the Wyatts who tend to just amble around a bit. There was a new Wyatt promo that helped with this, and one covering each of the titans, and I went into this match quite optimistic. It was a slugfest, of course, and there weren’t any really brilliant spots, but it was a solid match that didn’t make me want to go to sleep, so I’m calling that one a win. Unfortunately, once more we’re choosing to let the Wyatts lose to two old men and Ryback, though hearing Big Show chant ‘feed me more’ to rally a battered Ryback was really rather adorable.

Result: The titans took a win over the Wyatts


Charlotte vs. Brie Bella – Diva’s Championship Match

Wow. Okay, this was seriously intense, with both women mocking the family of the other – Charlotte asking ‘where’s your sister’ and limply doing ‘yes’ chants, with Brie woo-ing and doing the Nature Boy strut. Clearly this was personal for both women, and it felt like it, too an intense feud that didn’t feel as if it had just been worked up to in the last couple of weeks. Brie was desperate and grasping and clawing for the title, and there were a couple of spots where I really thought she had it, and they were going to let her take the title. But no, Charlotte retains heading towards probably a triple threat match at WrestleMania against Sasha and Becky. Seventeen minutes took us to over half an hour of Diva action. Not bad.

Result: Charlotte retains


Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles

Another one of these matches, and it’s an okay one as it goes, Styles pulling out some impressive moves that we haven’t seen before, because they’re really using Jericho to highlight all of his ring ability before they throw him in with someone who might be more breakable. Eventually Styles gets the win, and there’s a tense moment before Jericho offers his hand, and Styles once more shakes it.

Result: AJ takes the win


R-Truth vs. Curtis Axel

No, I didn’t know this match was happening either. Actually, it was just a set up for a Golden Truth moment, with Goldie throwing Axel’s fellow Social Outcast Adam Rose into the ring, making Truth jump him, which left him off balance for Axel to take the win.

Result: Curtis Axel wins


Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar – No 1. Contender Match

The one we were all waiting for, this match was brutal as hell. Roman and Dean ate at least five suplexes each before they decided to team up and get Lesnar sorted out. First he went through the German announce table, and Roman and Dean went at it in the ring, before Brock got up, so they sent him through the main announce table, then buried him under the rubble, before they went back at each other. Lesnar rose from the dead for a second time and suplexed both of them in one. Brock got the kimura lock on Roman, so Dean came back with a chair, and in shades of Seth’s Shield betrayal, took the chair to Lesnar, then to Reigns, then back to Lesnar. While Dean was distracted, Roman hit him with a spear, and covered him to pick up the win. Triple H came out so they could circle each other like sharks, and then stare at the WrestleMania sign.

Result: Roman Reigns to go on to face Triple H at WrestleMania.

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